How to prepare a disaster fundraising plan - part 1


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Earlier this year I developed a 2 part presentation and co-presented with a colleague on #1 how to prepare a disaster fundraising plan and #2 how to implement the plan and then convert donors. This is an edited version of part one, the original contained some information very specific to our Luminate clients.

This topic is very near and dear to me because of my years of service with the American Red Cross.

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  • Communicate! Keep the media & your board informed about your relief and fundraising efforts. While it is a busy time, if handled correctly you can secure positive media coverage and increased awareness about your important work.
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  • How to prepare a disaster fundraising plan - part 1

    1. 1. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 1 EMER GEN C Y D ISA STER RESPONSE Preparing a Fundraising Plan January 23, 2013
    2. 2. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 2 YOUR WEBINAR TEAM Danielle Johnson Vermenton Senior Interactive Consultant Go! powered by Luminate Online Kent Gilliam Luminate Community Manager
    3. 3. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 3 • To keep noise down we will mute all phones • Please chat your questions in, Kent will monitor and respond • After the webinar the slides and recording will be posted in the Community for downloading, you will also receive a follow up email • There will be a thread in the Community where you can post questions • Thanks and enjoy! HOUSEKEEPING
    4. 4. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 4 DAY ONE • Creating a disaster fundraising plan • Communications • Fundraising appeals • Acknowledgements • Inkind Policy • Events AGENDA DAY TWO • Implementation • Disaster strikes – now what? • Donor Conversion • Can you convert disaster only donors into annual donors? • Examples • What’s in the kit? • A walk through of the tools
    5. 5. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 5 Organizations that respond to and provide relief after disasters already have a plan… But what do you do if disaster strikes and your organization is thrown into the relief efforts? What if your services and mission are impacted? (and you’re the one that needs relief!)
    6. 6. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 6 The Process • Meet with staff to discuss and draft the plan • Get buy-in from management • Once it is approved, don’t keep it a secret! • Disseminate it to staff • Keep copies handy for reference • Update it periodically WHAT’S IN A PLAN? The Goal: to create a disaster fundraising & communications plan The Benefit: an informed team that knows the steps to implement once a disaster strikes
    7. 7. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 7 Donors & Constituents Board of Directors Media Public Relations Social & Website
    8. 8. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 8 Donors & Constituents • Utilize email for quick & timely communication • Already have a monthly enews? Use it to report on the impact of the disaster • Was an appeal scheduled? Delay it and evaluate when it will be appropriate to launch it PRE FLIGHT CHECK LIST Who is responsible for creating & sending the communications? Who needs to approve the email before it goes out? Are there groups to target or suppress? Discuss & decide BEFORE disaster strikes. Write it down.
    9. 9. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 9 • Inserts into thank you letters • Use a vendor to send an emergency direct mail appeal – do the research now if you don’t have one • Do an appeal in house, decide now who your target list will be, write it down in the plan • Is there a newsletter or annual report coming out soon? Include an appeal for donations PRINT COMMUNICATIONS
    10. 10. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 10 • Did the disaster affect the services you provide? • What is the impact to your clients? • How will you get back online? • Is your organization mobilized to provide relief efforts? • If this isn’t part of your mission, why did you make the decision to get involved? • What are you doing? Include stats • How can people help? • Volunteers? Inkind? Money? • Stories of hope • Be on the lookout for inspirational and moving stories from the field • Take pictures when appropriate THINGS TO TELL YOUR CONSTITUENTS
    11. 11. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 11 • GCCC offices were impacted by the storm • About to run their largest food drive and corporations they counted on were also impacted by the storm • Regularly scheduled eNews was sent out with an opening article about the storm and their concerns about the food drive and why “now more than ever” they needed support EXAMPLE OF DONOR COMMUNICATION
    12. 12. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 12 What do they need to know? o regular updates from CEO and other key staff (consolidate into 1 report) o impact to services, facilities, staff & fundraising o fundraising disaster plan o media inquiries o what do you need from them? BOARD OF DIRECTORS
    13. 13. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 13 • Identify the media’s POC within your organization • Make sure staff know who to refer questions to and if they are allowed to respond to media inquiries (the answer should be no) • Have a boiler plate press release ready • Be prepared with statistics about the impact to your organization and/or relief efforts (ie: # of meals served, animals rescued, etc) • What will you do if the media shows up at your door? MEDIA & PR
    14. 14. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 14 If your organization is directly impacted OR you’re providing services, be prepared if a radio or television station calls and wants to hold a telethon. Do you want to participate? Is there someone who can manage the event? Are there volunteer resources? What are the pros and cons of participating? If you do it, be sure to update the website with info about the event WERE YOU DIRECTLY IMPACTED?
    15. 15. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 15 SOCIAL MEDIA – KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING • Post updates on your social media assets – include pictures! • Engage your fans/friends/followers with information, questions and opportunities to help – ask them to take action • Provide a timeline photo for your fans to use on their page • Identify someone to manage the updates and RESPOND when people comment or send messages (would you ignore an email?)
    16. 16. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 16 SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMPLE
    17. 17. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 17 WHO HAS THE PASSWORD? Your website is the key to the outside world, make sure you know who to call to get it updated Talk to your vendor to find out what their back up plan is if they are impacted Use Luminate Online to make life easier! Storybuilder Surveys Donation form Pagebuilder
    18. 18. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 18 WEBSITE EXAMPLE What I liked: Organization used their website to offer greater detail on relief efforts Broke it down into bullets and used headlines to label sections based on geographic relief efforts Lists how to give at the end and includes HOW to designate gifts
    19. 19. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 19 ANOTHER WEBSITE EXAMPLE What I liked: Clearly defined sections of information Used a lot of white space to make it easier to read & scan Liked the red links, made it even easier to scan Had a robust section on How To Help and Resources
    20. 20. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 20 • Be sure to communicate with staff • Create media talking points for the CEO • Have a meeting to go over the Disaster Fundraising Plan (with all staff, even part timers and key volunteers) • Create a memo with all pertinent information and distribute to staff once disaster strikes DID WE FORGET ANYONE?
    21. 21. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 21 Creating a disaster fundraising plan • Communications • Fundraising appeals • Acknowledgements • Inkind Policy • Events AGENDA
    22. 22. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 22 Send a 3 part email appeal • How did the storm impact the organization’s ability to provide services? • Are you providing relief? Provide stats – show impact • Pictures tell a story • Keep your story donor centered and relatable. Helping 5,000 people is very different than a story about helping 1 family – tell a story someone can connect with • Be clear in your appeal about how funds will be used • Direct assistance? • Supplies for relief efforts? • Operational support to help the organization recover from the disaster? MAKING YOUR CASE An emergency appeal should go out within 2 days of a disaster, immediacy is vital
    23. 23. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 23 What should go in your plan? • Who is responsible for writing the messages • Who will create the emails • Who needs to approve the emails • What groups should be suppressed • Who is the message from (email and signature) What about a donation form? • Like any campaign, you should create a dedicated donation form • Pay close attention to the information that goes at the top of the form • Don’t enable sustained giving • Update the autoresponders to be disaster specific PREP WORK
    24. 24. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 24 Creating a disaster fundraising plan • Communications • Fundraising appeals • Acknowledgements • Inkind Policy • Events AGENDA
    25. 25. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 25 USE THE RIGHT LANGUAGE We know that donations should be acknowledged, but never more so then donations that might be for disaster relief efforts • Before disaster strikes talk to the person or person(s) that will process the acknowledgement letters • What language should be used in the TY letters • How will you identify disaster only donations and general operating • Phone calls? In the letter itself? • Talk to Finance /Accounting – what information do they need? • Create a template for the disaster TY letter No matter how hectic and busy things get, try to get the TY letters out the door within 5-7 business days.
    26. 26. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 26 Creating a disaster fundraising plan • Communications • Fundraising appeals • Acknowledgements • Inkind Policy • Events AGENDA
    27. 27. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 27 If you’re responding to the disaster or impacted you should have an Inkind Acceptance Policy o Create a page on your website with information on what you need and items you won’t accept o Include a POC, link to the disaster donation form and any other pertinent pages o Let staff know, especially the receptionist so they can refer people o Post the link to your home page and in disaster appeals or communications you send out o Have a form for staff to use when accepting the donations AVERT YOUR OWN DISASTER Tip: create a URL shortcut to make it print friendly
    28. 28. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 28 Creating a disaster fundraising plan • Communications • Fundraising appeals • Acknowledgements • Inkind Policy • Events AGENDA
    29. 29. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 29 • During disasters it is common for businesses, civic and church groups, schools and individuals to hold events to benefit organizations. • Be prepared by using a survey tool to collect inquiries from people that want to fundraise for you • Collect the information you need, evaluate proposals fairly and build your housefile 3RD PARTY EVENTS
    30. 30. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 30 • Examples of questions to ask people and organizations interested in hosting 3rd party events • The basics - who, what, when, where, contact number and email • What is the projected income • How will the event be promoted • Are the organizers planning to solicit for sponsors? If so who? • Expected turnout? • Purpose of the event? • Put it in writing – have a one page agreement • To protect your organization and be clear with the event organizer put together a one page agreement • Include things like – date and location of the event, organizer’s name and contact information, that the organizer agrees to pay all costs and that funds will be distributed to the organization within 30 days of the event WHAT SHOULD YOU ASK FOR?
    31. 31. 10/9/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 31 DAY ONE • Creating a disaster fundraising plan • Communications • Fundraising appeals • Acknowledgements • Inkind Policy • Events AGENDA DAY TWO • Implementation • Disaster strikes – now what? • Donor Conversion • Can you convert disaster only donors into annual donors? • Examples • What’s in the kit? • A walk through of the tools