Israel pub quiz


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Israel pub quiz

  1. 1. SRAEL IS Israeli Trivia at its Most Fun! 1 2 3 4 5 What is ‘Sabich’? What was Israel’s first If you’re using the Which of the In which Israeli city Prime Minister’s first services of Egged, following Israeli must the fish you•A nickname for the name? what are you doing? cities is not a mixed order at a restaurantArmored CorpsA dC •Drinking coffee Arab-Jewish Arab Jewish city? travel over land on•An Israeli sandwich •Moshe the way to your •Speaking on a plate?with eggplant and egg •Haifa •Ben mobile phone•An Israeli entry in the •Jaffa •Akko (Acre)Eurovision song contest •David •Riding public transportation •Lod •Herzliya•Lebanese pizza with •Zvi •Wearing clothes •Tiberius •Eilathard boiled egg •Be’er Sheba 6 7 8 9 10What famous To which of these What Israeli city has Which of the What is the fifth wordhistorical figure was Israeli cities can you the largest following religions in Israel’s Nationalburied in Jerusalem’s not arrive by (any population? does not have an Anthem, Hatikva?old city? kind of) airplane? official or significant • Jerusalem • Yerushalayim community in Israel?•Abraham • Tel Aviv •Tel Aviv (Jerusalem)•Leonardo da Vinci • Both Jerusalem and •Muslims •A hk l •Ashkelon • Od (still) Tel Aviv with equal•Jesus • Nefesh (soul) •Christians population •Haifa•David Ben Gurion • Neither Jerusalem • Tikvateinu •Hindus •Eilat or Tel Aviv (our hope) •Circassians 11 12 13 What is the name of the 14 When departing Israel Which of the Which of the following Jewish square and in which at Ben Gurion Airport following facts is not organizations is city is this fountain y passengers go th through h true about singer Id t b t i Idan known for planting located? stages of security Raichel? checks in what order? trees in Israel? • Zion Square, • Has dreadlocks _ Check –in •Jewish National Fund Jerusalem • Incorporates _ Passport Control Ethiopian music •The Jewish Agency • Dizengoff Sq, Tel Aviv _ Luggage X-ray • Stella Maris Sq, Haifa • Is 25 years old •Hadassah _ Security Officer • Sings “Bo’i” g •Maccabi • Begin Sq, Be’er Sheba g q check h k 15 16 17 18 In which of the Who is this famous In what year was the Which of the following ways is it Israeli? Yom Kippur war? following famous not possible to climb Israelis did not serve Massada? • 1967 as Prime Minister? • Shimon Peres • 1989 • David Ben Gurion • S. Y. Agnon • Cable Car • 1973 • Golda Meir • Menachem Begin • Foot Path • 1948 • Yitzhak Rabin • Amos Oz • Ramp • Elevator • Chaim Weitzmann For more awesome Israel events contact or visit
  2. 2. Team Members: RAEL ISR The following questions are based on clips from Israeli TV. Keep your eyes on the screens! 1 2 3 In the McDonald’s In the Israeli commercial In the ELAL commercial commercial, Israelis make satirizing Jewish history celebrating the 60th year of fun of themselves for the we find out “what really Israel’s independence, we amount of excitement a visit happened” in the story of see new Olim (immigrants) from the US President Exodus. What product is from all over the world generates. Where was an the commercial selling? singing Hatikva, Israel’s employee NOT pulled out national anthem, together. from to go make a burger for One of the singers is a new George W. Bush? Olah from Ethiopia. What is she wearing around her Home neck? Pool Club __________________ __________________ Cinema 4 In the YES satellite TV 5 6 7In the commercial We can see that Israel is In th Elite Coffee I the Elit C ffwhere we find out Israel commercial we see a a place where LGBT commercial, in addition tois a “dangerous place”, crowd of Ultra Orthodox pride is open and learning about Israelibut sometimes having Jews protesting the accepted, but what else coffee culture, we get anothing to do with the content of TV broadcasts. can we learn about taste of the IsraeliArab-Israeli conflict, (a) What is the original Israeli sports from the chutzpah (rough edge).what drink did the guy song spoofed in the commercial which takes What did the captain askoffer the girl on the commercial and (b) in place on the Tel Aviv the waiters for?beach? what three languages are beach? they singing? (a) ________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ (b) ________________ 8 9 10 The campaign to return In the commercial showing g In the Tzav Piyus commercial y military equipment “without the average Israeli driver we watch a pair of Israelis as identification and without searching for parking on a they go through a common prosecution” shows us how crowded Tel Aviv street, we phenomenon – Israelis love to deeply routed military service see the Jewish mind at work “critique” many aspects of what is in Israeli society, so much as he finds a creative solution goes on in Israel, but in the end so that sometimes it’s hard to to the problem. What colors returning home is exciting let go. What weapon did the on the curb signify no parking because “we have no other citizen pull out to show the on an Israeli street? country”. What are the two security guard? things traditionally done, depicted i thi d i t d in this commercial, i l when an ELAL plane lands at Ben Gurion Airport? __________________ __________________ __________________ For more awesome Israel events contact or visit