The Schools and Community Football Conference, Dan parnell, cpd workshop


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The Schools and Community Football Conference, 24 June 2013 at Burton Albion Football Club. Dan Parnell presents on CPD in Community Sport Coaches.

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  • The Schools and Community Football Conference, Dan parnell, cpd workshop

    1. 1.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESThe Schools and CommunityFootball Conference
    2. 2.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESCPD for CommunitySport CoachesDan Parnelle: m: 07538500348
    3. 3.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESWhat is CPD?Continued professional developmentMy take:“CPD consists of any educational activity whichhelps to maintain or develop knowledge,problem-solving, technical skills or professionalperformance standards to delivery better quality”
    4. 4.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESWhy is CPD important?• Employers require us to display & evidence:- Our skills are relevant- Our knowledge is up to date- We have an understanding of what the topicalissues are(or what is happening) in our chosenprofession- We are aware of future trends and issues(threats and opportunities)
    5. 5.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESQualifications are the beginning• Often just getting a qualification is only thebeginning. Post qualification learning is becomingmore significant across a range of professions.• Updating knowledge on a continuing basis isessential for successful delivery, credibility, careerprogression – especially in a time where the „jobfor life‟ has disappeared.
    6. 6.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESCan you tell me what you dofor CPD?
    7. 7.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESWhat counts as CPD for me?•Qualifications...•Conferences....•Mentor...(formal and informal)•Friends...•Critical friends....•My team... Away days & every day!
    8. 8.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESCPD includes formal activities, e.g. courses, conferencesand workshops, as well as self-directed activities such asmentoring, shadowing, engagement in online forums anddirected reading (almost anything – “with caution”).Importantly:We need to be able to demonstrate (or evidence) thatwe are improving relevant knowledge and skills in oursubject area (i.e., coaching, management) then itcounts!So what does count as CPD?
    9. 9.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESTraditionally football coaches –FA Pyramid• How have the changes improved on this?UEFA ‘A’LicenseCoaching Level 3UEFA BCoaching Level 2Coaching Level 1
    11. 11.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESThis is laudable and shows the FAs commitment tolearning. However...Are the costs realistic for grassroots coaches?Are the CPD available relevant for the social issuesyou attend to?
    12. 12.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESAn insight from Burton Albion CTMatt Hancock, Manager with BACT
    13. 13.,HEALTHANDSCIENCES• Where does the responsibility fall for CPD....the coach OR the manager?What is your take on the CPDoptions available to your teamand what do your coaches do?
    14. 14.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESIndividual Benefits Organisational Benefits
    15. 15.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESIndividual Benefits• Build confidence & credibility• Excellent to evidence inappraisals• Achieve career goals• Cope with change• More productive• Increased job satisfaction• Can reflect and highlight gapsin strengths in knowledge andexperience.Organisational Benefits• HR focus on orgs needs anddevelopment• Promotes staff development• Increased morale, motivation,which can be positive for the brandand image of the org.• Promotes self reflection for staff toapply• Helps maintain focus withinappraisals• Reduce turnover• Risk management – throughincreased knowledge
    16. 16.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESFocus on Results• CPD must begin and focus around results andoutcomes in the real World.• One size does not fit all, you must find your ownJourney.• So a guide moving forward...
    17. 17.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESThe CPD CycleReflectionThinking about ourcoaching (or our teams)PlanningDeciding how and whenwe are going to and whatwe want to learnActionDoing the learning andrecording what we have doneEvaluationIdentifying thebenefits of ourlearning
    18. 18.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESThe Way ForwardOn the paper provided make a plan for(a) What you want to achieve in the next 6 months(b) What you want to help your team achieve in thenext 6 months(c) Your email addressI will copy and send these to you THIS week andagain in DECEMBER.
    19. 19.,HEALTHANDSCIENCESSearch for us – The Community Football HubConnect with us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter @ComFootballHubEmail us: TheCommunityFootballHub@gmail.comDan ParnellSchool of ScienceUniversity of Derbyt: 07538500348e: you