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50 birthday

50 birthday



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    Papa Papa Presentation Transcript

    • A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away…
    • Barry Lee Thornbury
      August 17, 1961 – Older Than Dirt
    • The Early Years
      Barry was born in Virginia and spent most of his childhood in West Carrollton, Ohio. During this time he….
      Didn’t learn to swim but learned who he was… a lot about livin’ and a little about love.
      Now for the highlights….
    • Talking about cars…
      Dreaming about women…
    • When you were a kid…
      A cell phone was what you used to make your one phone call from jail.
    • The Trouble Maker
      I cant find any pictures of us, I just know he was the one who got us into trouble all the time. I was the good one. We were brothers and always will be,, we were there for each other and were best friends and experienced a lot together.
    • I honestly don’t know how we are both still alive,. our camping stories and our get rich schemes, he always had a way of trying to get rich schemes. of course none of them turned out. He had a lot of bull.... in him. He was trouble and he was quite the lady’s man., always had a gorgeous girl . I don’t know why but he did and he ended up marrying one.
    • We met these two girls on a chat line blindly we ended up meeting them at a skating rink. he was laughing at me cause he thought I was gonna have the ugly one. guess who got the ugly one? Your dad. I laughed so hard I couldn’t stand it. Another time we went camping at rockey fork lake. Your dad was trying to impress on a group of teenagers there that we played in a band and was backup for uriah heap. we cant play anything. Guess what they had guitars and a drum and wanted us to play. let him tell you the rest.
    • Get Rich Schemes…
      Lemonade Stand … Rock Star … Restaurant … Insurance Agencies … Computer Business … Sports Memorabilia … Author … Singing Agent … Crochet Snakes … Flipping Houses … Movie Producer … the list goes on …
    • At one time we had a lot of people wanting to fight us. I think I told you when he got knocked out at a football game. me and your dad had a lot of good times together and I wouldn’t change a thing. he is my brother and I always have loved him.
    • When you were a kid…
      A video game was trying to make out what the fuzzy images were on a snowy, black & white 10 inch TV screen.
      This became your daughters favorite channel 
    • Our family is a circle of strength and love…
With every birth and every union the circle grows…
Every joy shared adds more love…
Every crisis faced together makes the circle grow stronger.
    • When you were a kid…
      A calculator was the accountant that did your taxes.
    • When you were a kid…
      A birthday was something you actually looked forward to!
    • When you were a kid…
      High speed access was an on-ramp on the freeway.
    • Family Beginnings
    • Some Things Never Change
      Like grandFATHER ….Like grandSON
    • When you were a kid…
      Remote meant a secluded spot off the beaten path.
    • When you were a kid…
      Cable was something that supported a bridge.
    • Everybody say…
      I’m a
    • Happy 50th Birthday