Hollern and associates products and services overview


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Hollern and associates products and services overview

  1. 1. “Best in Class” Products and Services for Brokers and their Clients
  2. 2. Hollern & Associates is a general agency with over 30 years of recognized experience in voluntary benefits. Representing the best worksite carriers on the market today for voluntary products and offering cutting-edge technology and services for benefits management, administration and enrollment. Solutions to help… • with high deductible health plans • manage and reduce benefit costs • bridge gaps in coverage, round-out employer benefits program • communicate, educate and enroll all benefit plans • reduce and streamline benefit administrators workload Our Agency is a ONE STOP SHOP helping brokers and their clients find sound solutions addressing bottom-line benefit decisions.
  3. 3. Our Agency works with the top worksite carriers for voluntary benefits in the industry offering „best in class‟ products and underwriting while addressing the high cost of healthcare. Benefit Solutions
  4. 4. Our Agency has partnered with various Third Party Administrators with a proven track record to offer tax favored programs to reduce and manage payroll costs. Tax Favored Programs
  5. 5. Our Agency has partnered with various Third Party Administrators with a proven track for services to help benefits administrators in the areas of compliance and benefit regulations. Benefits Administration & Compliance
  6. 6. Our Agency offers cutting-edge, state-of-the-art benefits management and enrollment technology to help benefits administrators reduce and streamline their workload. Benefits Management & Enrollment Technology
  7. 7. Our Agency provides benefits communication, education and enrollment support as well as the tools necessary for a successful enrollment experience for employer and their employees. Benefits Communication & Enrollment
  8. 8. Products designed to… • Manage and address increasing cost of health care • Bridge gaps in current coverage • Complement, enhance and round-out employer benefits program • Provide employees and their family with financial protection Products offered with… • Guaranteed Issue • Competitive pricing • Take-over credit towards pre-existing conditions Wide Product Portfolio: o Short Term Disability o Long Term Disability o Accident o Cancer o Critical Illness o Hospital Confinement o Gap Plans o Life Insurance o Long Term Care o Dental & Vision Specialty Product Programs: o Solutions Plus+ Gap Packages o Premium Saver “Insured HRA” o Uniform Coverage Risk Insurance Plan for Health Care FSA o Short + Long Term Disability o Life Insurance + Long Term Care o Critical Illness + Cancer Benefit Solutions
  9. 9. o Section125 Pre-tax Plan o Flexible Spending Accounts: • Health Care FSA* • Dependent Care FSA • Transportation FSA o Health Savings Account (HSA) o Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) $500 Employee’s Insurance Cost per Month $208 Employee’s FSA Contribution per Month ($2,000 FSA) X12 Months $8,496 Employee’s Total Annual Cost X7.65% Employer FICA Taxes $649 Estimated Annual Employer Savings per Employee Company Size Estimated Tax Savings 20 Employees $8,032 40 Employees $16,065 60 Employees $24,097 80 Employees $32,130 100 Employees $40,162 *Assumptions: FSA Employee Participation in Group of 30% Insurance Employee Participation in Group of 75% *Features Uniform Coverage Risk Insurance Plan to limit exposure to the uniform coverage rule for Health FSA Tax Favored Programs
  10. 10. o Plan Documentation & Communication o Tax Reporting Assistance o COBRA Administration o Dependent Verification Reviews o Nondiscrimination Testing o Health Care Reform Support o Online Administration Tools o Compliance and Benefit Regulations Keep your clients PPACA complaint with employer administrative support services offered through American Fidelity Benefits Administration & Compliance
  11. 11. o Cutting-edge, state-of-the art technology powered by AdminDirect o Maintain employee eligibility data and track dependent information o Electronic Data (EDI) with benefit carriers/vendors and other systems o Payroll deduction reconciliation and updates o One source billing for multiple carriers o Standard and customized reporting o COBRA benefit tracking o Enrollment module with benefits communication and education tools o Customizable to meet a clients‟ needs Helping benefit administrators reduce and streamline their workload Benefits Management & Enrollment Technology
  12. 12. o Enrollment planning o Custom communications o Employee benefits education o Voluntary benefits to full core enrollment o Employee benefit booklets o Total compensation statement and paycheck illustration o Group meetings o One to one benefit counseling o Call center enrollment o Co-browsing agent assisted enrollment o Post enrollment review o New hire and on-going service and enrollment support We do the work for you! Taking the enrollment from A-Z Benefits Communication & Enrollment
  13. 13. The following is a short list of carriers Hollern & Associates Represents
  14. 14. “Best in Class” Products and Services for Brokers and their Clients