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A webinar about how small organizations with limited funds can use online video of live dance performance, and be successful in attracting paid subscribers and viewers.

Sarah Wilke, Managing Director, On the Boards
On the Boards has created the first-of-its-kind website offering streaming and download access to high quality full-length videos of contemporary performances. They have faced interesting issues about how to translate the integrity and beauty of a live dance into an online video, and especially about how companies can use technology to increase their revenue and support artists.

During the webinar, Sarah Wilke, Managing Director of On the Boards, will talk about their approach, share hints and discuss the pitfalls that arose in creating it, and tell us what they’ve learned so far about answering these important questions. In advance, she will share examples of their high def multi-camera videos of performances.

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OntheBoards.tv Webinar

  1. 1. OntheBoards.tv Sarah Wilke, Managing Director of OntheBoards Suzanne Callahan, Project Manager, Engaging Dance Audiences Rebecca Krause-Hardie, Manager, EDA Learning Community Rachel Bell, Communications Specialist, Dance/USA Engaging Dance Audiences is generously supported bythe Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation.
  2. 2. First, the GoToWebinar dashboardYou can raise Be active!your hand by Ask a questionclicking here. using the space here.
  3. 3. First, the GoToWebinar dashboardIf the dashboardminimizes andyou want to ask aquestion, You can expand the dashboard by clicking on the red arrow here.
  4. 4. Second, some housekeepingIf you are using a telephone for audio,• Please take a moment to mute your line by pressing *6.• You may un-mute your line by pressing *7.
  5. 5. What is OntheBoards.tv?• On the Boards is a thriving 33-year old contemporary performing arts center in Seattle, WA.• OntheBoards.tv launched as a website in January 2010.• OntheBoards.tv features on-demand, full-length, high- definition contemporary performances available for streaming or downloading via single purchase or subscription.
  6. 6. The goals of OntheBoards.tv1. To break-down the barriers of geography, time and cost for arts participation. (new audiences)2. To create an opportunity for audiences to develop relationships with performing artists and become art fans. (current audiences)3. To establish a new standard for performance documentation.4. To provide a new revenue stream for artists.
  7. 7. Today’s Talk• Section 1: Introduction• Section 2: How did we get here?• Section 3: What does the site really look like?• Section 4: How is it going? And where are we going from here?• Note: please interrupt
  8. 8. Questions for me to think about…please answer • Why were you interested in attending this webinar? • Is there anything specific you want me to address? • Are you an artist? Producer? Presenter? Other? • Do you currently film performances? • Do you show clips or films on the internet? How?
  9. 9. Questions for you to think about… • What does a catalogue for dance and performance look like? • Does the fleeing nature of live art deny fandom? • How do you have a conversation about art if no one sees it? • Is art ever free? • Can you create artistic context on iTunes? • Is an online audience different than a live audience? • How do you measure success for online initiatives? How important are numbers?
  10. 10. Interlude:a sample from OtB.tv As with live presentation, quality content is the starting point forOntheBoards.tv. So, we must also start the conversation here….
  11. 11. Section 2: How did we get here?1. Ideas from our past lives (museums and the NCAA)2. Pre-show lectures became post-show podcasts3. Raising capital4. Asking questions and making decisions…
  12. 12. Our Manifesto• This is NOT about recreating the live experience, it is something new• Artists MUST be true partners• We MUST charge for content• We MUST work with a filmmaker• We MUST host our own content (not $)• This is just as much about content as it is about distribution
  13. 13. Creating high-def filmic versions of full length performances…1. Contract with the artist & secure rights2. Thinklab talks with artist & watches show3. 4-5 cameras and a sound engineer4. A second night?5. Get materials from artist?6. Thinklab creates an edit and sends to the artist (x3…)7. Make a trailer and post online
  14. 14. We launched onJanuary 21, 2010!The site that mom and pop built and that the NYTimes liked…
  15. 15. Section 3: About OntheBoards.tvCosts to Watch Featured Artists• $5 to stream (48 hours) • Tanja Leidtke (Dance)• $15 to download (own) • Diana Szeinblum (Dance)• $50-$100 to subscribe • Jan Fabre/Troublyn (Dance)• $250 for educational institution • Young Jean Lee subscription • Temporary Distortion• $30 for educational download • Reggie Watts • Allen JohnsonFormats • Morgan Thorson (Dance)• High definition • Radiohole• Regular definition • Christian Rizzo (Dance)• For mobile devices • Pat Graney (Dance) – soon! • Ralph Lemon (Dance) – soon! • Dayna Hanson (Dance) – soon! • Radoslaw Rychcik – soon!
  16. 16. What DID the site look like?
  17. 17. What does it look like now?
  18. 18. What DID the site look like?
  19. 19. What does it look like now?
  20. 20. Section 4: How is it going? #’s• Since our launch in January we have had over 18,769 visitors to the site from 91 countries and 50 states.• We have over 7,800 registered users and 86 paid subscribers, including 3 university subscriptions. We have sold over 175 single downloads or streams.• Our most popular shows are The Shipment, a theater work by Young Jean Lee and contruct, the last work by Australian choreographer Tania Leidtke. • Most users are in New York and Seattle, with our highest international participation in Canada and Australia.
  21. 21. How is it going?• Setting expectations is hard…• We love our product; our artists are happy• Our greatest potential is in the next 2 years• Getting content up is a challenge• Capacity is really our biggest challenge…• We are still figuring out how to reach our market…• Music rights, unions and other barriers• We are conducting surveys of our audience
  22. 22. As we look to the future of OntheBoards.tv…• POPP and creating national models• Working with universities• Reaching out to festivals and screenings• Creating new partnerships and pair with like-minded projects• Creating enhanced auxiliary content & conversations• Continuing to conduct research• Evaluate• Raise money!
  23. 23. Questions…Sarah Wilkeswilke@ontheboards.org206-217-9886 ext 1019
  24. 24. Thank you for your kind attention! There are just two more items…
  25. 25. Join us for the next webinars…What makes good web content?Date: February 9, 2011 (tentative) 1-2:30 pm EST
  26. 26. Continue this ConversationFor additional dialogue about this topic, visit the EDA Learning Community at http://eda.danceusa.org.We’ll keep talking on the discussion boards (Communicate tab, Discussions).