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Uses of ICT in MFL
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Uses of ICT in MFL


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Uses of ICT in MFL

Uses of ICT in MFL

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Uses of ICT in MFL Objective: To explore a range of ways ICT can be used in the MFL classroom.
  • 2. Find already made resources on these websites: TES MFL Sunderland Teaching Ideas Making Your Job Easier
  • 3. Find already made resources on these websites: Ashcombe School eaching.htm Language Resources Slideshare Making Your Job Easier (2)
  • 4. Find inspiration here: Twitter – join the MFL twitterati Pinterest MFL Ideas Blogs (see next slide) Giving You Inspiration
  • 5. MFL Ideas Factory Isabelle Jones MFL Hampshire Blogs Dom’s MFL Page Resources for the MFL Classroom Blogs
  • 6. Blogs Social Networking Games YouTube QR Codes Making MFL Fun and Relevant
  • 7. Motivational (boys especially) Monitor students learning Instant feedback Games – competition element Easy to set as homework tasks Relevant Why bother?
  • 8. Can be used in lessons/to set homework tasks Show links to useful websites Upload/embed videos Embed games Allows students to give feedback safely Blogging
  • 9. Remind students of tests/homework Share music videos or newspaper articles in TL Share useful MFL websites Twitter
  • 10. See what students have learnt throughout the lesson – all in one place Approve any comments before they are viewed by other people Create numerous boards with passwords so only certain people can access them Embedded onto blog Padlet
  • 11. Upload vocabulary lists which are automatically made into flashcards, games and tests. Embed onto blogs. Students can listen to pronunciation. Games work well with boys – competition! Import vocabulary lists easily. Helpful when revising for vocab tests. Quizlet
  • 12. Make both match up games and quizzes Students (boys especially) love the competition – games are timed. Good for revision. Quizdini
  • 13. Allows you to upload texts in TL Generates various games – gap fills, word order etc. Can be printed Textivate
  • 14. Make your own games in TL Competitive – timed Fun Addictive Sporcle
  • 15. Create your own pages of images, songs and videos Easy to use Pinterest
  • 16. Allows you to make your own games Competitive Fun ex.php Classtools
  • 17. Radio app on phones – plenty of French and Spanish radio stations! Tune in radio
  • 18. Easy to use – just copy the link into the box and it creates the QR code for you Give this to the students and they scan it on their phones and it takes them directly to the website This can also be done with texts and images QR Codes
  • 19. &ex=1 Other Useful Websites