Daniel Yen's Hitwise 2008 Iptv Conference in Singapore


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Daniel Yen's Hitwise 2008 Iptv Conference in Singapore

  1. 1. The Evolution of Television Widgets Internet TV IPTV The Future Of Entertainment & Its Monetisation
  2. 2. What is IPTV really? Let ‘s first define IPTV versus Web based Multimedia streams Wikipedia defines IPTV as generally set top boxes harnessing higher bandwidths to stream content Usually IPTV also comes with VOD & VOIP over closed networks Today all of that is changing with Fiber to the bode networks Up to 1Gbit pipelines serving internet content in HK This content/movie providers can stream at HD over the internet Anytime anywhere and using any digital media device with connectivity What does it means for advertisers?
  3. 3. What is a Widget? A Widget is a tool that allows the provider of content to also stream snippets of other stuff It is like a Feed if you will Hitwise also has an Google or Yahoo enabled widget Widgets may contain stock data It might also carry digital ads It allows the internet user to have hi/her attention re-directed to the Widget whilst … Watching an internet movie stream
  4. 4. What’s going on NOW? What is for offer & what is the level of demand? What programs are internet users searching for when it comes to Internet TV? What are they clicking on? What did 25 Million Internet users do in Key Markets Globally … yesterday? IPTV: Are we ahead of the demand curve or simply behind the broadband infrastructure to make Internet TV a serious thereat to good old antennae TV?
  5. 5. Interactivity & Accountability A.A.A ONLINE TV OFFERS: Accessibility – 24/7 via the web instead of speaking with a call center Ability to Respond – try clicking on a Street banner for more information Accountability – Track each campaign, optimize it and hit those KPIs 1. Why not allocate more of your marketing spend from 5% to perhaps … 5.5% 2. Your offline marketing spend does not give you a AAA best practice benchmark 3. Manage your total costs wisely, use a Data partner like Hitwise! A Business Case for doing more Online Marketing/Selling
  6. 6. Some Examples Emerging Players – Niche Audience ATM TVB in HK – evolves with its audience
  7. 7. Some Insights are available Hitwise can give us an idea of … What Keywords internet users typed Which search engines they used Where were they browsing about before & after a site like Hulu, FlipTube or TBV online What socio demographic segment of the population ends on the above sites Where they live in some cases, how much they earn, what they consume & much more Hitwise tracks all of the above so you the Smarter Marketer can capture the Attention of that Internet TV User’s attention & Monetise from it! & Finally are Widgets, Contextual Banners or Subsription Revenue best?
  8. 8. Secret Sauce How We Do It Partnerships with multiple ISPs to cost effectively monitor more people as they visit more online businesses – every day 25 million Internet users (5 million in SG & HK) – the largest sample measured daily 1,000,000+ online businesses 160+ industry categories Home, work and education usage Methodology and privacy audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers
  9. 9. Unique Insight into 25M Internet Users HITWISE Network Centric Site Centric Panel Centric • Monitors traffic to a specific • Panel of 5,000 – 2mm users • site • Information on top sites only • Extensive marketing & • Samples 25,000,000 users • technical performance • Primarily used for advertising worldwide • information • decisions • Data on 1,100,000+ sites. • No comparative data • Report monthly • Identifies Competitor’s • Report daily, sometimes Strengths, Weaknesses, • hourly Opportunities & Threats • Looks at best practice for new customer & retaining existing √ Hitwise adds context √ Hitwise adds breadth, ones. and perspective depth and timeliness
  10. 10. Well Established Online Currency
  11. 11. Case Study
  12. 12. Competing for Attention 1. How are they growing in relation to the Entertainment Vertical – being TV & Attention competitors 2. What about in the context of every single internet user out there at the Country Level? 3. Let’s Asses some: Visits, Pages & Session Duration
  13. 13. Where were they BEFORE Hulu.com
  14. 14. Where were they AFTER Hulu.com
  15. 15. Identify Advertisers – Offer Value Proposition
  16. 16. Some Leads in Apparel/Accessories
  17. 17. The Evolution of TV
  18. 18. The Evolution of TV
  19. 19. Search Traffic to the TV Vertical
  20. 20. Paid/Organic Traffic to a Website
  21. 21. Sites that got “Family Guy”
  22. 22. Lifestyle • Lifestyle Demographic (AU, US, UK Only) • Partnership with Mosaic via Experian, our Parent company • In Australia for e.g. we have data on 500,000 segmented users over 85 Demographic Variables • Business Solutions • Mosaic extracts Data form 200 • Who is in your competitor’s Sources including ABS & demographic? Census • Find where does your • Where does that competitor Target Demographic Demographic go online go online • Identify & the sites they “hang out on hang out”
  23. 23. Socio Demographics
  24. 24. Shopping Propensity
  25. 25. Now you know.