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  • http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=government%20employees
  • http://designbuddy.com/what-do-worlds-top-brands-logos-have-in-common
  • Want to get a disgruntled worker really mad? Just point to his arch enemy: the civil servant. You know, the shiftless paper-pusher, fattened on our tax dollars, the epitome of “waste, fraud and abuse.”


  • 1. What If We Ran The Government Like A Top 100 Brand? Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. September 19, 2013 *All opinions my own.
  • 2. Civil Servants Are Seen As “Fat Cats” Photo via Ann Arbor Animal Hospital
  • 3. But The Reality Is Very Different • Put our lives at risk to enforce the law • Help people get services they are entitled to • Call out fraud, waste and abuse • Provide objective subject matter expertise • Report faithfully for unglamorous but necessary work of every kind
  • 4. The System Is Obviously Broken • Distrust: “Fewer Americans Than Ever Trust Gov't to Handle Problems…49%” – Gallup.com, September 13, 2013 • Squandered Funds: “Federal Government Continues To Lose Billions To Waste, Fraud and Abuse…$261 billion, or 7 percent of total spending…in 2012” – Rep. Darrell Issa, cited in the Washington Post, March 13, 2013 • Demoralization: “Furloughs Only The Latest Blow To Federal Worker Morale…„global‟ job satisfaction…declined to 63 percent (in 2012).” NPR.com, May 9, 2013 • Climate of Fear: “(At the Office of Special Counsel), complaints alleging whistleblower reprisal and other prohibited personnel actions surged by 15 percent to almost 3,000).” Federal Times, September 10, 2013
  • 5. Look At Us Through A Business Lens • We don‟t serve the customer well • We don‟t think strategically • We don‟t link spending with results • We don‟t manage our people properly • We utterly fail to communicate …Top 100 Brands Do! (Because They Know How To Run A Business.) Screenshot via DesignBuddy.com
  • 6. What If We Thought Of Ourselves In Brand Terms? • Mission-focused customer segmentation and prioritization • Big-picture thinking, living strategies, organizational alignment – No more “shelfware strategies” – Conceptual targets, not numeric targets – Continuous rebalancing to adapt to external reality; everyone‟s involved – Eliminate factors that are causing the ship to sink • From “cost center” to “revenue generator” – Entrepreneurial thinking – Financial literacy – Project tracking and the “billable hour” • “Human capital” not “human resources” – Start with the right employee and develop them over the course of a career – Isolate relevant skills and leverage, leverage, leverage • Pervasive communication and collaboration – Leaders spend at least 50% of work day communicating – no more “silence to CYA” – Physical visits and virtual gatherings to connect headquarters and regions – Simple and universal communication and collaboration software
  • 7. There Will Always Be Naysayers • “Business is bad, government is good.” • “You don‟t understand how government works.” • “Our Agency is special.” • “You‟re going to fire everyone.” • “What you‟re proposing would ruin everything.”
  • 8. But We Have The Best Brand In Town. We Ought To Make The Most Of It.