Blogging for Business & Profit - An Introduction

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Presentation given at #DPiP, August 2014 on Blogging for Businesses and those looking to develop a career or grow a site to the size it can supply a partial or full income

Presentation given at #DPiP, August 2014 on Blogging for Businesses and those looking to develop a career or grow a site to the size it can supply a partial or full income

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  • 1. Blogging for Business or Profit: Building Sales or Careers with Content
  • 2. - Making a living from your blog. - Being hired to write for others - Using a blog to build your business website
  • 3. Why blog as a business? - biz with blogs = 70% more leads - 434% more pages indexed, 97% more links - 15 posts per month = 5x more traffic than no blog
  • 4. Why blog as a person? - no wait to get experience. Post about companies you'd like to work with. - Build a rep as a thought leader - get invitations to speak, consult, write. - Build your network. Guest post etc
  • 5. + - Don't rely on 3rd party social media to exist - control over design and content - be found via search - target semantic/contextual queries
  • 6. Step 1 'Define your target' - 5% of leads from the blog in the next 12 months? - to earn £300 per month in 24 months? -To get 3 paid writing assignments by October? ( Make it measurable! ) -Cut customer service enquiries by 20%?
  • 7. Step 2 'Research readers & Competitors' - identify your niche & identity - Write for your ideal reader/customer/client -Who else is trying to get to them? What do they do well (steal!) or Badly (Attack!)
  • 8. Step 3 'plan' But be prepared to learn and evolve daily/weekly/monthly
  • 9. No, Really plan: - Editorial/Content plan for consistency - marketing plan to actually reach new readers & customers - Costs: Resources, Design, Sanity?
  • 10. Step 4 'realism & perseverance' - millions of bad blogs exist & achieve nada - Blogging & 'content marketing' take focus, perseverance & skill -blogs don't magically fix seo, bad products or bad businesses
  • 11. perseverance' You are probably not Pete Cashmore - starts 'Mashable' blog age 19 in Scotland - Now CEO of Mashable company worth millions in U.S
  • 12. Step 5 'focus' - 1 idea, blog or social network at a time & don't jump on every viral bandwagon - What works for your ideal customers, not every internet user - what drives the results you need?
  • 13. Step 6 'learn your tech /embrace your geek' - domains/sub-domains? -Self hosting is way better -get to know Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and how to set tags and event tracking - Know how your ad software works!
  • 14. Step 7 'for every job, a tool' - ads: Google Adsense, Google DFP -Affiliates: Skimlinks, viglinks, Amazon, Commission Junction. -email: mailchimp -Social Media: Buffer -offline: Windows Live Writer
  • 15. Step 7 'for every job, a free open source tool' - writing: Open Office, Libreoffice -Images: G.I.m.p -video: Blender -audio: audacity Wordpress plugins: 'WordPress SEO by Yoast', WooCommerce, akismet, etc
  • 16. 'Stay inspired' - Read everything: Blogs, books adverts, packaging, comics - pick out what is engaging you and why it works - 'Bad artists copy. Good artists steal' said Picasso - check q&A sites, social media etc for questions
  • 17. 'develop your style' - Keep consistent style and tone, even with multi-authors - easiest with one editor / sub-editor - create a style guide -Don't make it too dull or you'll be the same as everyone else - Dull B&W presentations is a style
  • 18. Step 10 'Make it fun' - fun means you'll keep going - helps you stand out - stops you getting dull, and any subject can be fun at times
  • 19. - Signalvsnoise (37 signals) / - The Rivet Press (Hiut Denium) - Buffer (Buffer) - Innocent Drinks
  • 20. & share on instagram, flickr, pinterest - Create video & share on youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion - create audio & share on soundcloud, audioboo - presentations = slideshare - pdfs = scribd visualisations,
  • 21. Notes: - this Presentation: - For Me: or @twotwmarketing -For DpiP Presentations: terborough