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Career Highlights Mail Oct

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist:<br />Daniel Skahen<br />
  2. 2. Senior Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist proficient in all facets of advertising, marketing and public relations. <br />Dynamic and talented leader with superior managerial, operational and client management skills, with experience in a variety of industry sectors.<br />Adept at concepting and implementing comprehensive integrated marketing communications plans that provide solutions for clients with outstanding and measurable results.<br />Profile<br />Core Competencies<br />
  3. 3. A. Consumer Retail<br />Frito-Lay– developed a national in-store sales promotion with Wal-Mart to leverage Frito-Lay’s FLW<br />Professional Bass Fishing sponsorship. The program included both a consumer promotion, as well as a<br />sales incentive program for Route Sales Reps. POS materials were produced, and a contest was<br />implemented. Research was utilized to plan strategic approaches for both the consumer and Frito-Lay<br />RSR’s (route sales reps).<br /> <br />The Pepsi Bottling Group – Both fountain and vending promotions were developed to support their<br />NASCAR sponsorship. Point-of-Purchase materials supported the program, along with a “Vend-and Win”<br />program, with a fountain cup/coaster giveaway for consumers. Original programs included “t-shirts in-a<br />bottle” and “ticket vouchers-in-a-bottle.”<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  4. 4. Experience Synopsis<br />Seagram Americas/Diageo – An aggressive public relations program was designed to support Crown Royal’s Professional Bass Fishing Sponsorship. A traditional press release program was supplemented by in-market promotions that took place all over the southeast. Team Crown Royal made special appearances in bars and restaurants. In addition, a sampling program and interactive fishing simulator promotion supported the efforts.<br /> <br />Daytona USA – Heavily involved in quantitative and qualitative research initiatives that included Lifestyle Segmentation. In addition, I directed the broadcast television and print schedules, and was involved in photo shoots and broadcast television commercial production.<br />Simpson Performance Products – As one of motorsports leading outfitters, the client was looking to reach the consumer market segment. We developed an e-commerce site to sell both Simpson and co-branded products, and produced a sales catalog. I was also directly involved with launching their Web site initiative.<br />A. Consumer Retail (Continued)<br />
  5. 5. A. Consumer Retail (Continued)<br />Benihana– Directed all national advertising efforts, to include television production and media placement. <br />I was directly responsible for all national and local public relations efforts. Utilized ongoing research for<br />planning purposes and worked extensively with the lead ad agency and public relations practitioners.<br /> <br />Pharmacia & Upjohn – Conducted national qualitative and quantitative research to launch the product<br />Rogaine to the Hispanic market. Research was conducted to plan advertising, marketing and public <br />relations strategies. Also directed production on their Web site marketing to help launch the product to the<br />Hispanic market. <br /> <br />Coca-Cola – Managed the “Art in the City” program for Cola for two years. It was designed to expose<br />children in both the African American and Hispanic communities of Miami to art. The program received <br />national media coverage.<br /> <br />American Express – I was responsible for managing the American Express Direct Action program for the<br />restaurant industry. The program was structured around direct response marketing to existing American <br />Express cardholders. Preferred restaurants participated in the coupon-driven and incentive-based<br />marketing effort.<br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  6. 6. B. Television and Print Production<br /> <br />NASCAR– Managed and produced their national print and broadcast campaigns for two years. I was<br />responsible for managing an internal team that toured the country with a photographer and film crew. I<br />was heavily involved in the final edits of all television spots and worked extensively with the creative team <br />to develop national campaigns.<br />Marshall’s Department Stores – Responsible for overseeing creative print and television broadcast <br />production for their national Hispanic ad campaign. Included a public relations component, as well as the <br />introduction of in-store bilingual signage in key Hispanic markets for both the United States and Puerto<br />Rico.<br /> <br />Pharmacia & Upjohn – I was the key contact with the client and was responsible for securing the account as<br />a result of an agency review. In addition, I worked with our creative team to research and launch their first<br />Hispanic broadcast television campaign, and assisted with casting and broadcast television production.<br /> <br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  7. 7. C. Point-of-Sale/Sales Promotion<br />Frito-Lay – In-store signage, POS displays, posters<br /> <br />The Pepsi Bottling Group – In-store signage, fountain cups, table tents, coasters, danglers, Vend-and-Win<br />Products and premium items<br /> <br />Seagram Americas – Posters, table tents, coasters, POS displays and premium items to support Crown<br />Royal’s Professional Bass Fishing Team<br />RMS Networks – Worked with creative team to launch the private in-store television network that made<br />It possible to deliver messages to consumers at the point-of-purchase. I was solely responsible<br />for developing their advertising, marketing and public relations plan. In addition, we launched their print<br />campaign to national advertising trade publications (i.e. Adweek and Advertising Age), and<br />category specific publications (i.e. food and beverage, advertising trade).<br /> <br />Marshall’s Department Stores – Bilingual In-store signage <br />Royal Caribbean– POS Displays, posters, brochures, game pieces<br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  8. 8. D. Direct Response Marketing<br /> <br />American Express – Comprehensive direct marketing program directed towards Cardholders to support the <br />restaurant industry.<br /> <br />Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites – Responsible for developing strategic direct marketing plans for the<br />State Park Lodge System for both the group and leisure markets. Included the production of direct mail <br />pieces and FSI’s. Headed up a comprehensive and ongoing research initiative for the past three years that <br />included focus groups, intercept studies, exit surveys and ideations sessions. I also launched an Internet <br />based direct response program geared toward the media to help encourage press coverage.<br /> <br />Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., Radisson Seven Seas Cruises – Utilized database and direct response <br />marketing to produce their Past Passenger programs, as well as incentive programs geared towards travel<br />agents.<br />Val- Pak – Managed the direct mail franchise for Central New York and provided clients with direct <br />response services.<br /> <br />Advo, Inc. – Functioned as the Quality Assurance Manager to ensure control over production and <br />distribution of weekly programs to over 2.5 million homes. Provided ongoing council on postal <br />regulations.<br /> <br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  9. 9. E. Interactive Marketing<br />ASA Racing - Provided creative direction, production and Web site management and maintenance services <br />with the launch of their new Web site.<br />Camp Fire USA – Provided creative direction, copy writing and e-commerce solutions for a regional <br />fundraising campaign and separate Web site for the Georgia Council.<br /> <br />The Georgian Terrace Hotel – Provided creative direction to enhance the existing hotel’s Web site.<br /> <br />Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites – Provided ongoing creative support and direction for their Web site for <br />nearly four years. Developed a quarterly e-mail campaigns geared towards the media to encourage press <br />coverage and general public relations support.<br /> <br />The Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds – Provided creative direction, copy writing and ongoing maintenance <br />for the Web site for the past two years. Also initiated online ticket sales for their Superstar Concert Series. <br />Also launched e-mail campaigns to visitors of the Web site to encourage additional visitation.<br /> <br /> <br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  10. 10. E. Interactive Marketing (Continued)<br />Pharmacy Week– Designed an interactive solution for this pharmacy professional’s employment resource. <br />Included focus groups to determine user preferences, etc.<br />Pharmacia & Upjohn – Provided creative services and direction to launch their first Web site geared towards <br />Hispanics to market Rogaine.<br />F. Sales Incentive Programs<br />Frito-Lay – Designed for Route Sales Reps to encourage product placement in Wal-Mart stores.<br /> <br />Camp Fire USA – Designed an original program to help the national organization launch a new fundraising <br />effort. A sales incentive Program was developed to motivate members. The program included the design <br />of a Web site and was supported with collateral materials.<br /> <br />Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. – Served as account director and worked with their national sales department <br />to design incentive programs for travel agencies and tour operators.<br /> <br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  11. 11. G. Hospitality/Travel & Tourism<br /> <br />Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. –Worked extensively with the marketing department to produce collateral <br />support materials that Included brochures, Shore Excursion Guides and point-of-purchase materials for <br />travel agencies.<br /> <br />Brasstown Valley Resort, Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, Georgian Terrace Hotel, Jekyll Island<br />Authority – Concepted andDeveloped strategic public relations plans, and managed the public relations<br />staff for implementation.<br /> <br />The Georgian Terrace Hotel – Responsible for the advertising, marketing and public relations efforts for<br />the past three years. Involved in print collateral production, public relations and the promotion of special<br />on-site events.<br /> <br />Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites – Functioned as the account lead for the past five years. I was <br />personally responsible for all advertising, marketing, public relations, creative development, media and <br />research initiatives.<br /> <br />The Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds –Successfully worked to redesign and relaunch the brand to increase <br />visitation to the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds and Towns County. Responsibilities included the <br />development of strategic advertising, marketing and public relations initiatives to support the annual<br />Roots & Music Festival, Georgia Mountain Fair, Georgia Mountain Fall Festival and the Superstar Concert <br />Series. Also provided advertising and PR support for annual juried Hiawassee Festival of Arts fine arts and <br />fine crafts festival in conjunction with the Mountain Arts Association.<br /> <br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  12. 12. H. Technology Accounts<br /> <br />RMS Networks – Helped to launch in-store interactive television networks to the Trade via a<br />comprehensive advertising and public relations campaign. Products included Pharmasee TV and BevTv<br />which were delivered via satellite. The format was content based television that offered advertisers the<br />opportunity to influence purchase decisions directly at the point-of-purchase, while customers viewed<br />network quality health, entertainment and information programming.<br /> <br />Advanced Technical Products – Introduced an advertising campaign to the trade for this manufacturer<br />of advanced composite structures that included autoclave lamination, filament winding and resin<br />transfer molding geared towards aerospace and defense companies.<br /> <br />Motorola – Developed marketing initiatives, package design, sales support materials, and public relations <br />strategies for the Motorola i1000 Satellite phone.<br />Sprint PCS – Introduced Sprint PCS to the Hispanic market via public relations and advertising.<br /> <br />Pinpoint Systems – Launched products to both the consumer and the trade for this navigational software, <br />hardware, sonar, and radar company for the marine industry.<br />Experience Synopsis<br />
  13. 13. Objective<br />Develop a new fundraising effort to support local programs<br />Design a program that has potential to go national, with the potential for recurring revenues<br />Create a program that encourages participation by youth and teens on all levels to generate excitement and participation<br />Implementation<br />The brand “Community Colors” was created to help market the new fundraising effort<br />An original incentive-based program was developed, and designed to reward members for their fundraising efforts<br />A video was shot and produced to help explain the program, generate excitement and educate other chapters and councils on how to launch the fundraising effort<br />Developed a flag design contest to encourage participation by youth and teens, and developed a line of seasonal flags that could be sold for fundraising purposes for Clubs, Camps and Groups<br />Results<br />Recognition from the national headquarters of Camp Fire USA<br />Original program was developed for Camp Fire Clubs, Camps and Groups<br />Program was launched by several of Camp Fire USA’s leading councils to test the feasibility of the new program as a national fundraising effort<br />Impressive sales were generated to help supplement programs at the local level for participating councils<br />Case Study – Camp Fire USA<br />
  14. 14. Objectives<br />Utilize public relations to support Team Crown Royal’s Professional Bass Fishing sponsorship<br />Promote Team Crown Royal on national, regional and local levels<br />Build attendance at local in-bar events that include product <br /> sampling, an interactive fishing simulator and “meet and greet” for team members<br />Implementation<br />Developed comprehensive press kit to generate excitement with the media<br />Built customized media lists to coincide with fishing tournaments and in-bar promotions<br />Utilized press kit mailings, coupled with aggressive media pitching to encourage press coverage for Team Crown Royal<br />Organized Media FAM trips to allow writers to fish with professional anglers from Team Crown Royal<br />Results<br />Renewal of Team Crown Royal sponsorship by Seagram Americas<br />Growth of Team Crown Royals sponsorship with addition of a promotional team , as well as additional professional anglers<br />Average of nearly $1 million dollars annually in PR value for the Crown Royal<br />Case Study – Crown Royal<br />
  15. 15. Objectives<br />Leverage Frito-Lay’s Operation Bass sponsorship<br />Create a program geared towards Frito-Lay Regional Sales Reps<br />Design an incentive program for Frito-Lay’s Route Sales Reps<br />Implementation<br />A Sponsorship Activation Guide and interactive CD was created and distributed to Regional Sales Managers<br />Research was conducted to determine what type of incentive would motivate Route Sales Reps<br />Original “Fish ‘N Chips” POS materials were created and distributed to 2,700 Wal-Mart stores in kits. The kits included motivational material, instructions, in-store signage, celluloid buttons and hologram stickers<br />A Route Sales Rep contest was designed and implemented to encourage installation of the POS materials in Wal-Mart stores<br />Results<br />It was determined through research that cash and travel would function as the greatest incentives<br />Over 80% participation resulted in installation of POS displays in over 2,000 Wal-Mart stores<br />The program was so successful that it was showcased at the Wal-Mart Annual Shareholder’s meeting and implemented in-market the following year<br />Case Study – Frito Lay<br />
  16. 16. Case Study-Georgia State Parks & Lodges<br />Objectives <br />Design and launch and updated brand identity<br />Increase multiple site visits, especially to underutilized parks <br />Build visitation and occupancy during weekdays, the shoulder season (September – March) and off-season (December – February), while encouraging visitation (day use) and occupancy (stay use) for FY2006-07<br />Increase public awareness, participation and support of Stakeholders<br />Implementation <br />Developed and launched an annual integrated advertising, marketing and public relations campaign, with a new brand identity<br />Initiated a comprehensive research initiative to help retain customers and attract new ones (included exit surveys, ideation sessions, focus groups and Lifestyle Segmentation analysis)<br />Organized a series of Media FAM trips to encourage the press to write about Georgia State Parks & Lodges<br />Designed and launched a quarterly e-mail campaign to promote story ideas and encourage photo usage by the press<br />Coordinated an effort to secure new photography, and helped to develop an online photo library that is accessible by the media, with the capability to track all requests for follow up by the PR and marketing departments<br />Results <br />Received extensive media coverage in local, regional and national print, radio and television<br />Generated over $5.7 million in publicity for FY2006-07 as a result of aggressive public relations initiatives (an increase by $2.5 million since FY 2003-04)<br />Successfully designed and launched a new brand for Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites in FY2006-07<br />Conducted a series of “themed” Media FAM trips to showcase and encourage multiple site visits, and garnered national and regional press (included articles in Sky Magazine, Points North and Atlanta Journal Constitution)<br />
  17. 17. Objectives<br />Develop a comprehensive print and broadcast image campaign to support NASCAR’S Winston Cup, Busch and Truck series<br />Create a campaign that has the ability to build upon the existing fan base and attract new interest by both consumers and corporate America<br />Capture the essence of the sport to generate excitement about NASCAR<br />Implementation<br />Developed print and broadcast media plan that featured the new image campaign<br />Designed creative image campaign to support all three series<br />Coordinated print and broadcast shoots at several races to capture impactful racing images for all three series<br />Results<br />Designed a clever, eye-catching campaign that brought NASCAR’s image to a new level<br />Helped grow NASCAR’s image exponentially to the point that they hired a national agency to take them to the next level<br />Print and broadcast campaign aired on national and cable television, and appeared in national sports and trade publications across the U.S.<br />Case Study - NASCAR<br />
  18. 18. Objectives<br />Develop and launch an integrated advertising, marketing and PR campaign<br />Differentiate RMS from traditional advertising mediums<br />Position RMS as the industry leader in providing retailers with the latest technology to generate sales at the point-of-purchase<br />Generate interest and sell advertising programs on existing RMS networks (Advanced Auto Parts, PharmaSee TV)<br />Implementation<br />Developed comprehensive media plan and established annual budget to support the efforts<br />Established corporate identity and brand architecture for RMS Networks to reinforce brand awareness<br />Created press kit and public relations campaign to help raise awareness of RMS Networks and support ad campaign<br />Results<br />Exposure in national advertising trade publications that included Adweek, Brandweek and Advertising Age<br />Launched an aggressive national advertising and PR campaign (automotive and pharmacy categories)<br />Established RMS Networks reputation as a leader in providing an effective medium to stimulate point-of-purchase sales<br />Case Study – RMS Networks<br />
  19. 19. Objective<br />Develop strategy to tap into the growing Hispanic market in the U.S. for Rogaine<br />Determine attitude, awareness and usage of Rogaine <br /> with U.S. Hispanic market<br />Build loyalty amongst Hispanic users of Rogaine<br />Implementation<br />Conducted qualitative and quantitative research in key U.S. Hispanic markets (New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles)<br />Identified Hispanic spokesperson to appear in Spanish language national television campaign<br />Developed a comprehensive advertising, marketing and PR plan for Rogaine<br />Tested Hispanic creative advertising campaign with focus groups prior to launch<br />Results<br />Launched national integrated advertising, marketing and public relations campaign for U.S. Hispanics<br />Built loyalty amongst U.S. Hispanic consumers<br />Increased usage by 30% in the first year amongst U.S. Hispanics (in major U.S. Hispanic markets)<br />Case Study – Pharmacia & Upjohn<br />“Pharmacia & Upjohn, Kalamazoo, Mich., to CreatAbility, Coral Gables, Fla., as the first agency to handle advertising and public relations aimed at Spanish-speaking consumers for its consumer health care division, which markets such products as Cortaid and Dramamine. Billings were not disclosed, but Advertising Age estimated them at $14 million” <br />
  20. 20. Objectives<br />Increase bookings with travel agencies<br />Create an incentive program that will reward agents for their efforts<br />Design a comprehensive program that will help to build brand loyalty for Royal Caribbean <br />Produce seasonal programs to help fill cabins on all itineraries<br />Implementation<br />Designed a series of attractive direct mail pieces that offered value to potential travel agents and their clients<br />Created a direct mail program that had an incentive component to encourage agents to book over a competitor<br />Developed additional support pieces that agents could use to market to their potential clients<br />Results<br />Established brand loyalty within the cruise industry<br />Educated agents on the benefits of selling a Royal Caribbean Cruise<br />Averaged an agent participation rate of nearly 40% by agency<br />Booked an average of 200 cruises off of each customized direct mail program<br />Case Study – Royal Caribbean Cruises<br />
  21. 21. The Right Candidate <br /><ul><li>A talented, educated and well seasoned Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist ready to take on a challenging and rewarding position that will utilize the many skills acquired by working diligently to provide clients with nothing short of excellence.
  22. 22. Contact me to help your company improve processes, keep on top of trends and apply new technologies to bring impressive and measurable results.</li></ul>EDUCATION<br />Master of Arts: Media Ecology<br />New York University, New York, New York<br /> <br />Bachelor of Arts: English/Communications<br />Minor: Fine Arts<br />Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York<br />Daniel Skahen<br />1590 N. Morningside Drive<br />Atlanta, Georgia 30306<br />Phone: 404-876-7514<br />E-mail:<br />