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Social Media Overview


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Quick overview on how to use social media effectively.

Quick overview on how to use social media effectively.

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  • 1. Social Media
  • 2. Overview
  • 3. Pros
    Direct customer contact: Increase customer services
    “Free” – no sign up costs
    Promotional: Alert consumers about news, events and sales
    Key point: Do this WITHOUT sounding like an infomercial
  • 4. Cons
    “Free” – it is free to sign up but not free to maintain. Must have someone assigned to social media.
    Will have a negative impact if your social media page is not maintained. (ex: loss of followers)
    Better to NOT have a social media site rather than one that is not updated
    Must be engaging – constantly engage followers/fans
  • 5. Social Media Overview
    Engage followers
    Just having “likes” and “followers” isn’t always enough, encourage fans to start a conversation (ex: Another busy Saturday at the Mall! Who came out to shop today?)
    Continue the conversation
    Make sure to respond to customers and comment on their posts to continue the conversation
    Connect with your Audience: Local Connection
    Did your city’s hockey team just win the Stanley Cup? Make sure to note that on your social media page! Connect local news and events to your followers – this shows that your page has a local sensibility and isn’t too “corporate”.
  • 6. Social Media Overview
    Social Media Coordinator
    The person assigned to updating needs to have a passion/understanding for social media
    Have a policy: guidelines on posting
    Your page should have, at the very least, one update per day.
    80% informational, 20% promotional
  • 7. Social Media for Simon
    Your demo is using social media
    Facebook’s Statistics:
    More than 400 Million Users
    50% of users log on every day
    Average user has 130 friends
    Having a social media presence will increase your SEO
    People want info about your mall
    If they choose to be a “fan” they have already taken the first step in wanting to know more about your mall
  • 8. Connecting Facebook to Twitter
    You are given the option to connect Facebook to Twitter
    Updating both simultaneously
    Not utilizing each site’s functions properly
    Recommendation: Connect pages but make sure to occasionally use each site individually
  • 9. Tools for Monitoring
    Twitter: Applications available online such as Tweetdeck allow you to filter and organize your twitter feed, @ replies and DMs.
    Facebook: If you are the admin, facebook sends you a weekly report of your stats. You can also check your pages insights as an admin.
  • 10.
  • 11. Twitter
    Hashtags: use # as a prefix to your topic (#RossParkMall)
    Using a hashtag is a way to increase your Tweet visibility
    Sites like and are great sources to track popular topics
  • 12. Login to your Twitter account.
  • 13. This page shows all of your tweets and the tweets of the people you’re following.
    Using Ross Park Mall as an example I’m going to type Ross Park Mall into the search bar on the right and see what kind of hits I get.
  • 14. Another customer friendly service Twitter has to offer is the ability to reply to specific tweets.
    For instance, if a person tweets “I dislike Ross Park Mall.”
    Ross Park Mall can click reply and ask why their experience with the Ross Park Mall was unpleasant.
    Anytime someone Tweets the phrase “Ross Park Mall” or @’s Ross Park Mall it is highlighted on this results page.
  • 15. Who’s Doing it Well?
    Wet Seal
    Teen Girl Clothing Store
    Launched a campaign allowing their fans to design their own ensembles and published the designs to allow the community to review
    Engaged fans/asked for their opinion
    Provided social validation of fashion choices to enhance sales
    User generated merchandising
  • 16. Questions?