5 reasons why b2 b marketers fail with generating qualified leads


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5 reasons why b2 b marketers fail with generating qualified leads

  1. 1. 5 Reason Why B2B Marketers Fail At Generating Qualified Leads ! ! ! ! ! ! A Whitepaper to understand to challenge of B2B Marketers.. ! ! ! Page of1 6
  2. 2. After spending time on various marketing campaigns both digital and non-digital, I wanted to analyze why the difference between a successful way at generation leads and ones that didn't make the cut. First, off all managing lead generation for B2B side of the coin can be a mixture of many moving vehicles and parts. Parts that need to be able to generate leads and ROI for your business to run. ! B2B Marketers in 2014 are challenged with managing various budgets, different advertising and often alone. So how can B2B Marketers successfully improve their content marketing and lead generation? ! ! 1. We'll Management Won't Invest. You have to convince them.! ! Often times management wants proof that something will work rather than spontaneously invest in lead generation programs like content marketing or video marketing. Its up to the marketing team to prove and state their case why these programs are essential for the growth of the business and how these measures can have a very positive effect on lead gen. ! Since some senior management might find issue with you LinkedIn advertising, show them a case study or data backing up your claim. Take them aside, and create a full- step process on how you will engage and nurture new prospects into customers. Lead generation takes effort bottom-line. ! ! 2. Was Your Content Of Value And Relevant To New Visitors? Did you state the "what's in it for me"?! ! Everything from you're landing page, emails and Facebook posts needs to be in line with how you want your viewer to react. Most marketers think that posting stuff about or promotion of there business is the way to going in this scenario, but sure enough it isn't. Viewers need to like something of value, which doesn't associate with any brand or company. Viewers only think about what's, in it for me? ! Page of2 6
  3. 3. That's the reality, so why would someone want to read your whitepaper or report on how many doctors there are in Canada? We'll first we must dive deeper and interrupt our prospect with knowledge and value. So to start, write your content and headlines in a way that the viewer will react and feel like they will gain from reading it and with promoting the company. That comes later hehe... ! Building on you're writing style and improving your approach makes all the difference when meeting clients in you're marketing efforts. Start with interrupting them with "wow" and "cool" rather than "buy now" and "bore me". ! 3. Did you do proper Drip Campaigns, Follow-up and Keep it simple? ! Much of the time nurturing new leads isn’t really analyzed properly and sales is left with the blame of why the leads weren’t converted properly. This is why marketers and sales teams need to meet together, get on the same page and collaborate. ! Most of the time these teams can be so distanced from each other and left to fend for themselves without knowledge of what the others are doing. This is wrong. ! Sales must be able to see where leads came from, and every contact point that lead has gone through with your company in the last year. That way the Marketers can analyze this and spend time helping sales come up with ways to better nurture future clients and close deals. ! Consider investing in a good CRM system and have both marketer’s and sales professionals collaborate and discussion lead programs together. ! 83% of B2B marketers using marketing automation platforms in 2014 feel that they’re not using them to their full potential. (Source: SiriusDecisions) Page of3 6
  4. 4. ! ! 4. Are B2B Marketers looking at stats and reports correctly? ! Many marketing managers don’t have a lot of time to look at reports, and effectively make decisions about whether or not they should cancel a project or continue. Should we keep going? Is this bringing in ROI? Or is this just a waste of money? ! Marketers need to understand that to streamline the business and improve upon there efforts, knowing where you’ve been and where you are going is the most important piece of the puzzle. ! Page of4 6 Not Full Potential Some Potential Full Potential
  5. 5. B2B Marketers should take a look at there reports after each and every campaign to identify the good from the bad, and the weak from the strong. The next campaign will be the relying on that information to succeed. ! 5. Do They Have The Tools To Succeed In Today’s Digitally Advanced World? ! So can marketing software’s and tools really help B2B marketers be more successful and efficient? The answer is yes. The time it takes for a marketing manager to execute, strategize and plan a campaign can be days or even months. ! Page of5 6
  6. 6. The better the marketing manager can plan and execute, the better the campaign will be and the quicker it will go to market when prospects are waiting for something eye- catching to come along… ! Tools such as social media management software to help publish posts, manage social media handles and so forth can really streamline success. Technology in the B2B space is really starting to catch up to B2C, creating software that will help utilize consumers and reviews better than every before. Educating a B2B marketing manager with new tools and software’s can really open doors businesses in today’s digitally advanced marketplace. ! Spend time researching these and how best companies can utilize products like Hootsuite, Hubspot, Influitive and many others. ! ! ! ! ! Page 6 of 6