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Clothing distribution program langtang region rasuwa district 2009
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Clothing distribution program langtang region rasuwa district 2009



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Clothing distribution program langtang region rasuwa district 2009 Clothing distribution program langtang region rasuwa district 2009 Document Transcript

  • Clothing distribution program Gatlang village inLangtang region, Rasuwa district 2009.Special Thanks to Nola Ainsworth, her friends from Australia and Habitatfor Humanity (Australians +Canadian) team who donated those clothes toNepali poorest mountain Porters’ community in october2009.similarly wewould like to express heartfelt thanks to the individuals, volunteers andorganizations for their generous help and support to high Himalayan poorestporters community. Following are names of the individuals that havecontributed clothes in this our clothing distribution program.Dr. Sandy Scott, Mr. John Bean, Wolfgang Hauser, Monika Milwicz, Zander Hack,Matt Grant, Sabine Kaltenegger, Harry Ray, Dan Moore, Tim Wiles, Paul McCann-Pew, Lucy Adams, Tony Was sell, Paul Franklin, John Lawrence, Matthew Harris,Alison Ewing, Nicole Morelia, Thomas Knoll, Nick Holland, Leanne Packer, SonjaKusch, Katharina Frey, Marc Garland, Ilea Lyapkalo, Will Bayliss, Gordon Fowls,Roger, Dank, Alex Cretin, Thomas Poultney, Andy Cry ton, Lynn Whelchel, AnilPandit, Pritam Neupane, Amit Arjyal, Johnnie Yates, Hans erg Goetz, Oren Bough,Martin Bough, Jan Kocab, Derek and Margaret Jones, Alexander Hop.
  • A typical and ancient Tamang cultural village, Gatlang where recently we havedistributed those clothes and usually we mobilize western volunteers and fewprojects as well
  • A poorest orphanage family of Gatlang village where five children of same mother, looking foropportunitiesOn 15th December 2009 on the auspicious occasion of Merry Christmas, we havedistributed warm hand knitted 334 caps, 119 pairs of shocks, 94 sweaters, 47 jackets 182trousers, 19 pair of gloves, 42 pair of sunglasses 262 pair of children verities to the under8 years old, altogether 353 vulnerable people including orphanages, helpless, disabled,babies, primary level students, mothers and few old people were benefited and all thesepeople are extremely Happy and grateful with all our donors, volunteers and supportersand they would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all of the donors and wishingcontinue support in nearly future too.
  • VDC Chairperson, secretary and headmaster of primary school helping to select the matchingclothes to the children.Choosing the cloths for distribution
  • A happy mother with only a month baby sleeping on her lap, another baby at behind and somechildren as wellChildren wearing caps
  • Children are choosing clothes.
  • Happily she is going to home now.
  • Bhanu Nagarkoti 76 years old man, wearing a red scarf which is his favorite one for this winter.
  • Maila Bulun is 74 years old and very happy getting sunglass and warm clothes.
  • Chair man of village giving clothes to the students of primary school to attract others school ageChildren who do not come to school for studyClothing distribution to both boys and girls
  • Sangita lama is happy now.Santosh Tamang is happy mode.
  • Clothing distribution to both boys and girls in GatlangA mother is preparing lunch (Dhido) for her nine children (7girls and two boys) who are usual hereat Gatlang village.
  • Our targeted Gatlang VDC (Village development committee) of Rasuwa district, wherelarge numbers of porters live, is the poorest VDC of Nepal (HDI-2009). Gatlang villageis the remotest village of Nepal which is situated at 2450m from the sea level and situatedin northern Nepal, close to the Tibetan border and at the bottom of the Langtang andGanesh Himalayan region which is just a shadow of famous trekking route. Being amountainous region, lands are not very fertile. Although 95% people depend onagriculture, villagers cannot produce enough crops to feed their families. Literacy rate ofGatlang village is very low, at 2% (Source district development committee Rasuwaannual journal 2009). The population of Gatlang village is Approx 1950(source: censussurvey of 2009 by DDC Rasuwa journal) and one of the poorest Village developmentcommittee of Nepal among 3915 VDCs (source HDI-2009) while the average literacyrate of the country is 59.7%.Picture: 3, these children are intently looking and hearing my voice and waiting to get some warmclothes soon. (I was talking with VDC chair person, Secretary and teachers to select really vulnerablefamily to distribute clothes).In Gatlang village there is only one primary school and the nearest secondary school is4.5 hours far from their village that is why Many school-aged children have been unableto attend their schools, and large numbers of children have resorted to all kinds of workto assist their families, including portering, rag picking, demining, working in garmentfactories, as domestic servants, farm work, street trafficking, sexual activities, and more.They are getting very poor nutrition from their food. Still, the state does not assist thesecommunities and few institutions do. As porters are the target group, we would like toassist their communities as we can. So when we recently received a very large, wonderfuldonation of children’s clothing, we chose to distribute them in Gatlang VDCs in Rasuwa.
  • Finally our sincerest thanks again to the chair person of Gatlang VDC, secretary of theGatlang VDC, teachers of the primary school who helped fairly to select 353 the mostvulnerable people among 2000 population of Gatlang village, all our donors, partners,volunteers and friends! And if you would like to make a contribution to assist thesevulnerable groups, we appreciate donations of clothing, food, and stationery. No matterhow you choose to contribute, you can affect great change in this part of world and theseporters’ children’s lives.THANK YOU!Harikrishna devkotaMountain porters association Nepal