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Regal Wings is the leading luxury air travel consolidator in North America, supplying unbeatable First and Business Class fares as well as Private Air on all Domestic and International trips originating in the US or Canada.

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  • We have over 100 contracts, most are net fares and some are upgrades. It is impossible to condense into a chart with class of services and destinations, as it varies on each itinerary. The procedure would be for you to send me a request and I would send you back the best applicable contract.
  • Regal Wings Travel Agent Presentation

    1. 1. Presented by: Daniel Santiago Diaz Executive Sales Consultant
    2. 2. Regal Wings is the leading luxury air travel consolidator, supplying unbeatable First and Business Class fares, as well as Private Air Charters on all Domestic and International trips originating in the US or Canada. As one of the largest consolidators for international luxury air tickets, Regal Wings has access to net, wholesale, contract, and consolidated fares that are unbeatable in the industry.
    3. 3. Opportunity Travel Agents have the opportunity to increase their commissions on by up selling on certain services.  One of the most important aspects when planning a trip is the flight, and most travelers would pay a bit more if it means they will be comfortable throughout the journey.
    4. 4. How can you maximize your commission per ticket with …?
    5. 5. Our Supply Chain Airline Regal Wings Contracts Travel Agent Passengers Outside Consolidators Regal Wings Travel Agent Passengers Lufthansa Swiss Brussels Airlines Air Canada United Tam Linhas Elal Jet Airways American Airlines Aerosvit Turkish Emirates China Eastern Air France Air India Alitalia British Airways Cathay pacific Delta Iberia Japan KLM Korean Lan Airlines Lot Polish Qantas Qatar Scandinavian Singapore US Air Virgin Atlantic
    6. 6. Sales Process Connect directly with delegated ticket specialist by email at Specialist searches for best availability , sensible connections, and lowest possible fare Specialist quotes a NET price to Travel Agent Travel Agent determines markup and relays to passenger Passenger confirms Credit card confirmation email completed by Travel Agent Regal Wings issues E-ticket Itinerary/Invoice emailed to Travel Agent (see E-ticket Confirmation)
    7. 7. Credit Card Confirmation Email Credit Card Confirmation Email
    8. 8. Credit Card Processing Ticketing with a credit card. Airline allows total charge. Returns to Travel Agent the markup/commission. Ticket must be charged as cost. Charge made via Regal Wing's merchant service account and shows as "Travel Services" on passenger's statement.
    9. 9. E-ticket Confirmation
    10. 10. Potential Commission Profits lay in the markup above Regal Wings’ price: Beth Berman traveled on 07/11/12 JFK-MAD with Delta on Business Class Regal Wings price to Travel Agent: $2665 * Travel Agent sells: $3,365 Mark-up to passenger above our price: $800 Commission to Travel Agent:$800 *Price is set by Travel Agent, so the commissions vary accordingly.
    11. 11. Savings/Potential Commission Report
    12. 12. Services/Perks Dedicated Booking Agents Lowest available rates in Luxury Air tickets Non airline- generated fees waived if concierge cancellation / change ratio is below 20% Frequent flyers, openi ng new accounts if non-existentFlight check: a secondary check 48 hours prior to departure time Commission paid UPON booking Private Air
    13. 13. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you! Daniel Santiago Executive Sales Consultant 212-444-9942 x 113