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Linked In: The Best Social Media Resource For Finding Your Dream Job
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Linked In: The Best Social Media Resource For Finding Your Dream Job


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An overview of Linked in capabilities with strategies for job seekers on effective social networking.

An overview of Linked in capabilities with strategies for job seekers on effective social networking.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • US civilian labor force in 2010 is 157 million
  • Transcript

    • 1. Linked in
       The Best Social Media Resource for Finding Your Dream Job
      Dan Hanssel
      Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • 2. Agenda
      • What is Linked in?
      • 3. Home Page, News and Inbox
      • 4. Settings/Personalization/Premium Membership
      • 5. Creating & Maintaining Your Profile
      • 6. Connections and Recommendations
      • 7. Advanced People Search
      • 8. Jobs
      • 9. Company Pages, Groups and Answers
      • 10. Mobile, Twitter and Applications
      • 11. Linked In Job Search Strategies
    • 12. What is Linkedin?
      One of the first Social Media websites-launched May ‘03
      Career oriented – used for professional networking
      More than 65 Million users – adding +3 Million/month
      Ave. Age = 41; Ave. HH Income = $109K; 64% Male
      30% of members are C-level, EVP, SVP or Sr. Mgmt.
      Members from 200 countries, half from USA
      Employs degrees of separation/trusted contact concept
      Gated access approach – restricts access
      LION strategy negates concept of “trusted contact”
    • 13. HomePage, News & Inbox
      HomePage is where you land upon log in
      Check your stats daily - in right margin under flash ad
      Click on first line to see list of who visited your profile
      Review Updates from your contacts on left side
      Daily news updates about your current company
      Click “see more news” to go to News homepage
      You will receive an email whenever you get a new message in your LI Inbox (top left of homepage)
      Respond promptly to requests
    • 14. Settings/Personalization
      • The Account & Settingssection allows you to choose how your information is displayed, how you want to be contacted, and your overall privacy preferences
      • 15. Settings for privacy, profile, email, personal info, etc.
      • 16. Increase your exposure: maximize public settings
      • 17. Be sure you have a public profile and vanity URL
      • 18. Premium membership levels offer additional benefits: Introductions, Premium Search, InMails, OpenLink, Featured Applicant (Job Seeker)
    • 19. Question #1
      How concerned are you about privacy issues related to your Linked in membership?
      • Very concerned
      • 20. Somewhat concerned
      • 21. Only Slightly concerned
      • 22. Not at all concerned
    • 23. Create/Maintain Your Profile
      The most important part of being on Linked in
      Two approaches: Detailed vs. Summary/Teaser format
      Name, Headline, Location, Industry, Photo
      Sell your personal value proposition!
      Summary and Specialties (key words)
      Experience – include current and former employers
      Provide maximum details on most recent jobs
      Education, Websites, Associations, Honors and Awards
      A complete profile generates maximum activity
      Quantifiable accomplishments are essential!
    • 24. Accomplishment Metrics
      • Operations – inventory turns, out-of-stock rate, service levels, product rejects, warranty costs, customer satisfaction, and raw material costs • Finance/Accounting – COGS, gross margin, SG&A and operating expenses, operating margin, DSO, cash flow • HR – absenteeism and turnover • Project Management – time, cost, and quality • Web Design – pages/visit, average time on site, click-through rate, and cost per thousand impressions
    • 25. Accomplishment Metrics (cont.)
      • Marketing – brand penetration, revenue and unit sales, customer retention, and market share • Sales – pipeline, closing ratios, new business, and quotas • Customer Service – customer complaints, consumer satisfaction index, average call time, and dropped calls • Collections – overdue accounts and collection costs
      Engineering – defect rates, project schedules and
      budgets, cost reduction, productivity rates
    • 26. Question #2
      How many Linked in members here have profiles that are 100% complete?
    • 27. Connections & Recommendations
      • Invite former bosses, colleagues, vendors, consultants and subordinates to connect
      • 28. Use Webmail Import or upload a contacts file (Outlook, etc.) to see who you know on LI and connect with them
      • 29. With each new connection, review their contact list!
      • 30. Only invite trusted, positive contacts that will speak well of you if asked, and may be willing to recommend
      • 31. LIONs get quantity at the expense of quality. Avoid DNKs
      • 32. Ask any connection to recommend you. Get a good mix of bosses, colleagues, vendors and subordinates
      • 33. Some connections may take awhile to respond
      • 34. Give to Get – proactively recommend colleagues
    • 35. Question #3
      How many new Linked in connections have you made in the past 90 days?
    • 39. Question #4
      How many Linked in recommendations have you requested or given in the past year?
    • 43. Advanced People Search
      Search by name title, company or school
      For company and title, you may search for Current, Current + Past or Past not Current
      Check all industries and languages you want to search
      Indicate which of your Groups and Relationships are to be searched, and when they joined LI
      Premium membership adds: Function, Seniority Level, Company Size, Fortune list status and Member types
      Indicate Sort By and View types
    • 44. Question #5
      How many Linked in members have used the Advanced People Search function?
    • 45. Jobs
      LI is a great source for professional and executive jobs
      Some jobs are advertised on LI exclusively!
      Use the Job Search function at least once a week
      Advanced search facilitates a more targeted search
      Use your LI network to communicate with members at target employers to identify recruiters and hiring mgrs
      Once identified, connect with recruiter/hiring manager – use your invitation to pitch your candidacy
      Use your network - learn about culture and mgr’s style
    • 46. Company Pages, Groups & Answers
      Profiles feature a company overview, who you know at the company, and unique data from the LI network
      Follow company to get frequent updates
      Groups are a great way to expand your network!
      Join any group related to your industry, career specialty, location, schools, associations, etc.
      The Answers section: a way to let your expertise shine!
      LI members rate your answers – become a subject matter expert!
    • 47. Mobile, Twitter & Applications
      Mobile apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Palm Pre
      Can access from any mobile browser:
      Now you can tweet your LinkedIn status to your Twitter followers or automatically post your tweets as your LinkedIn status. Or do both.
      Use LI apps for collaboration tools, sharing your presentations, linking your LI profile to your blog, or tracking what your customers are saying about your company. Share travel plans and reading lists
    • 48. Question #6
      How many people here use Twitter or Facebook for business purposes or to find a job?
    • 49. Linked in Job Search Strategies
      Update your LI profile regularly
      Use an attention grabbing headline!
      Make sure your Summary and Specialties contain lots of key words about your area of specialization, as well as key accomplishments from your jobs in the Experience section of your profile
      Consider upgrade to Job Seeker premium package
      Always respond immediately to Expertise requests
      Build your reputation as an expert in Answers
    • 50. Question #7
      Who has used the Answers section of LI or has responded to any Expertise Requests?
    • 51. Organizing Your Search
      What are your unique marketable skills?
      What is your targeted geography?
      What is the demand for your skills in your geography?
      Compile a list of all area employers that hire people like you and have the operational size to afford you
      In which of those companies/organizations would your skills give you an edge over other candidates?
      Search those employers’ Company pages on LI
      See if your LI network includes people from target cos.
    • 52. Building Your Personal Brand on LI
      Become an active participant on Linked in
      Review network Updates & Groups on your home page - get a feel for ways to stay visible to your network
      Position yourself as an expert – an “A” player – preferably in a high-demand specialty
      Use Recommendations to reinforce your positioning
      Regularly search Answers section for questions that are in your area of expertise and provide sharp responses
      Respond immediately to Expertise Requests
    • 53. Strategies to Build Connections
      Target recruiters from your industry and career specialty to connect
      Include both outside AND inside (HR) recruiters
      Most recruiters won’t do DNKs
      Connect with likely hiring executives at your target cos.
      Use InMails if target is outside your network or Introductions if target is once or twice removed
      Connect with influential people that have contacts that are useful to you for job search networking
    • 54. Getting Noticed on Linked in
      Use SlideShare or Google Presentation apps to share your .PPT and other presos that you want to show off on your Linked in profile
      Blog Link and WordPress apps let you connect your LI profile to your blog
      Use TripIt - share your travel plans & arrange meet ups
      Share your Amazon Reading List
      Use Polls app to interact with your network – send as an update to level one contacts, email to colleagues, post as a discussion on your LI Groups
    • 55. Getting Noticed (contd.)
      Put a video on your LI profile, e.g. a presentation or speech you delivered – show off your public speaking and Q&A skills!
      Connect your LI profile to your Twitter account through the Tweets app or through Company Buzz
      Visit the Answers section often – provide reasoned responses to queries in your areas of expertise
      Join any group that relates to your position or status and start interesting Discussions in your Groups
    • 56. Networking With Recruiters
      Aggressively target both retained/contingent recruiters that work your industry or specialty as well as internal HR recruiters at target companies
      Your goal is to establish a symbiotic relationship with recruiters – you must help them if you want help
      When you send an invitation to connect to a recruiter, tell them about your network of contacts and your willingness to help them fulfill their searches
      Whenever a recruiter contacts you, always respond! If the position doesn’t fit you, send them candidates!
    • 57. Question #8
      How many of you have helped a recruiter fill a position in the past 90 days?
    • 58. Packaging Your Product…You
      Your interview presentation folder should include your resume, a copy of your LI profile, and a printout of all the LI recommendations you’ve received
      Be sure to customize your resume to each opportunity so you can emphasize your relevant experience
      Read everything you can find about networking, interviewing, presenting and negotiating
    • 59. Summary
      Your LI Profile is your best marketing tool
      Use a compelling, attention grabbing Headline
      Make lots of relevant, high quality Connections
      Give and seek strong Recommendations
      Use Advanced People Search to network
      Join relevant Groups and start good discussions
      Show off your expertise on Answers
      Use free LI apps to expand and extend your presence
    • 60. Dan Hanssel Bio
      Dan Hanssel is a Buffalo native and UB graduate. He has spent his marketing career in the technology and services sectors.
      At GTE Airfone, Dan’s team grew sales from $37 Million to $226 Million in under 5 years.
      As VP Marketing and Sales at Utilicom Networks, he helped a technology start-up to raise a $100 Million equity investment from Blackstone Group.; and grew sales from $0 to $25 Million in 2 years.
      Most recently, as Marketing Director at Time Warner Cable, he led the $370 Million Buffalo Division to become the company’s leading operation.
      As an LI member since 2004, Dan has helped many executives to successfully land jobs by training them in the effective use of Linked In.
    • 61. Dan Hanssel – Marketing Expertise
      Social Media Marketing Strategy
      Integrated Marketing Campaigns
      Direct Response
      Competitive Intelligence
      Subscription Services – B2C and B2B
    • 62. Linked in & Job Resources
      Today’s presentation (.PPS) is on my LI profile
      If necessary, email me and I’ll send the .PPS file
      Subscribe free (become a follower) to my Job Warrior blog for tips on the search process:
      Search LI for great free webinars on being an LI power user, networking and job search
      Get active on Linked in today!
    • 63. Thank You & Good Luck!
    • 64. Q & A