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About our Service

  1. 1. s ltie Dyspraxia u fic dif Dy lth sle ea xia Pa lh nic y ps ta e pil en at E ta / M ck s etes b DiaVisual impairment The Disability & Dyslexia Service Mobility difficulties De rder pr o es dis s ion n ng Au ditio E ati tism con l dica /As D/deaf me pe rm rge g te r’s Lon
  2. 2. textHELP Read&Write Gold is available in all student labsImprove your essays:Hear your text read out to youListen to dictionary definitions ..all you need is:….and lots more
  3. 3. Disabled Students’ AllowancesIf you are a student with a disability, DSAs can help to meet your extracosts when studying. They can contribute towards specialist equipment,a non-medical personal helper, travel or other programme-relatedexpenses.To qualify, you must have a physical disability, a specific learningdifficulty (such as dyslexia), a long-term medical condition, or mentalhealth difficulties (such as depression, anxiety or an eating disorder).If you qualify for a student loan, you will be eligible for DSAs (even ifyou do not take out the loan). Your costs must arise as a direct result ofyour disability.If you would like further information, please book an appointment theDisability and Dyslexia staff in your Student Centre:Avery Hill: 020 8331 9444Greenwich: 020 8332 7868Medway: 020 8331 9794
  4. 4. PEEP FIRE BREAK GLASS PRESS HERE Personal Emergency Evacuation PlanIf you are concerned that you might have difficulty leavingthe building in an emergency, you may need a PEEP.Do make an appointment with a D&D adviser to discussyour needs.
  5. 5. textHELP Read&Write Gold is available in all student labs textHELP! can ‘read’ single words, sentences or paragraphs. It’s Spell Check gives word definitions, in addition to the Dictionary facility. It predicts wor The Word Wizard gives words with a similar meaning There is a Sounds Like Numbers and option, although it operators entered into doesn’t have any words the Calculator are read that sound like as is the complete sum ‘homophones’. and solution.
  6. 6. in partnership with MAC Kent Assessorsnnacnational network of assessment centresFor your Assessment of Needs for the Disabled Students’ Allowances Telephone: 020 8331 9212 or Email: mac@gre.ac.uk University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, London, SE10 9LS
  7. 7. SUPPORT ARRANGEMENTS FOR NOTE TAKERS, LIBRARY SUPPORT AND EXAMS SCRIBESNeed a note taker?Or You need to register with:Library Support?OrExams Scribe?
  8. 8. Unseen Disabilitysuch as diabetes or epilepsy?Do you have a care plan? Do we have a copy?Do you need a care plan? The Disability & Dyslexia Service
  9. 9. Disability & Dyslexia SupportIf you need support with your studies as a result ofa disability or specific learning difficulty you needto see an adviser.Book an appointment with an adviser here.
  10. 10. What do you think of the Maritime Assessment Centre so far? ier and clearer. ent process eas hm ade the assessm oming and und erstanding whic go Felt comfoThe sta ff were very welc where to rtable and to do and h elpful in all areas. hat ly e xplained w ming and clear Well organised and a great help. e ve ry welco St aff wer Ver Well done MAC I am happy with your service y help ow ful s up t o kn por e se tiv e rvic Very professional service, I felt very welcomed rienc Fantastic service given e. M eet expe in g was ver oo d y in Amazing Service, could not be happier for g ma t very ive. WasAssessor was very helpful and understanding of needs with good knowledge of technology which could help me. derstoo d my needs lt that finally someone un Very good. I fe helpfu l Very profession al service, I felt Thank you fo r directions very very welcomed