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Daniel Campi 2011


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Selected copywriting projects

Selected copywriting projects

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  • 1. Daniel Campi Creative CopySelected Projects 2004 - 2010
  • 2. Project SEAT digital campaigns Client SEATAgency Nurun Date 2010 Creativity and copywriting for various online campaigns for Spanish car brand. SEAT’s objective was to drive traffic to their website and to support new product launches through digital media, bringing a fresh focus to their communication. Rich media and standard banners were created for online media as well as specific actions on the SEAT website, including an interactive flash video to introduce users to SEAT’s new family car in an engaging, web-friendly way.
  • 3. Project SEAT Shakira/UEFA Client SEATAgency Atletico International Date 2010 SEAT wanted to enhance the impact of its sponsorship of Shakira’s 2010 European Tour by exploring new channels of communication. The ‘Good Stuff’ website and blog was created to deliver a more informal and personal voice for SEAT brand communication, as an alternative to a corporate, product-oriented tone. A blog is a natural platform for multiple contributors to talk and interact with their audience in a style designed to be always lively and interesting. SEAT also sponsored the UEFA Europa League through a microsite, using competitions, multimedia content and a Facebook page with specially designed applications and events to stimulate growth of the community and create a buzz around the collaboration.
  • 4. Project SEAT corporate website Client SEATAgency Nurun Date 2010 Copywriting for SEAT’s corporate website. Adaptation and creation of copy for, extensive collaboration with offline agencies and client, and development of website structure and usability. Responding to the client’s tagline –‘autoemoción’– and its positioning as a ‘young’, ‘sporty’ and ‘design-driven’ car brand, a specific language style was developed for the web, fusing emotion with technology. Distinctive copy was created for various sections of the web, including company history, corporate information, events and an extensive on-line catalogue for each model.
  • 5. Project 212 Web Client Carolina HerreraAgency Media Contacts Date 2007 212 is Carolina Herrera’s most successful line of perfumes, designed to appeal to younger consumers worldwide. New York is part of 212’s DNA. Carolina Herrera wanted to create a dynamic website that helped the brand’s community to discover the real New York, providing a close encounter with the world’s greatest city. Web content included an introduction to aspects of the city based around the lives of two ‘real New Yorkers’, competitions, multimedia, a blog and extensive product information.
  • 6. Project CH launch Client Carolina HerreraAgency BB&B Date 2007 The launch project for the introduction of a new fragrance universe to the Carolina Herrera portfolio was a key moment in this brand’s his- tory. The client needed to explore the concept of a ‘lifestyle brand’ while telling the story of this perfume’s development from the initial idea to the finished product. Project included press material, copywriting and development of identity for new fragrance.
  • 7. Project Shakira fragrance launch Client PuigAgency Ideas de Date 2007 This project to create a fragrance brand based around Shakira was a close collaboration between Puig, the creative team in Barcelona and Shakira. The fragrance should embody Shakira’s spirit and values, have a wide- spread appeal and establish a continuity for future launches. At a launch in Barcelona, we created a fable for Shakira to tell her audience: an Oriental fantasy that takes us on a journey into her imagination.
  • 8. Project L’Eau Ambrée launch presentation Client PradaAgency igriega Date 2009 Prada Parfums wanted to expand their presence in the market by re- leasing a new and more widely appealing fragrance based on a purer interpretation of Amber. The introduction of L’Eau Ambrée had to hit the right note, exploring the concept and boosting the impact of the launch by creating expectation around the product. Press and marketing mate- rial, teasers, videos and an interactive presentation were created in line with Prada’s unique brand identity.
  • 9. Project Prada corporate presentations Client PradaAgency igriega Date 2004-2009 Prada Parfums presented all upcoming products and works-in-progress to its subsidiaries, as well as its objectives, strategy and go-to-market plans. These multi-media presentations had to make a big impact, introducing, consolidating and expanding the Prada brand in the fragrance market. All written and spoken material needed to explain concepts, find names and define the distinctive Prada style.
  • 10. Project Carolina Herrera corporate presentations Client Carolina HerreraAgency igriega Date 2005-2009 All corporate presentations for Carolina Herrera fashion and fragrances needed to provide a distinct feel for each of its universes. Development of a strong product identity was an essential goal for each project, with descriptions of concepts, taglines and names for Carolina Herrera New York, 212 and CH fragrances and limited editions. All content was created for international presentations, alongside press and marketing material.
  • 11. Project Comme des Gar˜ons corporate presentations Client Comme des Gar˜onsAgency igriega Date 2005-2009 Comme des Gar˜ons styles itself as the ‘alternative fragrance brand’. Groundbreaking creativity was an essential starting point to create the right feel for this specialist market segmentation. All marketing material, press material and presentations were designed to differentiate the brand and cause excitement in the market. An explanation of a new and polaris- ing vision of the possibilities of cutting-edge perfume.
  • 12. Project Nina Ricci international launches Client Nina RicciAgency igriega Date 2009 Nina Ricci was undergoing an expansion through the launch of three new fragrances to the market, designed to consolidate its product portfolio and brand image. Each launch needed to tell a different story: a playful, Parisian spirit for Ricci Ricci, a fairytale exploration for Le Paradis and a big-event feel for the brand’s collaboration with Philipe Starck for a a lim- ited edition.
  • 13. Project Press, presentations and marketing Client PuigAgency various Date 2007-2009 Puig undertook an international roll-out of a number of their key fragrance brands. The client needed creative support to expand these brands suc- cessfully into international markets. This strategy was supported by a variety of press and marketing material, presentation and print ads for brands including Adolfo Dominguez, Antonio Banderas and Agata Ruiz de la Prada.
  • 14. Project Marketing and Communications Client Checkpoint SystemsAgency Mav&Co Date 2004-2009 Multinational solutions provider for global retail industry with an aggres- sive, client-focused approach. Close collaboration with marketing and PR teams for structural design and development of European website, consultancy and creation of corporate guidelines, product sheets, marketing material and press and PR material. This long-term collabora- tion needed a close understanding of client’s lines of business, product strategy and marketing goals.
  • 15. Project Brand Launch and Copywriting Client Johnson DiverseyAgency Mav&Co Date 2006-2009 JohnsonDiversey provides solutions for the global Food & Beverage industries. The client needed to renew its marketing approach, differentiat- ing its offer within the market. Collaboration included the launch of a new brand for the market, developing a range of names and taglines to sup- port the new business strategy. Technical material, product brochures and multimedia material were developed for this international B2B business.
  • 16. Project Website and communications Client TEAMAgency Ficció Date 2006-2009 TEAM has a number of different business lines, including the design and delivery of engineering solutions for ports and the provision of differ- ent services and solutions for the travel industry worldwide. The client wanted to increase overall quality of material and establish a stronger corporate identity within the market. Projects included the contents and structure of new website alongside journalism and marketing material for the global cruise industry.