3 Days Left to Enter Your eBook


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There is no question that an award will bring attention to your eBook. Receiving an award opens the opportunity to reach your readers with a badge of distinction on your book cover and a golden sticker for your eBook cover.

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3 Days Left to Enter Your eBook

  1. 1. For Immediate Release . . . Contact: Barbara Gaughen (“gone”) Gaughen Global Public Relations +1-805-968-8567 3 Days Left to Enter Your Ebook: www.GlobalEbookAwards.comThere is no question that an award will bring attention to your ebook.Receiving an award opens the opportunity to reach your readers with abadge of distinction on your book cover and a golden sticker for your ebookcover. The Global Ebook Awards provides the promotion for those who entertheir book by Monday, March 12th midnight, Pacific Time.The greatest challenge for ebook authors, both fiction and nonfiction, isgetting them known. Known, read, loved, and recommended to others. Thisis the best publicity: “word of mouth.” The predicament is finding readersinterested in your subject. The 252 Judges for the Global Ebook Awardsselect the categories of books in which they have an expertise and want toread. They are avid readers who voluntarily come to your ebook.Enter now before MON, March 12th midnight www.globalebookawards.com:Being nominated for an ebook award multiplies your investment three ways.1. More reviews for your book.Judges range from book bloggers to bookreviewers, librarians, book club & reading circlemembers, publicists, book shepherds, as well asprofessional critics and subject-matter experts inthe category they prefer.Many of the more than 252 judges needmaterial for their (category) blogs and many willreview your book at Amazon, B&N.com, MidwestBook Review, etc. See the list of judges athttp://globalebookawards.com/2012-judges/2. Six promotional projects.Once your ebook is accepted into Nomination, you will receive a promotionalproject each week for six weeks. These projects will show you where to
  2. 2. publicize your book’s nomination and how to track the results. You can usethese publicity ideas and projects for this and all future ebooks.3. Nominated “sticker.”Bring attention to your ebook by placing a Nominated sticker in your blog,website, emails, etc.Being accepted into Nomination into the Global Ebook Awards is a stepping-stone to more publicity. Reviews and publicity projects multiply yourinvestment and maximize publicity for your book.Your ebook will benefit from this fabulous publicity system for just $79 perebook, per category. Enter now.http://globalebookawards.com/instructions-for-entering/Accepting entries: Now, from ebook authors and publishers.Eligibility: Ebook released anytime on or before March 11, 2012.Application deadline: March 12, 2012 (midnight Pacific Time).The Second Annual Global Ebook Award ceremony will be held in gorgeousSanta Barbara on Saturday, August 18, 2012. To see what happened in2011, go tohttp://globalebookawards.com/awards-ceremony-2011/The Global eBook Awards are designed to help you achieve these publicitygoals. The Awards are more than a “sticker” they come with a built-inpublicity machine. Submitting your eBook for a Global Ebook Award is apublicity investment. Your ebook deserves this exposure.Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards is a division of Para Publishing LLC ofSanta Barbara.-30- GeBA 3 Days Left to Enter