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Computer and it program

  1. 1. High Himalayan community projects Nepal The first time Computer course and IT Program in Remote village of NepalRural women of Danadagaun village, Rasuwa, Nepal are teaching computer course in our community information centre (CIC) The main objective of IT program is bringing IT awareness and services to people living in rural areas throughout Nepal. Everyone would agree that very small portion of Nepalese people who are involved in education, construction, and tourism can benefit from access to the Internet and web technologies, just as
  2. 2. residents of other countries have. If only these people could have their eyes opened to how business andeducation is carried out in the developed world, business would prosper, and students would be benefited.The problem is that much hard work is needed to provide computer access and training to rural areas inNepal but this tough work we have began at Rasuwa district since 2008 and would like to make a modeldistrict for an information revolution in Nepal.Now there is a community information centre at Rasuwa but slowly will be increase it many villages andwhole country because the community either child or above sixty age old human being very interested withinternet and computer games. Honestly the old people of village are enjoying and would like to pass theirtime with computer games. the household ladies are also interested at the same ratio because they can chattheir husband who are working aboard so the villagers are saying the internet is a best option ofcommunication and also say very cheap . First time a Tanka lama 82 year an old man talked and able to seehis son at the computer screen. His son is working in Qatar; it is a big surprise to old man Tanka. Similarlyafter finished the household works the rural women will gather to learn computer course everyday.Our CIC is a place where nine computers are good working condition nowadays and anyone can haveaccess to the tools and services of the information society, and receive assistance in making use of them.Community information centre is situated in Dadagaun VDC, Ward-3 Rasuwa district.CIC is designed for the local people to aware what IT is. It is concerned with how the local people can getbenefited from the IT such as how can even a farmer get benefits from it.It aims at providing the high Himalayan community with an environment where the people can increasetheir skills, expertise and professionalism with the help of IT in their respective field. The primary objectiveof this program is to create IT awareness in the grass root level. Providing computers to local public schools,CIC and training to villagers at a time then at second phase gradually through their school children being avolunteer. We have provided 23 computers to different schools and community information centre withinthese days. The major concern is to well acquaint the high Himalayan communities in IT development forthe communities, by the communities and with the communities.
  3. 3. Students of Dadagaun village, Rasuwa, Nepal are teaching computer in our community information centre (CIC), there is not any computers at their school to learn. Special thanks to donors, volunteers and communitiesThe High Himalayan community welfare project Nepal team would like to express heartfelt thanks to theindividuals and organizations for their generous help and support to this valuable program in rural village atRasuwa district. Following are names of the organizations and individuals that have contributed in thenovel work of The High Himalayan community welfare projects Nepal. Donors, supporters and volunteers of the computers and IT Programs For legal support • Ministry of information and technology of Nepal • District Development committee Rasuwa, Nepal • District administration office Rasuwa • Nepal Telecom • Village Development committee Dadagaun, Rasuwa • political parties and people of Rasuwa For finance and technical support Contributors name country contribution
  4. 4. Claudia fritz France Financial support Sarah Richardson Netherlands One Laptop Nate Jones UK Financial support Jackie Vail Netherlands Financial support Laura Kudos Netherlands Financial support Scott Kelly Canada Financial support David Hannon England Financial support Jennifer Hoyt Singapore Financial support Kate Harding Australia Financial support Karla Piecuch UK Financial support Alice Lily UK Financial support Josh Dewitt USA Financial support Michele Costa USA Financial support Bill Purdy USA Financial support Ellen Knott Netherlands Financial support Lesley Cox UK Financial support Michael Yeager USA Financial support TOTAL US $2835 Volunteers, Ramesh kc, Free Technicalcomputer engineer Nepal support for 23 days Ashish Pradhan. Free TechnicalComputer engineer Nepal support 21 days Umesh Silwal Free Technicalelectronic engineer Nepal support for 17 days Kim Spires, Free volunteer for 15 USA days Georgina Young Free volunteer for Australia 13days Tony Evans Free volunteer for 11 Canada days Dilli Subedi- Free volunteer for 45VDC chair person Nepal days Binod Paudel – Free volunteer for 45Social mobilizer of daysDadagaun VDC Nepal Communitymembers of Frequently helpedDadagaun village Nepal Thank you very much and warm regards Harikrishna devkota High Himalayan community project Nepal Program Coordinator, Nepal