Twitter Advertising Basics


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New Twitter advertising API offers advertisers added benefits in reaching targeted audiences.

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Twitter Advertising Basics

  1. 1. February 2013
  2. 2. Twitter InfluenceTwitter is more effective at driving purchase activity thanFacebook. In a recent study conducted by Kantar Media,results reveal 35% of respondents said that Twitter feedshad an influence on their purchase decisions.vs.Only 23.5% had the same thing to say about Facebook.
  3. 3. Twitter InfluenceMost people follow six or more Brands.
  4. 4. Twitter InfluenceFollowers want Brands to talk to them.
  5. 5. Twitter InfluenceWhen Brands talk, it has an impact.
  6. 6. New API Ad Benefits API enhances advertisers targeting capabilities. API partners will be able to layer in their ownanalytics as well as advertisers’ customer data tocompile new audience profiles. Advertisers can also take advantage of the real-time reporting data flowing through the partners’dashboards in order to shift their budgets.
  7. 7. Impact to Advertisers Familiar tools already in use will incorporate APIbenefits: manage campaigns through unifiedinterfaces e.g. Radian6 via Marketing Cloud Application e.g. HootSuite via HootSuite Enterprise Application
  8. 8. HootSuite Available in HootSuiteEnterprise edition Publish, promote &analyze Tweets directlyfrom the social mediamanagement system Real-time SocialCampaigning: amplifycontent as it happens Target via interests,locations, devices, gender,follower characteristics
  9. 9. Currently a closed beta Separate subscription-based cloud solution combining R6and Buddy Media Build and execute real time Twitter advertising campaigns Allow advertisers to more efficiently scale their campaignson Twitter through innovative workflows Improve ROI through creative, bid and targetingoptimization
  10. 10. Twitter Ad BasicsPromoted AccountsBenefit: Find and add new followers by promoting a Twitter accountPromoted TweetsBenefit: Amplify content (desktop and mobile) to reach a wide group of usersor to spark higher levels of engagement among existing followersPromoted TrendsBenefit: Places a #hashtag or term in users’ trend list to start a conversationaround a topic
  11. 11. Engagement Averages1% - 3%Twitter Average(mobile averages are slightly higher)7% - 10%with a Promoted Trendvs..01% - .05%Standard Display AdvertisingSource: ClickZ
  12. 12. Platform Comparison1.14%Facebook Average CTRvs.1% - 3%Twitter Average EngagementSource: ClickZ
  13. 13. Campaign Planning Goal / Purpose Brand Image & Awareness Sales / Commerce Site Traffic Creation Followers / Fans Brand Engagement Action and Viral SharingConsiderations
  14. 14. Campaign Planning What Campaign - In Isolation or Part of a BiggerIntegrated Effort Event Promotion Contest / Giveaway Announcement
  15. 15. Campaign Planning Who (Tweeter) Brand Brand Ambassador Paid Celebrity Endorsers (charge per tweet / chargeper click compensation models) Twitter Influencer Brand Advocates (followers) or Key Industry Followers Retail Partner Mix of above
  16. 16. Campaign Planning Targeting Interests Gender Geographies / Regions iOS, Android, BlackBerry Follower Characteristics Timeline / SearchConsiderations Followers or Users Like YourFollowers
  17. 17. Campaign Planning Creative Photos - a recent photo in atweet vs. no photo in a tweetexperiment revealed that alinked photo results in 120percent increase in engagementand 350 percent increase inclicks. (SEO Watch) Vines (6 sec videos) – influencetoo early to measure
  18. 18. Campaign Planning When to Tweet Timing - Identification of Best times to reach intended audience What are the peak traffic times of intended audience – day / hour
  19. 19. Campaign Ideas Example Campaign GoalIncrease followers for a corporate Twitter account SolutionCreate a contest and invite people to follow Sample TweetBrandX is giving away a $500 gift card everyday. Follow @BrandX for achance to win.” Link toCorporate twitter account
  20. 20. Campaign Ideas Example Campaign GoalsIncrease short term sales / commerce and capture new followers SolutionDiscount a particular product over a promotional period and ask peopleto spread the word Sample Tweet“Let your friends know that ProductX is only $9.99 this Friday only!What’s your favorite [blank] about [blank]?” Link toProduct promotion page on website
  21. 21. Campaign Ideas Example Campaign GoalsCreate buzz around the product SolutionInvite people to check out the product website and share their opinions Sample Tweet“Check out the new ProductX on our site. Share which feature is mostappealing to you. What does it have that your [blank] doesn’t?” Link toThe product overview website
  22. 22. Campaign Ideas Example Campaign GoalsDrive video views, get the word out SolutionInvite Tweeters to watch the video and share their opinion Sample Tweet“Watch the [blank] and share what you think. Ask your friends to tell youwhat they think of it.” Link toThe video on YouTube
  23. 23. Campaign Ideas Example Campaign GoalsReconnect with legacy customers and start a conversation SolutionHave people share personal pics of themselves Sample Tweet“Tell us why you love BrandX and send us your photo? If we RT you,we’ll send you a coupon link for $X dollars off your next purchase.”
  24. 24. Campaign Ideas Example Campaign GoalsDrive traffic, awareness and sales SolutionInvite Tweeters to explore a site and share their favorite products withtheir friends Sample Tweet“Please pick your favorite [blank] and share the item and reason whywith your friends.” Link toE-commerce site
  25. 25. High Engagement Tweet Engagement rate: 5.48%Why it worked: Provided a great deal and askedfollowers to spread the word through Re-Tweets
  26. 26. High Engagement Tweet Engagement rate: 5.02%Why it worked: Included a contest with a large prize anda clear way to enter through Re-Tweets and a link
  27. 27. High Engagement Tweet Engagement rate: 4.05%Why it worked: Offered timely merchandise immediatelyafter the final outcome of a specific event
  28. 28. High Engagement Tweet Engagement rate: 6.12%Why it worked: Enticed its audience with a strongvisualization of what the merchandise (product) wouldlook like before providing a link to a landing page
  29. 29. High Engagement Tweet Engagement rate: 6.83%Why it worked: Attention getting with a dissonantjuxtaposition of pop culture and a current event
  30. 30. High Engagement Tweet Engagement rate: 5%Why it worked: Specific geo-targeting using regionalcopy (#steelers) to appeal to a relevant local audience
  31. 31. Daniel McKean @