Thriller proposal


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Thriller proposal

  1. 1. Proposal <br />By Danielle MulqueenJamilaUysinBerhan Sufaj<br />
  2. 2. Short Film<br />Genre- Romance Codes & conventions: We’ve decided to stick to come of the main codes and conventions of romance such as; the characters will go on dates, a prologue introduction and the typical “boy meets girl”, but we’ve turned it into “girl meets boy”- we thought this would keep the audience more interested in what is going on because it’s different from other romance films. <br /> We have also broken some of the conventions, such as; the happy ending. You could say it’s happy at the end, but usually in romance they end up being together, and for our film we decided for that not to happen because we didn’t want our ending to be predictable to the audience.<br />
  3. 3. Scenes <br />Scene 1-“Dear diary, today i learnt something…”<br /> (Blake is sitting on his bed writing in his journal. This is the prologue we’re going to use to explain the story, we’re going to have a shot of the journal to show how much she meant to him, this already makes the audience feel empathy for him. This is crucial because if we don't get the audience to know how he felt then the end wont work.In this scene we will use a flash back, voice over. This will be a non linear as its not happening in chronological order and we have flash backs meaning this has already happened an he is just reminiscing on the past<br /> We will also add the starting credits here)<br />
  4. 4. Scenes <br />Scene 2-She takes a picture of a monument and looks back at her photo. She sees s guy looking very lonely, so she goes to talk to him and guesses his past. She persuades him to come with her…<br />(Scene 2 is after the flash back we’re in the girls POV of her taking a photo and her seeing this sad lonely boy sitting there, she does not realise he is there an continues to take pictures of the same thing but at different angles. After taking all the pictures she decides to look back at them an notices this guy is in almost every one of them. so she decides to go talk to him to cheer him up and they begin to talk. )<br />
  5. 5. Scenes<br />Scene 3-Now they have started talking to each other they begin to tour London together because Alexia is not from this country so he offers to show her around.They start off by going to Buckingham Palace where they take photos with the guards. They leave a sticky note with a quote written on it and they leave it there.(We wont have any diegetic sound here, we want to have music playing while we as the audience just see them laughing an whispering to each other, looking happy, this will work well because the audience will start to think they’re perfect for each other.)<br />
  6. 6. Scenes<br />Scene 4 - 8<br />They start touring the landmarks of London and leave a post it note with a quote relating to them every where they go. In each scene, they visit a different landmark. Their relationship develops because they understand each other even though they speak different languages. <br />( There will be no dialogue in these scenes, but you can see them speaking. There will be non-diegetic sounds i.e. music playing over the scenes. The lighting will change over time because they are touring different landmarks. We will use conventional camera angles and shots by looking at romance films and seeing what camera angles and shots they use in them)<br />
  7. 7. Scenes<br />Scene 9-The boy and girl are writing in their journals and reminiscing about the day they had; they both smile. <br /> (There is a voice over saying I learnt “There is no point in dwelling on the past because you’ll lose sight of the future” The scene cuts back and forth between them both and we see them finishing each others sentences and they say a line in sync)<br />
  8. 8. Scenes<br />Scene 10-<br />The scene ends showing both of their names on sticky notes on a bench in the park where they last saw each other.<br />
  9. 9. Cast<br />We have not yet decided who the cast is going to be but we want them to either be teens or Uni-students. If we can not find anyone to act for us then we will have to use ourselves as the actors which we will do only as a last resort because then we will not be able to do the camera work.<br />We will only need 2 cast members, Blake and Alexia <br />They will not be paid an is completely an entirely voluntary <br />
  10. 10. GRANITE<br />G- Romance<br />R- Uni students, teens, cultures, gender and England<br />A- Teenagers, females ages 13-17<br />N- Voice overs, Flash back<br />I- CCA2_Students, JDB, TheBerhan <br />T- Cameras, Macs, iMovie, Garage band, Facebook<br />E-keith, love language (peaches-new heights), the notebook, a walk to remember<br />
  11. 11. Character profiles<br /><ul><li>Actor- Name-BlakePersonality: lonely, shy, sad, handsome, insecure, low self esteem, pessimist-glass half empty Costume/props:Dull clothes (casual) headphones, white T-shirt iPod, journal, Pen.
  12. 12. Actress-Name- Alexia Personality-Bubble, cheerful, crazy, optimistic-glass half full, impulsive, weird, fun. Costume/props-colourful & bright clothing (colourful tights and trainers, glasses, shirt random coloured t-shirt, back pack- mix and matched) Camera, Huge glasses, sharpie, post it notes, headphones, iPod, Highlights (for hair)</li></li></ul><li>Locations<br /><ul><li>Hyde park
  13. 13. Millennium/ London bridge
  14. 14. McDonalds
  15. 15. Science Museum
  16. 16. London eye
  17. 17. Regents park
  18. 18. Parliament
  19. 19. The Serpentine
  20. 20. The Round Pond
  21. 21. Natural History Museum
  22. 22. Buckingham Palace
  23. 23. Trafalgar square</li></li></ul><li>Budget $$<br />We have no budget yet as we have yet to decide how much we will need and if we will need anything else to buyCrewJamila Uysin- Director, Editor, camera woman (Possible actress)Danielle Mulqueen- Director, Editor, Camera woman (Possible actress)Berhan Sufaj- Director, Editor, camera man (Possible actor) <br />