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This ppt talks about how businesses need to embrace the Brave New eWorld we are living in, but are failing to.
> Brave New eWorld: we're now living in a fascinating digital revolution, but brands aren't embracing social media as well as they should, with some merely ticking the social media box
> Know Your Customer: It's an age-old business principle and brands that care about their customers (and therefore their bottom line) should listen, learn, and engage; it's about gaining 'real' market intelligence and using it to improve e-strategies
> Power to the People: Normal rules of customer engagement have been changed forever by social media; it's truly democratised the web
> Put the customer first: The customer needs to be at the heart of all online strategies; social engagement therefore should be a core part of any social strategy…the rules of engagement should now be the rules of social engagement

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Know Your Customer ppt #smwf 2012

  1. 1. Know Your Customer Let’s get engaged @DanPurvis Director, PR Visit Meltwater BuzzMarch 2011 – SMWF Europe at Stand 43/44
  2. 2. Quick intro And then we can get to it1
  3. 3. Meltwater Group • Founded 2001 in Oslo, Norway • 20,000+ active customers • HQ in San Francisco • 57 offices in 29 countries • Over $100M in revenue • 800+ employees worldwide2
  4. 4. Digital Intelligence & Marketing Solutions Online Media Monitoring Meltwater News Meltwater Meltwater Press Reach MeltwaterSEM Platform & Group Intelligent Media DatabaseConsulting & PR Distribution Meltwater Buzz Social Media Monitoring, Social CRM Engagement & Management3
  5. 5. Know Your Customer Engagement is key..4
  6. 6. Knowledge is power And it resides outside the firewall 1. When the 17th 3. There’s been a macro trend – the explosion of Century philosopher Sir information published outside the company firewall. Francis Bacon said Until recently, it’s been all about mining the data “knowledge is power” within the firewall – highly valuable, but it stops at he couldn’t have WHERE WE THINK the firewall. possibly imagined the YOU WANT TO BE enormous volume of 5. But this “Brave information that New eWorld” – this businesses in the 21st fascinating digital Century work with day- revolution – that in, day-out. we’re living in is not being embraced. 4. In contrast, the information outside the company firewall is describing the environment in which the company operates. It gives incredibly rich insights into a company’s customers, competitors, industry trends, stakeholders, partners and so on. Businesses must start using this digital intelligence.2. The massive surge in the number of customerchannels and touch points has resulted in a huge 6. Too many brands seem to think thatgrowth in the amount of data businesses can collect they can tick the social media box simplyon customers and their behaviour. And it can now by broadcasting their messages andbe done in real-time. content to the world. 5
  7. 7. Do you really care? Customer must come first WHERE WE THINK YOU WANT TO BE 2. But what does this mean? It means constantly collecting and analysing 3. All organizations can benefit massive volumes of data – listening to from it – having real-time what’s being said out there on the knowledge of what the target Web. Then they must use that audience wants is incredibly knowledge to build 360 degree profiles powerful. It should also go way and engage with their audience one- beyond the domain of the Comms1. Social media for businesses on-one. & Marketing depts. Critically, itand brands is very much like the helps brands to gain intelligenceage-old business tenet of “know and therefore improve andyour customer”. Any strengthen customer relations,organisation that really cares feed into product development,about their customers should assist HR and recruitment, tracklisten to their opinions, pain the competition, and keep on toppoints or feedback. If you don’t, of market trends and’ll be left behind. 6
  8. 8. Power to the People The democratised Web 2. And whether you like it or not – some of those conversations (good AND bad) are most likely about your 1bn WHERE WE THINK brand. tweets YOU ARE I can be per heard!!! week Over 800mn 3. The common expression “the active customer is always right” is now1. The sheer scale of social media even more relevant with the users advent of social media and thehighlights its disruptive nature andshows how the normal rules of power the consumer now has.customer engagement have beenchanged forever.Everyone can voice their opinionacross a multitude of social networksand platforms – it’s truly democratizedthe web. It’s the first time people areable to voice their opinions as they like, 100s of milions ofto whom they like. blogs 7
  9. 9. Putting the customer first They’re not just a number 3. Getting the process and strategy right is 1. As such, the customer needs to one thing. Most importantly, it’s about being be at heart of all online strategies. willing, agile & bold enough to adapt to Whether this is building a 360 changing consumer demands. WHERE WE THINK degree profile of an individual’s digital footprint; segmenting their YOU WANT TO BE online target audience in terms of demographics and geographies; building online communities to encourage debate and discussion about topical issues, and so on. There really is so much that can be done. YourYou customer 4. After all, as Darwin said, if you have the knowledge to continually be able to adapt to your changing environment, you2. Taking this further, social engagement should become a will survive, grow and prosper.staple part of any social strategy diet. It’s about two-waycommunication. And for businesses, this means convertingconversations into customers. 8
  10. 10. Enough from meTime for the Bear… WHERE WE THINK WHERE WE THINK YOU ARE YOU WANT TO BE Enough theory. Now for the marmalade sandwich moment you’ve been waiting for…our valued Meltwater Buzz customer, Paddington Bear, will tell us about the social media adventure he’s been on and how we’ve been helping him navigate the digital maze! 9
  11. 11. Know Your Customer Let’s get engaged @DanPurvis Director, PR Visit Meltwater BuzzMarch 2011 – SMWF Europe at Stand 43/44