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Coca Cola For The People Presentation


Class assignment for Year 2 Film & Television students at Unitec New Zealand's Department of Performing and Screen Arts: In teams, create a presentation pitching an integrated media strategy which …

Class assignment for Year 2 Film & Television students at Unitec New Zealand's Department of Performing and Screen Arts: In teams, create a presentation pitching an integrated media strategy which combines the specialisations of the students involved (Production, Camera, Sound and Editing). Collaboratively brainstorm and create this presentation using a wiki document on Google Docs, and deliver the work on Google Docs Presentation, combining your efforts to build and present the piece to your classmates.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Coca-Cola for the People PRESENTATION 3D Holographic Advertising Scheme
  • 2. Imagine having a 3D Holligram chose what Coca- Cola Product is best for you? Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Red Bull, Powerade, L&P, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Keri Orange Juice, Deep Spring, E2, Pump, Vitamin Water etc..???
  • 3. Picture this...
  • 4. The Concept This would be effective due to it speaking directly to a person and would be targeting products that the individual is interested in. The advertising scheme would also involve market research and use social networking websites to collate information that would individualize the product for the potential buyer.
  • 5. The Product: Coca-Cola Coca Cola Company - Large company - Expensive - State of the art advertisment. Style - appeals to a younger audience which fits the target of Coca Cola. - range of products they offer makes it easier to individulalise it for the potential buyer. For Example: Jessica (17) walks past the point of sale and gets offered an ad for Diet Coke because her profile shows that she is more likely to buy this particular product. Olliver (22) walks past the point of sale and gets offered a Zero Coke a.s.o.
  • 6. The Device: The Holographic Projection Systyem - An intelligent computer system that incorporates the face detection with holographic imaging and works in a matter of seconds. - An area of 2m2 is needed for it to operate at its full capability. - Portable. - Lighting conditions need to be taken into account.. - The clip (on the right) shows us holographic imagery in action. This clip is of a video conference with men from opposite sides of the world using, what they call, 'Telepresence technology'. - This is a system that will attract a lot of ATTENTION to your product!
  • 7. How it's recorded The ability to view objects 3-dimensionally has been long served by stereo imaging. The concept involves simultaneously viewing two superimposed images captured at slightly varying perspectives. When combined, the two perspectives emulate two images that a viewer would see from each of his/her own eyes. These image pairs, when superimposed, provide the user with a unique sense of depth, similar to a 3-D image. - Holographics - Stereoscopics This is a pretty good explanation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QYsg7_EHcU
  • 8. Facial Recognition and Social Sourcing Everbody is unique. So is everybodies face.
  • 9. Social Data Sourcing and its value for Advertising
  • 10. For Example...meet James Connelly. James takes a casual stroll through the shopping mall. He's mildly thirsty. He's feeling a little stressed by all the consumer choices available to him. Our technology singles James out from the crowd. In a matter of milliseconds our technology reveals that James is 20 years of age, and he has lived most of his life in Henderson, Auckland. James likes Motorsport and Hard Rock music, and he appears to enjoy binge drinking (his drink of choice being Woodstock Bourbon and Cola).
  • 11. We have just the drink for James, he's going to love it! Our technology points to Southern Rye Cola . Before James is stunned, a deliciously crisp image of a dew dripping can of Southern Rye appears before his very eyes! The sheer novelty of it alone, as well the joy of being understood by this otherwise cruel world will inescapably drive James to purchase the product. We predict that the effect will not end here... James will tell his friends about his experience, bringing more consumers into contact with our advertising technology. The growth of this phenomenon could lead to social groupings becoming loyal to certain brands. Young people may even base their social identity on which Coke brand they belong to. The potential is truly astounding!
  • 12. Where? -Shopping Malls, Food Courts -Events like Big Boys Toys, Girls Day Out etc. -Restaurants -Petrol Stations -Coca Cola Shop -Party's -Projection on Billboard without the Scanning System
  • 13. Legalities Privacy - Privacy Act. This 3D Holographic Scheme has access to your personal and accounts on the internet i. e Facebook, Bebo,Twitter etc. "The Act contains twelve information privacy principles dealing with collecting, holding, use and disclosure of personal information and assigning unique identifiers. The principles also give individuals the right to access personal information and to request correction of it. They do not override other laws which govern the collection, use or disclosure of personal information. The Privacy Act gives the Privacy Commissioner the power to issue codes of practice that become part of the law." "The Act also contains four public register privacy principles which limit: the manner in which information can be made available from public registers; re-sorting or combining public register information for commercial gain; electronic transmission of public registers; charging for access to public register information. The Act sets out a complaints mechanism and contains rules regulating data matching. You can view the full Privacy Act 1993 on http://www.legislation.govt. nz/act/public/1993/0028/latest/DLM296639.html which takes you directly to that Act." Privacy Commissioner http://www.privacy.org.nz/privacy-act-summary/
  • 14. Legalities Confidential - Where you live, past background and confidential details Photo's- storage to any device. Law. Technology- This could be replicated and used to advertise other products and possibly come out of hand considering private persons information is at stake. Criminal- Identity Replication- Technology Icon- Film Industry, changes and development to the 3D film industry