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Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
Blogging Project
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Blogging Project


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. 12 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging Danielle Wharton Fatou Jagne Sha’ron Jones Leon Cozart
  • 2. Objectives
    • You will learn about the good and bad side of blogging.
    • You will learn how to protect yourself on the world wide web.
    • You will learn how to make sure information on your blog is fair and accurate.
  • 3. Brief History
    • The 1 st amendment is part of the Bill of Rights that guarantees all American citizens to religion, speech, Assembly, and petition. In examining the rights as a web publisher, freedoms of press extended the right in publishing accurate news, and information to the public by bringing hidden injustices to the world’s attention.
    • The First Amendment
  • 4. #1
    • Do keep blogs positive and don’t use them to slander or attack others.
    • Don’t attack other bloggers . If there’s an article you don’t agree with leave it alone.
  • 5. #2
    • Do act as yourself and no one else.
    • Don’t act like you are anyone else. It should be all about you and your honest opinions.
  • 6. #3
    • Do watch what you put on your blog and make sure you are respecting others at all times.
    • Don’t play degrading or explicit music on your blog.
  • 7. #4
    • Do entertain Bloggers so they will visit and comment your web blog
    • Don’t lose interest of your fellow Bloggers if you want them to follow you and comment your blogs.
  • 8. #5
    • Do speak freely on your views of any topic, no opinions or thoughts, just what you believe.
    • Don’t put anything vague about topics it may effect others around you so be respectable.
  • 9. #6
    • Do use other information from other sources to interpret on your blog.
    • Don’t plagiarize because this is illegal and you may be punished for this wrong doing.
  • 10. #7
    • Do realize that your Bloggers want to be entertained not frightened. So be sure to create a comfortable environment for the Bloggers.
    • Don’t scare the Bloggers off by talking about terrifying events.
  • 11. #8
    • Do Comment others blogs because you would want the same for your blogs.
    • Don’t leave thoughtless unattractive comments one anyone's blogs.
  • 12. #9
    • Do use current events on your blogs because past events are old news.
    • Don’t blog about things from the past it doesn’t entertain the audience.
  • 13. #10
    • Do brainstorm on topics before you start to post blogs.
    • Don’t just post anything on your blog because no one wants to go a messy blog.
  • 14. #11
    • Do give your blog publicity to get more viewers and comments.
    • Don’t spam just to get your name out there.
  • 15. #12
    • Do use images to make your blog more visual and entertaining.
    • Don’t steal images from other bloggers or websites.
  • 16. Review Questions
    • Why should you not blog about things from the past?
    • It doesn’t entertain the audience.
    • You should always keep a what kind of environment for your bloggers?
    • Comfortable
    • What can you add to your blog to make it more entertaining?
    • Images
  • 17. References
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