Become An Amazing Boss Working Normal Hours In 7 Business Days

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Timesaving Techniques Integrated With Tips for Becoming A Better Boss - Mostly Via Inc. Magazine.

Timesaving Techniques Integrated With Tips for Becoming A Better Boss - Mostly Via Inc. Magazine.

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  • 1. Day Of The Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday What To Do Stop Responding To Emails Immediately Delegate Decisions Eliminate Extra Approvals Delete Unnecessary Commitments & Items from the “To Do” List Eliminate Impossible Customers Fewer and More Meaningful Meetings Promote Top Staff How To Do It Batch Your Responses – Teach People When You’ll Be Available Document How You Decide Train & Trust Staff to Perform Quality Control Prioritize 4-5 Critical Items: Everything Else Is “Wish List” Charge More (Institute Procedures That Reduce Their Capacity To Waste Staff Time) or Provide Less Turn Meetings Into Task Sessions Hire Carefully, Praise Success Liberally, Shift or Remove Those Who Can’t or Won’t Perform Staff Will Need Permission To Act Without You, Clear Expectations About Keeping You Informed Time, Tools and Techniques to Make and Correct Mistakes; Trust and a Learning Culture Documented “Quality Standards” – Accountability for Meeting Them; Staff Are Self-Motivated To Perform Clear and Ongoing Communication Regarding Top Priorities & The Reasons Behind Them Clear Procedures, Empowerment To Change Them, Permission To Surface Problems Without Being Blamed Agenda, Interaction, Timekeeping, “Parking Lot,” Rules of Engagement – and Everyone’s A Facilitator Training, & A Vision That Enables Staff To Gain Personal Meaning from Achieving Professional Goals Become An “Amazing Boss” Working Normal Hours – In 7 Business Days Sources: Adapted from “10 Things Really Amazing Bosses Do” & “10 Ways To Permanently Streamline Your Workday,” both via Inc. Magazine, plus some personal input