Landscape Architecture Portfolio -Daniel Nell 2014


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A collection of my first and second year MLA work as well as work experience in the landscape architecture profession in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

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Landscape Architecture Portfolio -Daniel Nell 2014

  2. 2. Contents: 1 CURRICULUM VITAE 2 EDUCATIONAL WORK: 1st year MLA: Metropolitan planning project: Barcelona informal settlement Spatial Development Framework 2nd year MLA: Thesis dissertation: Muizenberg seafront 2nd year MLA: Landscape construction detailing examples 3 PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE: 2013 - Wembley Meantime Opening Environment – Olympic Way , Wembley (public realm) 2013 - John Lewis at Home, Ashford (commercial) 2013 - Sainsbury`s Supermarket, Thanet (commercial) 2010 - Cape Town International Airport (commercial) 2010 - Sunrise Villas (residential) 2008 - Afriland Business Park (commercial) 4 ADDITIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE: 2011- Khayelitsha: Bulelani Precinct Participatory Design Project (research) CONTENTS 2013 - Kingsmead Business Park , High Wycombe (commercial)
  3. 3. 1 CURRICULUM VITAE PUBLICATIONS: Phone: Mobile: Telefax: Email: Flat 17 Pickwick House George Row Bermondsey London +27 (021) 8440250 +44 74 557 99427 +27 (021) 8440250 Computer skills: -Autocad 2012, Sketchup, ArcMap GIS, Adobe Photoshop CS5, MS Office 2012. WORK EXPERIENCE 2013/201420112010- PERSONAL DATA First names: Surname: Date of birth: Age: Sex: Driver’s License Nationality (Dual): Passport number: Home language: Religion: Health: Co-author of research paper: Representing the cultural landscape. Presented at the 2011 IFLA Africa Symposium in Nairobi, Kenya. Daniel Richard Nell 18th February 1986 Twenty-seven Male Full clean international drivers licence South African / British 447730762 English Congregational Excellent 200820072005- (March-January) Graduate Landscape Architect at Macfarlane Wilder Landscape Architects (UK) Community Participatory Design Workshop Facilitator for UCT research project (January - November) Landscape Technologist at Viridian Consulting Landscape Architects (RSA) (August ‘08 – February ‘09) Internship at Viridian Consulting Landscape Architects (RSA) (January-July) Site Manager for Eco Creations Landscape Contractors. (RSA) (January-December) Gap Student at Horris Hill Boy’s Primary School (UK) OUTSIDE INTERESTS Sports: Outdoor activities: Rugby, Cricket, Soccer. Hiking, Running, Quad-biking, Gardening. REFERENCES EDUCATION Mr Beyers Theron: Lecturer Cape Peninsula University of Technology SECONDARY EDUCATION Sweet Valley Primary: South African College High School: Grades 1 - 7 (1991-1998) Grades 8 - 12 (1999-2004) Mr Clinton Hindes : UCT HoD of Landscape Architecture, TERTIARY EDUCATION Ms Liana Muller: Landscape Architecture Lecturer, UCT -Qualified for the National Diploma in Landscape Technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. (2006-2008) Mrs René Brett – van de Westuizen: Director Viridian Consulting Landscape Architects -Qualified for the Baccalaureus Degree in Landscape Technologiae at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. (2009) Mr Dave Barrett: Director Eco Creations landscape contractors +27(021) 842 3624 -Qualified for the Master’s Degree of Landscape Architecture at the University of Cape Town. (2011-2012) Rev. G. Jamieson: Minister - Claremont Congregational Church +27(021) 671 7045 C U R R IC U L U M V I T A E Home Address:
  4. 4. 2 Barcelona Informal Settlement SDF Focus groups Site analysis Cultural mapping Project Description: Precinct zones of strategic intervention Spatial Development Framework Plan Development of public amenity infrastructure The Barcelona Informal Settlement project engaged Town Planning students and Landscape Architecture students at UCT to work with an impoverished community in an informal settlement in Cape Town, which is situated on a old landfill site. The aim of the project was for students to work with the community together with international NGO’s Slum Dwellers International (SDI) and help develop a spatial development framework which could be taken forward to the City of Cape town. The project involved students conducting focus group sessions with the local community as well as analysing the site by using cultural mapping as well as terrain analysis techniques. The final product of my spatial development framework took the approach of addressing the immediate issues surrounding the community by proposing strategic planning development interventions that would provide the catalyst to activate social and economic growth. This approach drew on the principle of accommodating informality by means of providing the necessary formalized infrastructure and development in which to improve the settlements overall performance. EDUCATIONAL WORK Formalised community courtyard spaces
  5. 5. 2 Thesis dissertation: Muizenberg seafront Project Description: Problem statement: Over the last few decades due to economic, environmental, planning and management issues the coastal town of Muizenberg which was once a thriving holiday and tourist destination has suffered greatly from urban decay and a poor environmental quality. These factors have led to the erosion of “sense of place” and the uniqueness of place that made Muizenberg a world renowned coastal town and tourist destination. EDUCATIONAL WORK Hypothesis: My thesis argues that through a number of strategic interventions, when designing the landscape by responding to social, cultural, environmental and aesthetic layers the identity of Muizenberg will be restored and enhanced
  6. 6. 2 EDUCATIONAL WORK Thesis dissertation: Muizenberg seafront
  7. 7. 2 The design philosophy for construction detailing in this project was to respond to the harsh environmental conditions of the site, which included strong SE winds and salt spray. This made conditions uncomfortable for users. Therefore the design approach was the creation of raised berm structures that function as dune barriers providing for a sheltered and more comfortable micro-climate for users. The site also required the use of robust materials that could withstand the harsh environmental conditions, as well as heavy public use. Railway sleepers have been used as retainer wall cladding to celebrate the historical railway connection to the site. EDUCATIONAL WORK Construction detailing Description:
  8. 8. 2 The design approach for construction detailing was to reveal the natural processes of the site by day-lighting underground mountain streams and using local sandstone material as robust seating. The colourful iconic Victorian bathing huts have long been associated with Muizenberg beachfront. The design approach was to re-interpret the bathing hut to provide for a more flexible structure that could accommodate a kiosk or crafts vendor, as well as providing a sheltered and shaded environment. EDUCATIONAL WORK Construction detailing Description:
  9. 9. 3 Wembley Meantime Opening EnvironmentOlympic way, Wembley (public realm) Client: Quintain Property Developers Project Description: The public realm improvement of WMOE is located in Wembley, London. MW was appointed to provide a design resolution for the landscape that would improve the public realm environment and create a pedestrian linkage to new retail developments in the precinct. My involvement in the project: -Project Leader -Detail design, planting and construction detailing -Pre-selection of mature trees and hedging in Germany and Holland nurseries. -Production of detail design package through planning, tender and construction stages. -Project administration: Site inspections and project manage through to project completion. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE The landscape improvements focus on creating a pedestrian link to the new London Designer Outlet and flexible market space, this was achieved through the use of high impact planting, dynamic lighting design and a flexible hard surface area to cater for informal markets and events.
  10. 10. 3 Kingsmead Business Park, High Wycombe (commercial) Client: Mountgrange Project Description: Kingsmead Business Park landscape scheme is a redevelopment of an existing office park scheme in which the design proposes to introduce a new café building and plaza area to an existing car park. The landscape scheme includes a new central paved plaza space with a raised seating lawn framed by mature cherry trees. My involvement in the project: -Initial concept design -Planting and hardworks details -Detailed design packages through planning, tender and construction stages -Project manage: Liaising with client and co-ordinating design with project team --Pre-selection of mature trees and hedging in Germany and Holland nurseries. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE The landscape design also proposes a revamped vehicle entrance with high impact planting with formal mature clipped hedge planting and yew pyramid topiary.
  11. 11. 3 John Lewis at Home, Ashford (commercial) Client: Castle City Estates Project Description: The project involves a new John Lewis @ Home store located in the natural setting of the Ashford “Warren”. The landscape scheme was to integrate the store building with its surrounding natural landscape. This was achieved by the use of large swathes of native woodland species and semi-mature trees to screen and scale the store with its natural setting. My involvement in the project: -Planting and hardworks details -Detailed design packages through planning, tender and construction stages. -Project manage: Liaising with client and co-ordinating design with project team PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE -Planting design
  12. 12. 3 Sainsbury`s Westwood Cross, Thanet (commercial) Client: Sainsbury`s Supermarket Stores Project Description: The project involves the construction of a new Sainsbury`s store located in the commercial and retail district of Thanet. The landscape scheme aims to achieve a suitable commercial landscape which takes into account the unique coastal environment through the inclusion of native coastal plant species as well as ornamental species to create visual impact. -Planting design -Planting and hardworks details -Detailed design packages through planning and tender stages -Project manage: Liaising with client and co-ordinating design with project team PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE My involvement in the project:
  13. 13. 3 Cape Town International Airport (commercial) Client: Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) Project Description: Clients brief: The Cape Town International Airport is one of the busiest airports on the continent and with FIFA World Cup in 2010 the CTICC required indigenous landscaping that would showcase to visitors of the world the Western Cape’s richly diverse floral kingdom of plant species. The site is situated in a harsh environment on the “Cape Flats” which is exposed to strong winds throughout the year as well as poor soils which have been contaminated by fuel spills in recent years. Due to the height and structure of buildings some landscaped areas will be greatly affected by low temperatures and sunlight in the winter months. My involvement in the project: -Initial concept planning and plant selection as well as CAD planting plans. -On site supervision of landform construction and site and tree planting supervision. -Project manage, formulating budget estimates, site inspections. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE The site and its environment: -The site includes areas to be landscaped along all recently constructed approach roads to and from the airport terminals on the land side of the airport as well as planting around the IRT bus terminal and open plaza space outside the main terminal building.
  14. 14. Project Description: Sunrise Villas is situated on the corner of Baden Powell Drive and Prince George Drive in Muizenberg . (Cape Town) The site is a high density residential development. The clients brief requested that the landscape design should include endemic Strandveld (coastal vegetation) planting which is a request by the local municipality. There was also the need for the provision of improved pedestrian pathways through and around the development, as well as to re-habilitate and re-vegetate an existing sand dune on the perimeter of the development. My involvement in the project: -Plant selection and CAD planting plan design. -On site supervision of construction of external dune -Project manage 3 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Sunrise Villas (residential)
  15. 15. Project Description: Afriland Business Park is situated in the Stellenbosch region of the Western Cape. The project brief was to create a contemporary commercial business park design that accommodated public spaces in which allowed for employees and client s to enjoy the natural views and climate of the wine land landscape. My involvement in the project: -Assist in plant selection and CAD planting plan design. -Site inspections with contractors -Production and render of Landscape Plan and perspective drawings 3 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Afriland Business Park (commercial)
  16. 16. 4 Khayelitsha: Bulelani Precinct Participatory Design Project (research) Project Description: The Bulelani Precinct participatory project also know as the “Emthonjeni Project” was part of a pilot project programme for the Monwabisi Park Informal Settlement Transformation Programme in Cape Town. The parties involved in the project included lecturers and students from UCT who facilitated and documented the process of the ‘emthonjeni’ project together with the NGO Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods (SUN), as well the community of the Bulelani Precinct area. The main aims of the project was to develop a small public open space which can support Early Childhood Development (ECD) and to be guided by participatory design methodology, as well as to develop a better understanding of design epistemology from an Afrocentric perspective. My involvement in the project: -Initial conceptualization of a series of participatory design workshops . -Facilitate and document workshops and participatory design process. -Presented research findings to the 2011 IFLA Africa Symposium: Landscape Architecture Education and Practice in Africa ADDITIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE IFLA research paper presented in Kenya 2011
  17. 17. +27 078 165 8459 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO For more information please do not hesitate to contact me: