Startup WeekendWhat to expect...
•   Start with a Pitch•   Form/Join a team•   Work on your Idea•   End with a PitchOutline for the weekend
Get Organized
Work on the Business
Collaborate with yourteam
Seek Customer Validation
And keep collaborating
Refine your pitch
Pitch for the Judges
End as part of a newcommunity                                                                    ...
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Startup weekend notre dame what to expect


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Startup weekends are exciting, time-constrained, fun, but sometimes stressful activities. This slideshow is meant to add just a little bit of context for those who may be wondering what a Startup Weekend looks like.

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  • This deck is not intended to give you a mastery of Startup Weekend. The goal is to remove some uncertainty so that you participate in one.
  • On Friday evening, participants who have ideas and who want to form a team give a 60 second pitch. The ideas get written down and posted on the wall. Next, the participants vote to identify the ideas they are most interested in. Then, people join teams around the top ideas. Just like in mature businesses, startups need diversity of opinion and skill.
  • After your team is formed, it helps to put some light structure around your idea. I like the business model canvas.
  • The team spends the next day and a half iterating on the business model and trying to validate ideas. Pursue some ideas, pivot on others. It helps to keep it all big and visible so the whole team knows where the team is focusing; what’s known, what’s unknown, what is the current problem you are working to solve.
  • There are many ways to get customer validation. You can send surveys, create a prototype to talk walk through with them, or do interviews to understand their needs.
  • On Sunday afternoon, all the teams pitch their startup to the judges. It’s very exciting. Judges ask questions about your business.
  • Congratulations. When the weekend is over, you have joined a community of entrepreneurial folks. The relationships are likely to extend well beyond the weekend.
  • If you are looking for a place to continue your entrepreneurial journey, consider joining The Branch.
  • Startup weekend notre dame what to expect

    1. 1. Startup WeekendWhat to expect...
    2. 2. • Start with a Pitch• Form/Join a team• Work on your Idea• End with a PitchOutline for the weekend
    3. 3. Pitch
    4. 4. Get Organized
    5. 5. Work on the Business
    6. 6. Collaborate with yourteam
    7. 7. Seek Customer Validation
    8. 8. And keep collaborating
    9. 9. Refine your pitch
    10. 10. Pitch for the Judges
    11. 11. End as part of a newcommunity
    12. 12. www.TheBranchSB.comSee the page that discusses how The Branch meets the needs of startups.Continue your journey