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Review of front pages

  1. 1. Image: the image used on this magazine front cover is not a clear crisp image, it has a rusty look towards it, This clever technique mirrors the heading ‘is this the ghost of Marley’ It also represents the genre of music which is reggae. Reggae was introduced a while ago when cameras weren't as up to date as they are now. Masthead: the masthead on this magazine uses a clear text that’s easy to read. By the masthead covering the image it shows the magazine isnt as confident to hide the masthead by people knowing the magazine well. The holes in the letters are filled with colour this makes the masthead stand out and strike the audience. Colour: the colours used on this magazine are quite dull, however the colour used on the masthead is bright and vibrant, the colours yellow, red and blue are primary colours and are shown on the Jamaican flag. In Jamaica reggae is popular. The headlines and text is written in white, this colour stands out from the background, catching the audiences attention. Audience: The audience for this magazine would be male and females who are interested in reggae music. These people would me middle aged upwards. Front Cover One
  2. 2. Image: This image used in this magazine shows the people who are involved in the headline. The audience see the magazine and know who the main headline is about instantly. The impression we get from this image is that ’50 cent’ and ‘eminem’ are stern looking characters and the way they are positioned also support this. Colour: This magazine only uses just four main colours on the front page. This gives the front page a simple look yet it does stand out. The use of red and black is effective on the magazine by the two colours contrasting, therefore information will stand out to the audience. the colour red is also associated with danger, this connotation works with the image to create a stern looking front cover. The background of the magazine is also white which is simple but makes the other bold colours stand out. Audience: The audience for this magazine would be young adults or teenagers, both male and female but in particular more males would buy this magazine by the people used on this front page. They would also have a interest in music especially R&B (which is the genre of this magazine ) Masthead: The masthead used on this magazine is very bold and large this effective technique ensures the audience will see the magazine easily. The masthead is also partially covered. This shows that the magazine is well established by them being confident that their house style will stand out to the audience.
  3. 3. Image: this medium shot on this magazine shows a flirty but confident young pop star. The audience will be inspired by the picture and therefore may buy the magazine. The costume that ‘nicki’ wears stands out and fits within the colour scheme on the rest of the magazine. The make-up used on ‘nicki’ attracts the audience to look at certain areas of the picture, for example the make up on her eyes or the nail varnish to emphasise her peace signs on the image. Coli Colour : the lack of colour on this magazine is effective. The information and mast head stand out. The colour pink in the image attracts girls, the colour pink has connotations of a girl colour. The colours around her chest attracts the audience to look at her breast which may attract the male audience to look at the magazine. Mast head : The font used on this masthead looks chromed, this effect shows a more expensive look to the magazine as well as a up to date feeling. The mast head stands out by the colour black and it being underlined. Audience: this magazine audience would be males and females aged 13+ and have an interest in the music genre