Why performance appraisal is outdated and need to be replaced


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In today's hyper-connected world, we are used to a constant flow of information. By comparison, traditional performance appraisal processes are slow and cumbersome. Imagine conditioning children this way, praising or reprimanding them after many months delay. That would never work!

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Why performance appraisal is outdated and need to be replaced

  1. 1. Appraisal that is instant, fun and social
  2. 2. Performance appraisal is outdated● The social web has made peoplecomfortable with constant real-time information.● Traditional appraisal isinfrequent, intimidating andoften unproductive.● Feedback has a use-by date.Learning and developmentdemands timely feedback.
  3. 3. Everyone is responsible for culture● Low-morale workplaces arestressful and deflating.● Great culture and high-performance cant depend onthe boss alone.● Everyone has motivation. Theproblem is the way thatprojects and work aredesigned.
  4. 4. We all crave progress. Progressgives us a sense of mastery andmakes work seem meaningful.A lack of progress causes:● frustration and disappointment● low morale and engagement● absenteeism and low retention● reduced productivityWe all crave progress...
  5. 5. What is Plaudits?● Unique enterprise socialnetwork.● Constant, open discussionabout employee performance.● Positive social reinforcementto encourage winning habits.
  6. 6. How does Plaudits work?● Leverages internal drive toaccomplish challenges.● Encourages a focus onstrengths and good habits
  7. 7. BenefitsBosses● Reward and recognise rolemodels.● Boost engagement andproductivity.● Increase motivation and staffretention.● Drive learning anddevelopment.● Bring your corporate values tolife.Workers● More frequent and meaningfulfeedback.● Recognition for a job welldone.● Measure progress and achieveany goal.● Accelerate your● Create winning habits.● Issue a cheeky challenge to theboss.
  8. 8. Security● All data is stored in the world class and secure data centersoperated by Amazon Web Services (AWS).● AWS has been validated as a Level 1 service provider underthe Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.● All services used, as well as the underlying infrastructureand management environment, have been validated by PCI.● For more information, please refer to AWS Security andCompliance Center (https://aws.amazon.com/security/)
  9. 9. Privacy● Each organisation using Plaudits receives its own unique network, ensuring theprivacy of its Members and User Content posted in that account.● Only people within the registered network can view content on that network.Passwords are 128-bit encrypted and users are authenticated as employeesduring sign-up via their work email address.● We will not share your private information or user-generated content withadvertisers and have no intention of ever doing so.● Access to our database is limited to our technical support team and will beaccessed only on a case-by-case basis to troubleshoot specific technical issues,or as may be required by law.● Our database automatically generates reports and alerts to users within aregistered network, for example it provides email updates about newly addedgoals, achievements by high-performing employees, popular and trendinggoals and other interactions arising from the application.
  10. 10. Website & contact informationwww.giveplaudits.comDaniel GrochFounder and CEOdangroch@giveplaudits.com+61 412 700 060