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Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
Effects of Violent Crime
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Effects of Violent Crime


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  • 1. The effects of violent crime Violent crime: robbery, sexual offences, assault and murder
  • 2. The effects of violent crime
    • Effects on victims
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Sexuality
      • Ethnicity
    • Effects on society
      • Communities
      • Public services
      • Government
  • 3. Effects on victims:
    • Elderly least likely to be victims, increased fear of crime. May feel more vulnerable.
    • 16-24 year old males most likely to be victims.
    • About two-thirds of abused children are being parented by battered women (McKay, 1994).
  • 4. Effects on victims:
    • There has recently been an increase of homophobic violent offences.
    • Media portrayal:
    • Daily Mail 
    • 14th October  2009
    • A  strange, lonely and  troubling death . .  .  
    • Pink News 
    • 19th October  2009
    • Teenagers  charged with manslaughter  over gay man's death  
    • The  Guardian ,
    • 4  February 2009 
    • Teenager  beaten to death 'because  he was gay'  
    • This can result in individuals feeling more vulnerable.
  • 5. Effects on victims:
    • Gender.
    • - Statistics show that men are far more likely to be victims of crime than women.
    • -Studies show that women, however, fear crime far more than men.
    • - Women’s confidence is also more likely to be affected, meaning they may find it hard to be on their own, hard to find a job etc.
  • 6. Effects on victims:
    • Ethnicity
    • Ethnic minorities, generally fear crime far more than whites. An exception to this rule is that whites commonly fear people of ethnic minorities, most probably due to media portrayal.
    • Studies show Black people are more likely to be a victim or witness a crime.
  • 7. Effects on society: Victim’s family
    • Emotional and psychological impact on family and friends of the victim
    • Homicide victims’ families:
      • American study (1996):
        • Fragmented services provided by CJS
        • Increased distress
  • 8. Effects on society: Communities
    • Witnessing violent crime
      • California study:
        • Chinese-American urban youth
        • exposed to violence
        • higher rates of self-reported PTSD, depressive symptoms, and perpetration of violence
  • 9. Effects on society: Areas
    • Depends on area’s normal crime rate
    • Fear of crime
      • house prices, business growth
    • (Ohio State University research)
      • Violent crime surges in low crime areas
        • Businesses significantly suffer
      • Violent crime surges in high crime areas
        • No significant effect on local business growth
  • 10. Effects on society: Government
    • Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006
      • maximum penalty for possession of a knife in a public place: 4 years
      • new offence: using another person to hide or carry guns
      • Drinking banning orders
      • Alcohol disorder zones
      • increased age limit for buying a knife, air weapon or crossbow to 18
    • Connected fund (England and Wales): supports community organisations working to tackle guns, gangs and knife crime
      • disbursed more than £1.25 million since 2004 in grants to local community groups
  • 11. Bibliography
    • Violent crime's effect on retailers study
    • Home office on violent crime
    • Articles in Violent crime in a community
    • Thompson, M. P., Norris, F. H., &  Ruback , R. B. (1996). System influences on post-homicide beliefs and distress.   American Journal of Community Psychology , 24, 785-809