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Party Platform Selections 2009 - Website DEMOCRACY

Party Platform Selections 2009 - Website DEMOCRACY



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Party Platform Selections 2009 - Website DEMOCRACY Party Platform Selections 2009 - Website DEMOCRACY Presentation Transcript

  • Israel General Elections to the 18th Knesset - 10 February 2009 A Summary of Political Party Platforms from A to Z Party Platforms of the Major Parties 1
  • The Israeli Labor Party - ‫מפלגת העבודה הישראלית‬Current Knesset Seats (1-2009): Labor = 18Candidate for Prime Minister: Ehud BarakSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsSocial justice, responsibility, social Two states for two peoples. A Peace agreement and two The Security Fence is a vital defensive measureinclusion. The economy is not saved by Seeks a just and lasting peace with states will ensure a Jewish, and should be completed. Its route will becuts in social welfare that aggravate secure and defensible borders for democratic state. based on legal and security considerations.poverty. Narrow the social gap by a Israel.fairer distribution of resources and Opposes the passage of Israel will retain major settlement blocs. Settlersmeasures to reduce poverty. Supports land for peace formula; legislation in the Knesset who leave will receive fair compensation. supported Disengagement Plan denying the rights of non-Accept free market economy, while from Gaza. Seeks a return to the Orthodox religious groups in Open to division of Jerusalem and separateprotecting the jobs, conditions and Road Map for Peace, towards a final Israel. sovereignty.wages of workers. Raise minimum status agreement based on pre-67wage, improve NI payments to the status quo. Jerusalem remains Affirms the legitimacy of allelderly, create compulsory contributory Israels capital. religious streams.pension, invest to reduceunemployment. Increase investment in No direct negotiations with Hamas.development of infrastructure, culture Israel should work to isolate Hamasand social welfare programs, public internationally and should applyhousing. Comprehensive educational pressure on Hamas to change itsreform; free public education and doctrine. Partners for negotiationhealth services. must recognize Israels right to exist in secure and recognized borders.Equal rights and opportunities for allcitizens.,7340,L-3498355,00.html 2
  • Balad - National Democratic Assembly ‫בל"ד - הברית הלאומית הדמוקרטית‬Current Knesset Seats (1-2009) = 3Party Head: Jamal ZahalkaSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsIsrael is the state of all its citizens. Balad Supports a peace agreement Opposes any religious laws that Settlements should be dismantled in thereflects interests in the Arab sector and ensuring "the withdrawal of Israel are discriminatory towards the framework of a comprehensive peaceaims to eliminate all state institutions from all occupied Arab territories national minorities. agreement.and laws that discriminate against and the establishment of anArabs in Israel, including prejudice in independent Palestinian state" in Supports the separation of Jerusalem as capital of Palestinian state.the national budget. the "Occupied Territories, with East Religion and StateIsrael should recognize and protect Jerusalem as its capital."Arab national minority rights and grant Annul official recognition ofcultural autonomy to Arabs in matters Supports the Right of Return for all Zionist organizations: Jewishthat distinguish them from the national Arab refugees (1948, 1967). Agency, Keren Kayemethmajority. Demands recognition of LeIsrael.unrecognized Arab villages. Rejectscompulsory military service for Arabcitizens. (Hebrew) 3
  • Gil - Pensioners of Israel to the Knesset ‫גיל – גימלאי ישראל לכנסת‬Current Knesset Seats (1-2009)=6Party Head - Rafael EitanSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsImprovement of Pensioners rights: No clear policy: Coalition with a Separation of Religion and No clearhousing, health and culture. government that seeks to achieve State. platform. secure borders for Israel.Promotion of democratic society,educational opportunities, hi-tech,economic prosperity. (Hebrew) (Hebrew, 2006) 4
  • Hadash - The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality ‫חד"ש - החזית הדמוקרטית לשלום ולשוויון‬Current Knesset Seats=3Party Head - Mohammad BarakehSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsA Jewish-Arab party relatively classic 2 states for 2 peoples. Israel as a state of all its All settlements over pre-1967 borders are illegalcommunist – socialist position on: citizens, full equality for and should be evacuated, including Easteconomy, labor, social welfare, health, Establishment of a Palestinian capital Arab citizens. Aims to draw larger Jewish in the areas of Jerusalem annexed toIsraeli vote and membership through Israel after June 1967 (East Jerusalem). Separation of religion and Division of sovereignty in Jerusalem.merger with Tarabut socio-political state. Civil marriage andmovement. Complete withdrawal from all areas divorce. Abolition of Merged with Tarabut the Anti-Fence conquered in the Six Day War. coercive religious law. movement/lobby, on Israeli political left.Primary issues: Social justice, equality; Pursue a "just settlement of the Freedom of conscience.recognition of the national Arab- refugee issue"; All provisions shouldPalestinian minority and its rights – be anchored by peace agreements. "... opposed to the passagepositive ethnic discrimination; greater of legislation in the Knessetcultural integration of the Arab Opposes the Security Fence. which would deny theminority; sexual equality. Investment in rights of non-Orthodoxschools, urban rehabilitation. religious groups in Israel."Transparency of government, freedomof information.Strong green (ecological) platform on:protection of environment, pollution,cellular antennae. (Hebrew, English) (Hebrew) 5
  • Habayit Hayehudi - The New Mafdal Party ‫הבית היהודי -מפד"ל החדשה‬Current Knesset Seats (1-2009)=5Party Head: Prof. Daniel HershkovitzSplit from: Ichud Leumi-Moledet –Tekuma-Mafdal/NRP, New Religious ZionismSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsRight-wing, focusing on a redemptive Supports direct peace negotiations "Israel is a Jewish and Emphasis on renewing significance of Judaismreligious Zionist platform. with all the Arab states and with the democratic state. As such it and Zionism in Eretz Yisrael, and the settlements. Arabs of Israel, based on the following will protect equal rights for Promotes active settlement in all areas of EretzBetter employment, immigration principles: ensuring full and abiding all its citizens and residents. Yisrael to create a vibrant economy, and a strongassistance; housing, education security for the individual and the The standing of the Jewish presence and ensure security.programs; improve medical care and state; uncompromising battle against legislative authority will besocial welfare; ensure reasonable terror; no Palestinian state west of the strengthened and the Opposes all uprooting of settlements andincome level. Jordan; unified Jerusalem as the independence of the territorial compromise on Jerusalem. eternal capital of the people of Israel judiciary will be honored."Promote and finance excellence in and the State of Israel alone; Affirmation of Israeli sovereignty over the Templeeducation, with integration of negotiated autonomy for Arabs of the To ensure Israels Jewish Mount.Jewish/Zionist values. Territories; no Arab "right of return". character by promulgating the heritage and values ofAdvocates a democratic Jewish state. the Jewish People. Favors legislation to ensure the Jewish nature of the State. (Hebrew ) (NRP Hebrew) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) 6
  • Ichud Leumi – ‫האיחוד הלאומי‬Current Knesset Seats – 10Party Head – Yehuda Katz (Running with HaBayit HaLeumi for 18th Knesset)Split from: Ichud Leumi-Moledet –Tekuma-Mafdal/NRP, New Religious ZionismSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsRight wing, nationalist platform; "Peace for peace" – with Israel Democratic Jewish state. Eretz Yisrael is the Jewish national home of all thepromotion of a democratic Jewish state retaining current borders - to be Enhance Jewish and Jewish People.and Zionist renewal achieved by agreement, and national Zionist identity resolution of the refugee problem . through education to Opposes all uprooting of settlements. PromotesAdvocates for: A liberal economy, via "population exchange." Jewish history and values, active settlement in all areas of Eretz Yisrael toelimination of monopolies, narrow social based on Jewish sources. create a vibrant economy, a strong Jewishgap and fostering equality; drastic Supports direct peace negotiations presence, and ensure security.reduction of the public sector, with all the Arab states and with the Supports a constitution thatencouragement of private enterprise. Arabs of Israel, based on: ensuring legislates for the Jewish and Opposes territorial compromise on Jerusalem.Promote and finance excellence in full and abiding security for the Zionist nature of the State Affirmation of Israeli sovereignty over the Templeeducation. Reinforce the status of Hebrew individual and the state; of Israel. Mount.language. uncompromising battle against terror; no Palestinian state west of No specific religious Israel will not surrender to terror. Destroy TerrorPledge of loyalty as condition for the Jordan; unified Jerusalem as the platform: aims to represent infrastructure by removing all terrorists, weaponscitizenship. Clean government, eternal capital of the people of Israel a broader constituency of and bomb factories from Judea, Samaria & Gaza.elimination of financial and media and the State of Israel alone; the Israeli right-wing.connection to political power. negotiated autonomy for Arabs of Will work to preserve the integrity of Eretz Yisrael the Territories; no Arab "right of and its environment.Only those who serve in the IDF should return" to Israel.have the right to be elected to theKnesset. (Hebrew) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) 7
  • Kadima ‫קדימה‬Current Knesset Seats -29Candidate for Prime Minister - Tzipi LivniSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsIsrael has lost its international competitive "Two nation states, based on existing Importance of coreedge and the widening social gap threatens demographic realities," living side by Jewish andthe fabric of Israeli society. peace and security. democratic values, improve relations Objective is a sovereign, democratic,A regulated, liberal market economy will Territorial compromise is required to ensure a with Jewish secure, Jewish national state.increase prosperity, Need for equality of sovereign, democratic Jewish national state, and communities in thefunding in education; encouraging will be based on bilateral processes/agreements. Diaspora. Security Fence must be completed toincreased employment and retraining ensure maximum security for Israelithrough adult education; a social safety Peace agreement establishing Palestinian Resolve the issue of citizens, taking into accountnetwork for the disabled and the aged; statehood to include the "cessation of all those who cannot humanitarian needs of Palestinians.reform of the health system; development Palestinian claims towards Israel, including marry in Israel.of the Negev and Galilee; reduce number of refugees."; as well as renunciation of terror, Dismantling of illegal settlements.foreign workers. Investment in R&D dismantling of terrorist infrastructure; Palestinian Retention of major settlement blocs.technologies, support for small businesses. state will be demilitarized.Further privatization; curbs on monopolies. Need for "unremitting war" on terrorists, Israel will: terrorist infrastructure.Reduction of government expenditure, o retain areas that are crucial for itsstreamlining of government infrastructure security. Position on Jerusalem: Jerusalem as theand offices. Transparency of government o retain Jewish holy places that are of capital of Israel and open to separation central religious and national of Arab villages; unclear on Old City.Integration and complete equality of rights importance.for Israels minorities. o retain the large Jewish settlement blocs." 8
  • Likud ‫הליכוד‬Current Knesset Seats (12), with Achi ‫)2( אחי‬Candidate for Prime Minister - Benjamin NetanyahuSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsA strong, competitive market economy Support peace negotiations, but will “We shall have to ease tensionscreates a strong society. negotiate only with sincere partners between the secular and who reject terrorism, recognize Israels religious, Arab and Jew, Unilateral territorial concessions offer aRapid economic growth based on right to exist, and engage in a process Diaspora Jews and Israelis. The reward for terror, and weakens moderateprivate investment, with necessary based upon reciprocity. intensity of these tensions is Arab voices.reforms due to the prevailing economic often exaggerated, but they docrisis including tax reform to encourage Israels borders will be based on the exist. They should be The pre-1967 borders are not secure and areinvestment and employment; security value of decisive geographic ameliorated through dialogue only a staging point for the terroristreduction of budget deficit, especially features. Rejects a return to pre-1967 and compromise, not judicial movements.bureaucracy and waste in the public borders, or any resolution of borders coercion, abrasive legislationsector, reduction of welfare benefits to without an adequate strategic security and offensive rhetoric..." Israel should defend itself against terror andthose who can work; promotion of envelope, and a stable and reciprocal protect its citizens: Gaza is a mini-state ofreturn to work for unemployed; new peace agreement terror, under Hamas control. In Judea andjobs for high unemployment areas. Samaria, this potential is greater and "Peace agreements will include full represents a threat to Jerusalem, too.Improve transport infrastructure to the diplomatic relations, borders open toperiphery; open skies policy on air free movement, economic cooperation, The Security Fence should be completed andtransport. Law and order: safety of and the establishment of joint projects illegal outposts removed, to reduce frictioncitizens; zero tolerance for organized in the fields of science, technology, with the Palestinian population.crime. tourism, and industry." Opposes any territorial compromise on De facto, has acknowledged that Israel Jerusalem. is proceeding towards a two-state resolution of the conflict. [Hebrew] 9
  • Meretz /New Movement ‫מרץ התנועה החדשה‬Current Knesset Seats=5Party Head: Haim OronWas Meretz-Yahad in the 17th KnessetSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsSocial and financial legislation to create a stronger, Supports a 2-state solution, Advocates a liberal approach to Illegal settlements should be removed; small andmore cohesive democratic society and ensure based on the pre-1967 religious issues: supports isolated settlements are a security burden. Endequality of social rights and opportunity for all: borders, with necessary separation of religion from expropriation of Palestinian lands for settlementsproviding universal health services, free education modifications in a formal state, civil rights and equality, construction. Settlements should be dismantled:and adequate welfare benefits for those who agreement. civil marriage and divorce. offer incentives to families that choose to livecannot work. Advocates the freedom to open inside Israels pre-1967 borders. Israel should strive to shops and run transport onProvision for underrepresented sectors – integrate itself in the Shabbat, although Shabbat will Territorial compromise over Jerusalem as capitalhandicapped, homosexuals, women, and non- Middle East and seek a continue to be the public day of city of Israel and Palestinian state.Jewish minorities, elderly, children. regional settlement. rest. Opposes the current route of the Security Fence,Improvement of minimun wage and reform of Dialogue with the Argues that the Law of Return but supports the existence of a security barrierlabor conditions. Retraining for the unemployed. Palestinian Authority, in should apply to any person who along the pre-67 border, although not insideImproved access to higher education and culture. order to strengthen declares in good faith that Jerusalem. moderates against Hamas. he/she is Jewish and not just byTax reform similar to other developed countries, Avoid collective Halachic standards. Opposes the use of administrative detention forand the institution of inheritance tax. punishment of the Palestinian suspects.Fund new housing for tens of the thousands of Palestinian people in Opposed the Tal Law because ofhomeless families; realistic mortgages for young response to terror. The exemptions for Yeshivacouples, purchase of public housing. Palestinian Authority must students.Reduction of length of military service, equality of prove though its actionsservice commitments. that it is making every effort Strives for the annulment of any to prevent terrorist acts law that conflicts with the BasicStrong democratic platform on clean government, against Israel. Law on the Dignity of Man andenforcement of the law. Personal Freedom.Significant green platform on the environment. (Hebrew, English) (Hebrew) 10
  • Raam-Taal The United Arab List/ The Arab Movement For Renewal ‫רע"מ-תע"ל רש ערבית מאוחדת‬Current Knesset Members =4Party Head – Ahmad TibiSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsSeeks equality of rights and opportunities for Arab Supports a 2-state solution Equality should be given to Dismantling of all settlements over the Greencitizens of Israel, including dedicated funding. for 2 peoples, based on all religions in Israel. Line.Reflects Arab, Islamic and Beduin sectors. June 4, 1967 borders, with Separation of religion and Arab Jerusalem as its capital state. Jerusalem to be divided between Israel and aSeeks to close the economic and social gap existing [division of Jerusalem]. Palestinian State.between the Arabs and Jews through affirmative Palestine will live side by Educate youth towards theaction type projects in fields such as: agriculture, side with the Israeli state. identity and history of theindustry, education, housing communication, and Arab Palestinian populationhealth. Promotes establishment of an Arab university Calls for a fair solution for in Israel,” paralleling thein Israel. Palestinian refugees, based Jewish emphasis in the on UN resolutions. state religious educationalDevelop the infrastructure of the streets in Arab system.regions and promote road safety; cancel the VAT Relinquishing weapons of Moslem holy sites shouldimposed on properties; recognize the non- mass destruction by Israel revert to legal owners; allrecognized villages; resolve the internal refugee and other states. religious sites should enjoyproblem. financial support. Sharia court system should beRejects military service for Israels Arab minority. independent. (Hebrew) 11
  • Shas ‫שס‬Current Knesset Seats = 12Party Head: Eliyahu YishaiSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsA social rights law covering: education, housing, health, Shas opposed the Oslo Israel is the state of the Jewish Views the development of all of Eretz Yisraelwelfare, work. Accords and the Road People. Public bodies should as equally important, including: Map; opposed the reflect the Jewish nature of government authorized settlementMinimum wage for unskilled labor and fair professional Disengagement Plan the country, within the development in Judea & Samaria;wage demands for skilled labor and qualified workers; on the grounds that it preservation of the status quo development of the Negev & Galilee;end of sub-contracted government/ public positions to was unilateral, not an [e.g.: no transport on Shabbat, development of Hi-Tech in the periphery;manpower companies; inclusion of all wage components agreement, and thus no businesses on Shabbat]. improved transport infrastructure, housingtowards pension; positive discrimination for women. presented a danger to and education subsidies in the peripheralReturn and improvement of child allowances to previous the security of Israeli The state is responsible for regions of Israel.levels, as the true form of "negative taxation" – Israel citizens. providing essential religiousalmost halved its family allocations in recent years. services, protection of places Opposes any territorial division of Jerusalem However R. Ovadiah of worship; it should also and any territorial compromise that poses aEducation: equal allocations for all schools, in all Yosef has in the past provide for research into security threat to systems, especially in the periphery; improved voiced support for Jewish heritage and supportteacher salaries; free education from kindergarten territorial compromise Torah institutions.through high school; subsidized higher education; if it can prove toeducation for women; partial subsidies for school prevent the loss of life. Accepts the Tal Law andlunches. professionalization of theCompulsory, adequate pension; investment in the ultra-orthodox community.economy and infrastructure; tax incentives for low wageearners; recognition of child care charges for taxpurposes; reduce number of foreign workers; healthsystem reform. (Party website in Hebrew) (Hebrew) 12
  • United Torah Judaism ‫יהדות התורה‬Current Knesset Seats=6Party Head - Yaakov LitzmanUnion of Agudat Yisrael and Degel HaTorahSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsNo major declared economic platform; represents No declared platform. Non-Zionist party. No declared security platform – largelyits demographically growing ultra- pragmatic approach.orthodoxconstituency throughout Israel. Believes that Israeli culture leads to loss of Jewish identity. UTJ enjoys growing support by settlers butCampaigns for welfare system and education attributes trend to its religious policies, ratherthrough financial support for its constituency and Seeks to strengthen its than to any pro-settlement policy.institutions, incl. state-supported Chinuch Atzmai - understanding of the Jewish natureindependent education system. of Israel.Maintains that Jewish education for all the Rabbinical courts should have thechildren of Israel should always be prime on same status as other courts of law.government agenda. Actively opposes civil marriage and recognition of non-Orthodox conversions inside or out of Israel, as well as non-Orthodox participants on local religious councils. Opposed the Tal Law on IDF service. Women should not serve in the army. 13
  • Yisrael Beitenu ‫ישראל ביתנו‬Current Knesset Seats = 11Party Head - Avigdor LiebermanSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsLaw and Order. Israel faces internal, local and regional A Citizenship Law should be No Security Fence in history has prevented threats, as well as a demographic legislated to ensure equal rights war or provided security over a longNo declared platform on other issues, but threat that can be addressed in and equal responsibilities. Every period.promotes the integration of olim into different ways. citizen should declareIsraeli life, equal rights and equal allegiance to the Israel The Hamas election victory in the PA isobligations for all. Israel must negotiate the final borders Declaration of Independence, proof of the serious threat of Palestinian and work only towards a final status including olim who immigrate terror. agreement which ensures an end to all under the Law of Return. claims against Israel. The final status agreement should preserve The State should endeavor to major Israeli settlement blocs close to the Set definitive borders with Egypt, bring olim from the USSR/Russia pre-1967 borders; prefers an exchange of Jordan and Lebanon. closer to Jewish values. territories rather than territorial A final status agreement should concession. The terms should be accepted preserve major Israeli settlement blocs Every citizen should be obliged by consensus in Israel and supported by close to the pre-1967 borders. to fufill the obligation to major international players. military or national service: those who refuse should lose No territorial compromise over Jerusalem. their citizenship and be granted permanent residency. Beytenu (English) (Hebrew) 14
  • Breakaway Parliamentary Groups inside the 17th KnessetNational Arab Party ‫המפלגה הלאומית הערבית‬Current Knesset Members=1Muhamad KananArab Center Party/Hizb Al Wasat Al-Arabi (ex-UAL moderate Islamic)Current Knesset Members=1Abbas ZkoorNot standing for election for the 18th KnessetSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsFocus on addressing equal rights and hardships of all sects Would join a leftist coalition Equal rights. Similar to Raam/UALof Israeli Arab citizens, through resolving issues of that supports, infrastructure, industry, and poverty.Distinguishes Israeli Arab population from the Palestinianpeople.,7340,L-3632929,00.html Right Way ‫הדרך הטובה‬Current Knesset Members= 1)Elhanan GlazerBreakaway from the faction that broke with Gil (which later rejoined Gil) in the 17th Knesset.Socio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsPensioners rights, social democracy. 15
  • Other Political Parties (Not Represented in the 17th Knesset)Green Leaf Party – Ale Yarok ‫עלה ירוק‬Party Head - Gil KopatchSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsWould propose legislation to legalize 2 secure states for 2 Supports separation of No declared platformcannabis for medical and recreative peoples. Peace can only be religion from state and thepurposes. achieved by painful recognition of all streams of territorial concessions by Judaism.Supports a more balanced tax system; both sides.improved social support systems for victims Opposes state funding ofof crimes; subsidies to environmentally Green Leaf supports 2-state religious institutions thatfriendly economic ventures. solution based on pre-67 do not meet educational borders, with minor criteria; opposes the TalSupports animal rights, controlled adjustments. Law and exemption fromprostitution, equal rights for gays and military service.lesbians, and strengthened rights forforeign workers. Supports public transport on Shabbat, civil marriage.Substantial increased state aid for Holocaustsurvivors. (Hebrew) 16
  • The Green Movement/Meimad - Hatenuah Hayerukah/ Meimad ‫הירוקה התנועה-מימד‬Party Heads - Eran Ben-Yemini; Michael MelchiorMK Melchior sits in the 17th Knesset representing MeimadSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsDevelopment of sustainable energy Peace as an economic and Democracy and equality of all Peace as an economic and environmental necessity.resources, and affordable public transport. environmental necessity. citizens, personal freedom.. (Meimad) Accepts the Multiculturalism and (Similar to the Labor Party)Green platform needs to be holistic with all principle of land for peace. tolerance. Dialogue withinother factors. Though Jews have right to Judaism. Land of Israel, the good of (Meimad)Equality of opportunity and education. the people of Israel takesDemocracy and equality of all citizens, precedence over the land Incorporate Orthodoxpersonal freedom. Multiculturalism and itself. religious practice in Israelitolerance. public life, without restrictive Jerusalem is and should legislation. remain united capital of Israel. Supports democratic practices in the Jewish state, education to democratic values in the school system. (Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) (Hebrew) 17
  • Green Party ‫הירוקים‬Peer WeissnerSocio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsEnd destruction of the environment: fight against Will work towards peace To preserve the Jewish character of the No declared and environmentally damaging factors, between Israel and her State of Israel, while allowing for religioussuch as cellular antenna transmissions, pollution of neighbors, and pluralism.Israel’s air and water aquifers. cooperation, which will also bring economic To preserve an obligatory day of rest toIncreased government support and development prosperity. prevent worker exploitation, which will befor clean energy, transport, clean agriculture. Shabbat. Limited public transport should run on Shabbat.Foster growth of civil society, equality andfreedom for citizens. Supports institution of civil marriage in Israel, recognition of single sex couples.Legislate a constitution for Israel. Increased Foster growth of civil society, equality andtransparency of government. freedom for citizens. National Service for all.Foster development, education, personal dignity.Reduce rate of population growth andinducements for immigration. 18
  • Strong Israel -Yisrael Hazakah ‫ישראל חזקה‬Party Head - Efraim SnehEfraim Sneh is a former MK from the Labor Party. The party combines supporters from Labor (Avodah), with Shinui activists, but has no currentmembers of Knesset.Socio-economic Issues Peace & Diplomacy Religion & State Security, SettlementsCenter-Left party with a strong welfare Two states for two peoples. Equal status for all Two states for two peoples.state and social democratic platform, but streams of Judaism.aligned with economic growth. Promotionof: human rights, education, lawenforcement, security; transparency andintegrity of government.Significant green platform. (Hebrew, English, Russian) (Hebrew) 19
  • Israeli Political Parties - Web Resources In English ‫בעברית‬At the Knesset Website: :‫באתר הכנסת‬17th Knesset: Current Functioning Parliamentary Groups 18‐ ‫בחירות לכנסת ה‬ Members of Knesset by Parliamentary Group (1‐09) – ‫סיעות המכהנות כיום‬ and Government Make-Up of the Seventeenth Knesset 17‐‫רשימות המועמדים לכנסת ה‬ and Candidates ‫רשימת המעומדים לפי סדר הגשתם‬ the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: :‫אתרים ממשלתיים נוספים‬Elections in Israel – February 2009 ‫משרד המשפטים – רשם המפלגות – רשימת מפלגות‬ Personalities from A-Z 2009 ‫בחירות‬ Sources: :‫מקורות נוספים‬Haaretz Special Report – Elections 2009 2009 ‫המכון הישראלי לדמוקרטיה – בחירות‬ Israel Democracy Institute - Elections 2009 ‫ ישראל בוחרת‬YNET,7340,L-6974,00.htmlJpost Special Report - Elections 2009 2009 ‫ בחירות‬nrg ‫מעריב‬ Gila Ansell Brauner & Scott Copeland Feb-09 / ‫י שבט תשס"ט‬ 20