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  1. 1. Treatment Local Newspaper produced by Danielle Lambert1. ClientsThe clients of my product are the local companies and stores in the area of Chapeltown,which may wish to advertise in my newspaper. These businesses will have the same targetaudience as my product, which includes local males and females I social class C1DE.2. Dates: Photography and finished final product (the date of publication)The date of my newspaper issue will be Monday the 24th of October.Photography and articles;I will take all my photography during the week commencing the 24th October 2011 as I am offcollege and will be able to get natural lighting easier. I will also hold interviews with subjectsover this week.For the conmen article, I will take the photographs on Wednesday the 26th October, I willalso hold at interview with the victim, an elderly man, on this date after the photographysession.For the car crash article I will take photographs on Thursday the 27th October and alsointerview the car crash victims, an 18 year old student and her father, on this date.For the local vandalism and local shop articles, the photography will be taken on Monday the24th October.3. Name of newspaperMy newspaper will be titled Chapeltown Chronicle as it is a local newspaper for the area ofChapeltown, and the alliteration will be catchy and memorable to the readers.4. What features will your newspaper include? (emphasise codes and conventions)The main headline and lead story of my newspaper will be about a local victim to twoconmen; this negative story is a common feature of newspapers as they attempt to gainreaders by making people feel empathy for local citizens and use news which could affectanyone, including them. The headline will be the largest font on the page and there will be asubheading to give the reader a larger insight into what the main article is about, withouthaving to read it in an attempt to get them to read the article to find out more.The half lead story will be a local car crash, although a car crash would normally be headlinenews, the crash happened a couple of weeks before the issue date therefore is less currentthan the conmen article and from my research I found that the longer ago it happened, theless important it was to the readers. However, a car crash is a tragic and intriguing eventwhich appeals to readers therefore this is why it is my half lead. The half lead story willcontinue on the second page by use of a continuation note, as this is a common convention,and also be placed above the fold as this is stereotypically where the most important articlesare placed.My minor articles will include Local vandalism, local shops opening/closing and a newheadmaster at the local school.
  2. 2. Adverts will feature a local Halloween event in Chapeltown Park, local Arielcompaniesand alocal school. These adverts will feature below the fold as this is a common convention ofnewspapers, as they are less important than the articles.I will use a competition plug to win a free session with a local photography businesstherefore attracting the target audience as people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoyhaving a professional photograph for example of families, their children, pets, or weddings.I will include a local weather feature and a national weather feature in a column on the lefthand side of the second page, as this is a common convention of local newspapers and willattract customers as the weather effects everyone.I shall also include generic conventions such as banners, gutters, borders, date lines, bylines, subheadings, captions, strap lines and page numbers to create a professional lookingproduct.5. Where will you advertise your newspaper? (Bring in ancillary products too, targetaudience)I will advertise the newspaper in various ways, including by use of a radio advert, and abillboard poster, two media products which I will be creating for my ancillary tasks. I will alsoadvertise this magazine in local newsagents by use of posters, and the newspaper wouldhave its own website. These adverts create synergy by promoting one product with another.6. What genre will your newspaper be?As my newspaper is a local one, the genre of the paper is community journalism. Communityjournalism is locally oriented, professional news coverage that concentrates on the effect ofnews on local readers unlike rational or worldwide news.7. How much will it cost to buy?My newspaper will cost 50p to buy, as similar newspapers cost between 40p-60p and this isthe price which the majority of my feedback would recommend.8. What will its frequency be?The frequency of my newspaper will be weekly as most other local newspapers are and willtherefore cost 50p as most similar newspapers with this frequency do.9. Who is your target audience? (age, gender, race, social class)The target audience of my newspaper will be local people living in the area of Chapeltown,Sheffield. They will be both male and females mainly from a working class environment insocial classes C2, D and E.10. What will the costume element of Mise en scene include?For the photograph regarding the conmen article I will encode micro elements to create apreferred meaning (Stuart Hall 1980) that the audience should feel empathy for elderly manin the photograph.My actor will be an elderly man with grey hair, an iconographic sign to tell the reader he iselderly. Actor gestures will be significant to show his gloomy mood therefore he will have asad, bleak expression on his face, with his arms hanging straight down to connote his
  3. 3. hopelessness.The costume of my actor will be wearing a thick, dull coloured jumper to connote the dismalmood he will be feeling. I will use natural lighting to emphasize the realism of the incident,and I will give the photographs a slight blue/grey tint to connote the atmosphere of the story.The location of this image will stood outside of a working class home, to connote the targetaudience as well as show where the incident took place.For my car crash article I will be photographing a destroyed car, the preferred meaning I amattempting to create for this image is that the crash was a tragic and shocking accident.As there will be no actors in this photograph, I am relying solely on the prop of a destroyedcar. The lighting of this shot will be in a slight low-key lighting to connote the dark,depressing story behind the image.For the local vandalism photography I will be photographing the real location and real area ofvandalism which is the new park in Chapeltown, my preferred meaning is to tell the readerthat the man in the image, is to be disliked for vandalising the park.My actor will be a tall teenage boy approximately between 16-19 as this age group isstereotypically associated with vandalism. Character costumes will consist of a stereotypicaldark hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, with his hood covering his head to connote he doesn’twant to be seen committing this act and representing gang culture. Character gesture willinform the readers what the article is about without them reading it, the actor will becrouched down painting graffiti onto the park features.The actor will be holding a prop of a paint spray can to emphasise he is vandalising as it isiconographic to graffiti and gang culture.The lighting will be low key to connote both that the incident happened at night, and that theincident is something horrific and prohibited which people can only do at night.I will also get shots of the broken property in the park to emphasise other vandalism goingon.Finally I will take photos of the building and reconstruction of two local shops which haveshut and are becoming new ones. The location will be the outside of the actual shops, in thecentre of Chapeltown and it will be taken using high-key lighting to connote that the shopsshutting is not necessarily a bad thing as two new shops are coming.11. What shot types will you use in regards to photography?The shot type for the photograph regarding the conmen article will be a medium close of sothat the audience can see the expression on his face. The photograph will be taken at aslight high angle to connote that he is vulnerable and therefore creates empathy from thereader.The shot type for the car crash article will be a medium long shot of the car so the readerscan see the damage created on the whole car.The shot type for the photograph regarding local vandalism will be an over the shoulder pointof view (POV) shot of the miscreant, to create the impression that he didn’t want anyone elseto know what he was doing or see him doing it, therefore connoting he is up to no good.
  4. 4. Finally for the photography for my local shop article, I will take a long shot of the constructionto show the reader exactly where the shop is and how much is changing, intriguing them tobuy the newspaper as it may affect their shopping.12. What editing techniques will you use?For photograph editing I will use the image manipulation software Adobe Photoshop CS5, asit has many features and tools. It enables me to create layers of images edit parts of imagesspecifically.I will use the “clone stamp” tool and “blur” tool to airbrush the faces of my actors wherenecessary. I will use the contrast tools; “dodge” to lighten areas of my images “burn” todarken areas of my images and hue/saturation levels to edit the colour and lightness ofentire photo’s, to create desired connotations such as low key light to connote badness andsecrecy for the vandalism photo.For the layout part of my editing I will use the layout and design software QuarkXPress anduse many features and tools of this such as “borders”, “gutters” and “columns” to organisemy articles into readable paragraphs without the text looking too solid, I will also use“kerning” features to for my text.13. Examples of newspapers you have looked at, ancillaries and flat plans you havedone so far.