Fred & Rosemary West
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Fred & Rosemary West






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Fred & Rosemary West Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Fred & Rosemary West By Caragh and Holly
  • 2.
    • West was born in 1941 into a poor family in Herefordshire and wa s the second eldest out of 8 childr en .
    • Fred admitted that his father had inc estuous relationships with his daughters, Fred’s sisters. In cest w as an a ccept ed part of the house hold and Fred’s father taught him bestial ity (Zoophilia) from a y oung age .
    • On many occasions, West’s father said ‘Do what you want, just don’t get caught doing it.’ A
    • When Fred was 12, his moth er beg an a sexual relationship between them. A
    • In 1958, West suffered a fractured skull and bro ken arm and leg from a motorcycle accident. This put him into an eight day coma . His family claimed that after this, he became prone to sudden fits of rage. Two years after this he was unconscious for 24 hours after hitting his h ead in a fall from a fire escape.
    • At 20 years of age, West was arrested for molesting a 13-y ear old girl and was convicted but escaped sentence of imprisonment. His family disowned him after this. A
    Fred West Background Info:
  • 3.
    • Rose West was born in 29 November 1953 (1953-11-29) (age 56)
    • She is now an inmate at HMP Low Newton , Brasside, Durham after being convicted of 10 murders in 1995.
    • Her mother suffered from depression and was given ECT while pregnant; some have argued that this may have caused pr enatal injury to her daughter.
    • Rosemary was never good in school, and achieved minimal qualifications.
    • Rosemary's parents split up when she wa s a teenager. She lived with her mother before moving in with her father at the age of 16; her father was prone to violence and repeatedly sexually abused her.
    • Around this age she met her husband Fred West, even though her father objected she continued their obscure relationship.
    • She also periodically worked as a prostitute, as her husband Fred has ordered, often while her husband watched. One of the most frequent visitors to 25 Cromwell Street was her father, by whom she had been abused from a young age.
    • When Fred was in jail for petty assault, Rose West killed his child, Charmaine West.
    Background Info: Rosemary West
  • 4.
    • In 1962, West became re-acquainted with a former girlfriend, better known as Rena Costello from her prostitution. They married and Rena bore West a daughter named Anne Marie and during this period West worked as an ice cream van driver, during this time he accidentally ran over and killed a four-year boy.
    • Costello moved away from West while Anne McFall, a friend of Costello, became infatuated with West. West and Costello’s children remained with West although Costello visited every few month.
    • McFall fell pregnant with West’s child and eight months into this, in 1967, she vanished. Her remains were later found buried underneath his home.
    • Costello returned to live with West, but left the following year and left he kids in West’s care.
    Fred's Previous Marriage
  • 5.
    • The Wests' typical pattern was to pick up girls from bus stops in and around Gloucester and imprison them in their home for several days before killing them.
    • He then buried them under his patio or beneath the cellar.
    • Whilst the victims where imprisoned both Fred and Rose West would rape and sexually assault their victims.
    • Alongside poor girls they did not know, they sexually assaulted their children together.
    Who they victimised
  • 6.
    • The killings of their children was ignited when Rosemary killed Fred’s child from his former marriage. According to Anne Marie, both sisters where frequently beaten, however Charmaine infuriated Rose West because she refused to cry.
    • Together they both killed their child Heather Ann West, after Fred raped her and filmed her numerous times.
    • Fred West claimed he had not meant to kill her but she had been sneering at him and he "had to take the smirk off her face“.
    • She told friends at school what had happened. On 4 August one of the friends told her mother and she went to the police.
    • This consequently led to their horrendous murders and rapes coming to an end.
    Charmaine and Heather West
  • 7.
    • On 6 August 1992, the police decided to investigate, eventually leading to West being charged, with Rosemary as an accomplice, with rape. She was also charged with child cruelty and the remaining children were placed in foster care.
    • Despite no one testifying for the rape, the police continued investigating the disappearance of their daughter Heather. After taking statements from social workers about the joke about "Heather being buried under the patio" and the children themselves, they obtained a further search warrant in February 1994, allowing them to excavate the garden in search of Heather. They started searching the house and excavating the garden on 24 February 1994.
    • After West's arrest the following day, the police uncovered human bones. He confessed, retracted and then re-confessed to the murder of his daughter, denying that Rosemary was involved. Rosemary was not arrested until April 1994, initially on sex offences but later charged with murder. Further bodies were found and, on 4 March 1994, West admitted that he had carried out nine more murders, including those of his first wife and Ann McFall.
    The Conviction
  • 8.
    • 1967 Ann McFall The Scottish nanny and lover of Fred, who was eight months pregnant with his child. Body found in Letterbox Field, near Much Marcle. 1970 Rena Costello Fred's first wife. Body found in Fingerpost Field, near Much Marcle. 1972 Charmaine West , aged eight Rena's eldest child. Body found beneath 25 Midland Road, Gloucester 1973 Linda Gough , aged 21 seamstress from Gloucester. Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street. 1973 Lucy Partington , aged 21 university student, from Gloucestershire. Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street. 1974 Carol Cooper , aged 15 schoolgirl from Worcester. Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street. 1975 Juanita Mott , aged 19 from Newent, Gloucestershire. Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street. 1975 Shirley Hubbard , aged 15 schoolgirl from Droitwich. Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street. 1977 Therese Siegenthaler , aged 21 a Swiss hitchhiker. Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street. 1977 - Alison Chambers , aged 17, originally from Swansea. Body found in garden of 25 Cromwell Street .
    Who they killed
  • 9.
    • Fred West died on the 1 st January 1995
    • (aged 53) at Winson Green Prison,
    • Birmingham, England, UK. The cause of
    • West’s death was suicide bye hanging.
    • Rosemary West is now an inmate at HMP
    • Low Newton Brasside, Durham, after being
    • convicted of 10 murders in 1995.
    What happened next...
  • 10.
    • ‘ Do what you want, just don’t get caught doing it.’