BREAKING INTO PRINT: Your book publishing choices


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Breaking Into Print
Your Book-Publishing Options

Your manuscript is drafted. What is the best way to manufacture your book and distribute it to your readers? You’ve heard of Print-on-demand publishers, digital printers and more. Which systems will work for you and which companies should you avoid? What is an author to do?

There is no cookie-cutter answer. There is no “best solution” for all. Each author and each book are unique.

Dan Poynter has classified the various ways into four choices. You will be able to easily select the best one for your situation.

The most expensive parts of book publishing are the mistakes! Let Dan save you from making them.

Dan Poynter is an author of more than 130 books, has been a publisher since 1969 and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

He is an evangelist for books, an ombudsman for authors, an advocate for publishers and the godfather to thousands of successfully-published books.

His seminars have been featured on CNN, his books have been pictured in The Wall Street Journal and his story has been told in US News & World Report.
The media come to Dan because he is the leading authority on book publishing.

Dan travels more than 6,000 miles each week to share, inspire and empower writers, publishers and professional speakers through keynotes and seminars.

P-3. Multimedia with handouts and resources. 60-minutes.

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  • Best way? You’ve heard of Print-on-demand publishers, digital printers and more. What is an author to do?There is no cookie-cutter answer. The most expensive parts of book publishing are the mistakes! I will save you from making any of them.
  • Selling OutPaper: Wiley, St Martins, PutnamBooks are compared with those on the same shelf
  • Better choiceBut not best
  • S: NJ. $11/per book.Masquerading as “Self-Publishing companies.” Impossible.
  • These resellers of information (nonfiction) and entertainment (fiction) are becoming publishers. e.g. Amazon offers pBook, eBook, aBook, etc.eBook: Kindle. pBook: Createspace. aBook: Audible and CreateSpace. No exclusive.Larger printrun must be justified.Printing is a quantity game: the more you print, the lower the per-unit cost.
  • Send book not ms.
  • BREAKING INTO PRINT: Your book publishing choices

    1. 1. Dan Poynter’sYour Book Publishing Options © 2010 Dan Poynter, CSP - Mr Publishing
    2. 2.  You & Publishing Thank you for investing your  Time  Money
    3. 3. We do not Compete  Authors & publishers are collegial  Conspirators not competitors  Each book is unique  We brainstorm each other’s promotion plans
    4. 4. You canMake aDifferenceWhileMaking aLiving
    5. 5. Poll Help me to tailor this presentation to your needsWhat stage are you in your book project? (If you have more than one project, you will raise your hand more than once.) 1. Thinking & Planning 2. Writing 3. Production (setting type or going to press) 4. Promotion (the book is out)
    6. 6. An Award for ourPublished Authors
    7. 7. Your Book will Provide Credibility-You are the expert Prestige  Author-ity Exposure-Notoriety Another profit center-Income  Not hourly work  Passive income  Invest your time in your future Membership in a great industry More business  Other product sales  Speaking  Seminars  Consulting  For higher fees
    8. 8. What is in the Handout? Slides  Lots of detail on slides  Take notes on a separate sheet  “Surprise slides” not included Resources
    9. 9. What Next? Your manuscript is drafted Publishing it is next  What are your choices?  One way does not fit all  Which is best for you?  Each author and book are unique
    10. 10. Traditional (NY) Publisher Low royalties Slow to press: 18 months to produce. Loss of control Poor quality paper and manufacture
    11. 11. Specialized Publisher Medium-sized. Specialize in one subject.  Closer to market  Specialty outlets
    12. 12. Vanity Presses Make money selling books to the author. Sell fewer than 100 books per title Boiler-rooms of sales people calling you  Authors get worn down.  ―Put me on Your Do Not Call List.‖
    13. 13. Vanity Press Due Diligence Google search.  (That company name) + Scam  (That company name) + Fraud  (That company name) + Rip-off  (That company name) + “Better Business Bureau” Read the results and be advised. Discussion of vanity publishers  Article on how to spot scam vanity/subsidy publishers  onsin_Lawyer&template=/CM/ContentDisplay.cfm&conte ntid=68934
    14. 14. 3 Reasons to Self-Publish Make more money  5000 books x $19.95 x 6% of list price (12% of net) = <$6,000 Get to press sooner  18 months v 2 weeks Keep control of your work  Quality
    15. 15. The New Publishers The Big Six in NY are being replaced byAmazon, Apple, Google and B& These retailers are becoming publishers  They are inviting authors to cut out the New York publishers and deal directly with them.  Go with them and keep control  They promote books You can self-publish and -- go with them all
    16. 16. Free Newsletter Goes to 38,000+ authorsand publishers Full of tips & resources They forward it tocolleagues. Circulation grows by200/week Sign up now  (You can’t beat FREE)
    17. 17. The Book is Written, Now What? Approach an agent Find a publisher Publish yourself Why not do all three?
    18. 18. The Christmas Box
    19. 19. The Christmas BoxThe best thing thatever happened to RickEvans was having hismanuscript rejected.
    20. 20. Publishers Want to Make MoneyThey will buy existing books ifpeople are buying them.
    21. 21. Changing the Approach (80%) (20%) Book Proposal  Agent  Publisher  Published Book Traditional Way Published Book  Agent &/or Publisher The New (Book Model) Way“Lacking celebrity status or a proven track record, the chances of landinga book contract with a major publishing house are slim to none;ditto finding a literary agent.” –The Washington Post, July 15, 2003
    22. 22. How to Find The Right Agent  Determine specialty (track record)  See book’s Acknowledgements for address or call the author and ask for Agent contact info  Writers’ conference approach: Request referral. The Right Publisher  Determine specialty  See Copyright page for addressMatch your book to the agent &/or publisher
    23. 23. Your Proposal“Agents and publishers will only read far enough to make a decision.” ̶ Michael Larsen, Agent.Why waste time on a proposal?
    24. 24. It’s OK to Publish First “If a self-published book sells 1,200copies per month for six months(7,200 copies), I am interested”--Jillian Manus, Agent. MEGA, Atlanta, March 26, 2004
    25. 25. How will you be Treated? Submit:  Proposal or manuscript = Writer  Published book = Author  Book with a track record = Company owner What are you selling?“Sell your own book well enough and the publishing powers thatbe just might come knocking at your door.”—The Washington Post, July 15, 2003
    26. 26. Self-Publishing has Arrived"Self-publishing, previously viewed as a means of last resort, is increasingly seen as a first step."-- Steve Riggio, the chief executive of Barnes & Noble.“...self-publishing has a noble tradition behind it. Many writers might never have been discovered if it hadnt been for their own determination and motivation to get their work in print. Self- published or not, quality work speaks for itself.”--Jane Friedman, Managing Editor, Writers Digest Don’t just take my word for it
    27. 27. Four Stages of a BookStage: Writing Producing Distributing PromotingResponsibility: Author Publisher Publisher AuthorSubcontract: Printer Distributor The Playing Field is Level
    28. 28. How do Publishers Test-Market Books?“With a first printing.”―Michael Larsen, agent.
    29. 29. Publishers do not Promote Books"Thinking your publisher is going tomake you rich and famous (andpromote your book) is like giving birthand thinking your obstetrician is goingto raise your kid. It aint gonnahappen. Difficult as it is to realize,authors must take full responsibilityfor the promotion of their own books.“ --Kathryn Hall, Publicist.
    30. 30. Promotion Budgets“Authors often assume, logically,that a book for which a publisherhas paid a high advance is a bookthat a publisher will later pay topromote.Sadly, of course, it often does notwork out that way.”--Sara Nelson, Editor, Publishers Weekly.
    31. 31. The Contract Don’t sign it You are in the driver’s seat  They want you Negotiate it
    32. 32. Who Has Published Simultaneously? What Color is Your Parachute by Episcopal clergymen Richard Nelson Bolles. 22 editions, 6 million copies, Now published by Ten Speed Press. The Beanie Baby Handbook by Lee and Sue Fox sold three million copies in two years In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters. Over 25,000 copies were sold directly to consumers in its first year. Then it was sold to Warner and the publisher sold 10 million more. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. He started by selling copies out of the trunk of his Honda—over 100,000 of them. He subsequently sold out to Warner The One-Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson sold over 20,000 copies locally before they sold out to William Morrow. It has now sold over 12-million copies The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. (and his student E. B. White) was originally self-published for his classes at Cornell University in 1918. Now 10 million have been sold. A Time to Kill by John Grisham. He sold his first work out of the trunk of his car. All self-published and some later sold out to publishers
    33. 33. Published by Rich Press, 2006.N: Title of first self-help book?
    34. 34. First Self-Help Book-- 1859
    35. 35. Simultaneous Publishing Not the enemy of traditional publishing A friend with the answer to traditional publishingDon’t wait for an agent or publisher to get back to you.Contact an online publishers and a printer.
    36. 36. No One Cares Whothe Publisher isNo one buys a book because it comes from Random House or Simon & Schuster.--Jeffrey Trachtenberg, columnist, The Wall Street Journal, March 6, 2007
    37. 37. When to Decide?"Self-Publishing should not be a fall-back option. It should be adecision."--Judith Appelbaum, WIW Panel, May 14, 2005.  Past Managing Editor of Publishers Weekly  Author of How to Get Happily Published
    38. 38. Simultaneous Publishing Covering all the bases—at the same time  Agents  Publishers  Self-Publishing“Sophisticated computer and desktop software allows ones bookto be produced at a fraction of what it once cost, withoutdiminishing the odds of it becoming a bestseller. Thats why do-it-yourselfers comprise the fastest-growing segment of thepublishing industry.”–The Washington Post, July 15, 2003
    39. 39. Summary pBook. Printed book  CreateSpace > Amazon  Digital printer. Print 500 for promotion. eBook. Electronic book  85% royalty.  Amazon directly. 70% royalty. aBook. Audiobook  Record Yourself  CreateSpace > Amazon
    40. 40. Online PromotionGo where potential clients gather  Blogs  Forums  Websites  Amazon annotationsSpend time Social NetworkingUse Social Media
    41. 41. FMI: Para Publishing Web Site Search  Site info  Ezines  Success Stories
    42. 42. Forums (Cheap Consulting) SELF-PUBLISHING. PUBLISH-L. SmallPubCivil. Fiction_L. Children’s Books. Children’s Books. IND-E-PUBS. eBooks. POD Publishers Publishing Design Book Signings/Mini Seminars. Copy Law.
    43. 43. 4 More Help with your Project  The Calendar in The Self- Publishing Manual  Our Web Site  InfoKits  Book Shepherds  Suppliers List  Affinity Groups (Listservs) If there is anything you did not understand today, contact me.
    44. 44. If You AreThinking, Writing withPlanning someoneor Writing else The New WayPublishing to Write,or Publish &Promoting Promote Your Learning Resources
    45. 45. Template: Just fill-in the Blanks Zip-up binder  Portable & secure Each book page with instructions Copy of Writing Nonfiction with examples. $297 CD with pages See formatted and laid out.
    46. 46. You Can Get it All PowerPacks  Starter Kit $297  Master Kit $497  Professional Kit $ 897 Books, Reports, CDs, Mailing Lists, Contracts, Forms, Private Consulting with Dan and more . . .See
    47. 47. 4 When Next We Meet, Will You have? An idea in your head, or A book under your arm It is up to you
    48. 48. 4 Publishing is Like Parachuting Each is a game of odds The object is to have fun and reduce the risks as much as possible
    49. 49. Start Your Book Now “I’ve never met an author that was sorry he or she wrote their book . . . they are only sorry they did not write it sooner.” —Sam Horn, Author and Speaker “I never said writing your book would be easy. I only promise it will be worth it.” —Dan Poynter
    50. 50. 1 My name is Dan Poynter and I don’t want you to die with a book still inside you.
    51. 51.
    52. 52. Please Tell Others About this ProgramSeeProgramDetailson theWebsite