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Brazil carniva
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  • 1. Carnival Brasil
    Escuela Normal Superior del Distrito de Barranquilla
    EducationalLevel: 5º Primary
    Teacher Training: Dayana Borja
    AdvisoryTeacher: Analida Carvajal
    Tem: “OtherFestivals in theWorld”
  • 2.  
    Carnival Brasil
    Thousands of people each year witness the spectacular parades that take place in best cities. The grandeur of the costumes an warn atmosphere make this Carnival. 
    Created with the help of your parents, a mask or accessory, Brazil Carnival representative.
    Cut and paste pictures alluding to the Carnival.
  • 3. Carnival Brasil
    Conceptual Reference
    Carnival BrazilSamba school parade EstaçãoPrimeira of Mangueira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2005The Carnival is an annual event that takes place forty days before Easter (marking the beginning of Lent). It has some variations with its European counterpart and also differences over the Brazilian territory.Despite the Catholic inspiration. Its European origins date back to a kind of carnival called introitus ("entry" in Latin) and entrudo in Portuguese, which is characterized by the interplay of water thrown from one person to another to purify the body. The entrudo was banned without much success in the mid-nineteenth century, because it was considered violent by the higher social classes (it is said that some people died from infections and other diseases because sometimes threw rotten fruit).In the late nineteenth century, cordões ("links", in Portuguese) were introduced in Rio de Janeiro and consisted of groups of people walking through the streets playing music and dancing. The lambs were the ancestors of modern samba.
  • 4. Carnival Brasil
    Conceptual Reference2
    The blocos (blocks), another name for cordões are some current popular representations of the Brazilian carnival. They consist of people who dress according to certain themes or carnival held specifically. The schools of samba are truly organizations that work all year in order to prepare for the carnival parade.The main celebration takes place in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where the samba schools, blocos and bands occupy entire neighborhoods. Some of them are:In Rio de Janeiro, Mangueira, Portela, Salgueiro, Beija-Flor, Imperatriz, Império Serrano, Vibrant, UniãodaIlha, Estacio de Sá, Unidos do Viradouro.In São Paulo: Nene de Vila Matilde, Vai - Vai, MocidadeAlegre Verde e Branco shirt, Rosas de Ouro, Unidos do Peruche, Leandro de Itaquera, X-9 Paulistana, daBarrocaZonaSul.
  • 5. Carnival Brasil
    1. Make the following word search for words related to the estrasystoles reading about Carnival in Brazil:
    *Brazil *Music
    *Festivals *Carnival
    *Rate *Costumes
    *Zamba *Floats
    *Party *Mask
  • 6. Gracias