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Comedy Genre
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Comedy Genre


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Teen Comedy - Genre
    By Danielle Rippengill
  • 2. The history of comedy
    Comedy genre has been one of the longest lasting genres in film, most of the early silent films were comical and most had a happy ending to them. The main four famous people who did comical silent films are....
    Here is a film that I found which has all four of these actors in,
    Silent films didn't have any dialog they mainly used sound effects to emphasise the funny action and an orchestra to fit with the mood, if they needed any words to represent dialog they would insert black frames with white printing on them between shots or scenes.
    Laurel and Hardy
    Buster Kean
    Charlie Chaplin
    Stock characters
    Slides with words on
    Over exaggerated movements and facial expressions
    Music to fit the emotion
    Sound effects to fit the movement
    No Dialogue
    …Will be using many of these ideas
  • 4. The history of Teen comedy
    The teen movie came of age in 50s America, not long after the concept of the teenager was born. The idea of an intermediate stage between childhood and adulthood, with its own peculiar characteristics.
    Some of the first films aimed at teens are Rock Around The Clock, The wild One and Beach Party.
    Now a days the films aimed at teenagers cross over genres to maintain the audiences but also attract a wider range of the audience here are some examples;
    Teen Comedies usually have the stereo typical characters, theirs always a good looking one, geeky one, popular one and they always stereo people in social groups e.g. Goth/Chav
    The really geeky character
    Potential love story
    Usually a high school setting
    A really stupid character
    Similar narratives
    The popular kid who everyone likes
    …We include many of these
  • 6. Monday morning Madness
    Our short film is going to be aimed at teens and from my research we will be including the usual conventions which are:
    Opposite characters
    • Charlotte, the young girl will be a geek who revises all the time.
    • 7. Joe, the young boy will be the stupid, ditsy one who doesn't care about school.
    Our setting will be at a high school, in an exam hall…
    As this will be where most of our actions takes once they have got to school…
    As some points of our short film will not have much dialogue we have music in the background to fill in for this which will reflect the characters for example; Joe will have more of a rock music background and Charlottes will be much more peaceful.
  • 8. Monday Morning Madness
    Two show the difference between the two characters we will have there bedrooms completely different t show the opposites between them
    Tidy room
    From using the ideas of silent comical films which Laurel and Hardy starred in along with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Kean we will use little dialogue and more music and sound effects to emphasise the action that is taking place.
    Messy room
    From using these ideas we will be able to hit our target audience which are the teenagers and hit the genre which is comical.
    The ideas from the slapstick videos we are going to use, when the characters are trying to get to school we will put in place things that go wrong for example… they will tread in dog poo, have a flat tire, tread in a puddle etc.
  • 9. Bibliography