Inside-Out Branding By Dannielle Blumenthal

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All opinions my own.

All opinions my own.

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  • 1. Inside-Out Branding Dannielle Blumenthal @thinkbrandfirst August 4, 2013* All opinions my own. Image via Home School Marketplace
  • 2. “We have demonstrated empirically that a corporate reputation is an important strategic asset that contributes to firm-level persistent profitability*.” - Peter W. Roberts & Grahame W. Dowling For the purpose of this presentation, brand and reputation are functionally equivalent - your image. Source: Roberts & Dowling, Strategic Management Journal, 2002
  • 3. It Used To Be So Simple
  • 4. Just Hire The Right Agency & Your Image Is “Done”
  • 5. Then Social Media Happened Image via – thoughts on youth, social media & entrepreneurship to fight poverty.
  • 6. And Family Business Became Everybody’s Business
  • 7. Source: “Service Sector Grew Faster Last Month,” The New York Times, June 5, 2012 Services Manufacturing 90% of U.S. Employees Are Now Service Providers
  • 8. So Engaging Hearts & Minds Is Critical To Success Image via CheersBoston, a tourism blog.
  • 9. In A Transparent World Employee Engagement Is Critical Photo by Farrukh.
  • 10. Start With A Solid Foundation & The Rest Can Follow Photo by Nestle via Flickr
  • 11. In Practice This Means That You Brand Inside-Out Functional Workplace Unique Culture Consistent Practices Extenal Communication Start here
  • 12. And Replace “Toxic Stew” With Management Excellence B-Level Workplace (Average) A-Level Workplace (Premier) Bullying Adult Respect Bigotry All Are Welcome Burnout A Healthy Work-Life Balance Big Egos Awards To The Deserving Backroom Dealmaking Able to Collaborate Bearers of Bad News Adaptive Brownnosers Amen To Integrity Butt Covering Accountability Bloodsuckers Amazing Sacrifice Badmouthing Attitude Determines Altitude