Introduction to LinkedIn Training Presentation, #Build4STL May 31, 2014, Dana Workes


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For anyone who attended - or would have liked to attend - my training session on LinkedIn at the 2014 Build For STL event in Downtown St. Louis on May 31, 2014 - my slide deck can be found here.

Questions, comments, requests: Contact me: 314.495.6572 or


There are many ways to develop a community, and one of those is by developing the people that make up that community. To that end, Build for STL will be hosting training sessions throughout the St. Louis region. These sessions are free to attend, and will educate participants in the skills necessary to get more involved in the community.

Introduction to LinkedIn
Dana Workes
May 31, 2014 10am-11am
Downtown T-REX

An introduction to the professional social media site, LinkedIn.

Thanks to UMSL Digital for your partnership in the Build For STL initiative.

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    2nd largest segment – Canada, followed by Australia
  • Nick Gilham
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  • Introduction to LinkedIn Training Presentation, #Build4STL May 31, 2014, Dana Workes

    1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO LINKEDIN May 31, 2014 Presented By Dana Workes
    2. 2. Brought to you by
    3. 3. About Me • Independent marketing consultant • Specialize in inbound/digital marketing • B2B, B2C, Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising • Adjunct Instructor at UMSL • Presenter w/ Social Media Club of St. Louis (SMC) and Association of Fundraising Professionals of Greater St. Louis (AFP) • Artist-Wannabe, Puppy Snuggler, Obsessive Recycler, Casual Dresser, Speed Limit Violator, Sarcasm Enthusiast
    5. 5. • The #1 activity on the internet • Community • Conversation • Information • Education • Customer Service • Public Relations • An opportunity to reach a broader audience • An opportunity to engage with your audience Social Media is:
    6. 6. LINKEDIN
    7. 7. LinkedIn • The professional social network • Founded in Dec 2002, Launched May 2003 • Purchased Slideshare in 2012, 50 million users • 300 million users to date • 2 new members sign up every second • 93 million users in the US (largest segment 29.9%) • 2.7 million business pages • 1.5 million groups • Average user spends 17 min/month • Fastest growing demo: students & recent grads • Almost 40% pay for professional membership
    8. 8. So What Is It? • Your resume, supercharged. • Your contacts, your contacts’ contacts, their contacts’ contacts’ contacts… • A great networking event (minus the food) • A job board • Opportunity!
    9. 9. For Your Business, It’s… • A talent scout • A marketing brochure • A Showcase for your products & services • A link to your website • “Corporate espionage” • Opportunity!
    10. 10. Put Your Best Profile Forward “70% of companies have rejected candidates based on the candidate's online reputation, but only 7% of Americans believe it affects their job search.”
    11. 11. Five MUSTS 1.Have a clear, professional, recognizable photo 2.Fill out your profile completely & thoughtfully (Note: auto-fills, searchability) 3. Connect, Connect, Connect! 4. Join groups 5. Participate – Share, Comment, Communicate! And then…
    12. 12. Kick It Up A Notch
    13. 13. Claim Your Custom LinkedIn URL Professional, easier to search/share, easy to do
    14. 14. Create A Badge For Your Website
    15. 15. Customize Your Website/Blog Links
    16. 16. Add Samples • Add samples of your work in the appropriate sections; • Upload presentations, documents, images, videos and web links
    17. 17. Think SEO Keywords matter! Customize Your Profile Sections Add, delete, and rearrange the sections on your LinkedIn profile to best highlight your accomplishments and skills Turn Your Profile Into a Resume Take advantage of the new resume builder tool to convert your online profile into a printable, shareable resume
    18. 18. Don’t Be A Ghost Make it easy for people to identify and connect with you
    19. 19. And You Can Identify & Connect Too • New & Improved! • See who’s viewed you & say “Hello.” • Learn how people find you • And how you stack up against your peers • $ = More Info
    20. 20. Now Don’t Just Sit There… Congratulations! You have an awesome profile. That’s fantastic. You’re done!!!
    21. 21. NOT!
    22. 22. Add “Plays Nice With Others” To Your Skills • “Social Listening” • Read somethin’ - it’s good for ya’! • Like it? Say so. • Like it a lot? Share it. Tweet it! Shout it from the rooftops!!! • (Or maybe just leave a comment from time to time) • Give credit where credit is due (Yep, you can @tag!) • Don’t forget your groups! Network w/ a targeted audience. • Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
    23. 23. Keep Your Finger On The Pulse
    24. 24. But What About My Business?
    25. 25. Oh Honey, if only we had enough time!
    26. 26. Learn More at UMSL! Earn your Certificate in Digital Media Marketing In as Little as Two Semesters!
    27. 27. THANK YOU Let’s keep in touch!
    28. 28. Dana Workes Independent Marketing Consulting ph. 314.495.6572 e. @dworkes +DanaWorkes