Brett D. Indiana Statehood Project

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This is a student 4th grade student's Indiana statehood project.

This is a student 4th grade student's Indiana statehood project.

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  • 1. Facts about the state of Indiana. By: B. D.
  • 2. I thought this project would be cool because I saw other people do it. It inspired me to do this.
  • 3. The state flower is the Peony.
  • 4. The Tulip Tree is our state tree.
  • 5. The Cardinal is our state bird.
  • 6. Weird but true: Our state animal is a White-Tailed Deer!
  • 7. Jonathan Jennings was our first governor.
  • 8. Tony Stewart is a famous Hoosier.
    • Tony grew up in Columbus, Indiana.
    • He drove 3 cars in his career.
    • Stewart won 3 Sprint cups.
  • 9. Lime Stone is one of Indiana's natural resources.
  • 10. Indiana's first capital was Corydon. It became a capital in 1808! It was located at the bottom of the state as you can see.
  • 11. Our capital is Indianapolis. Here I am in front of the capital building!
  • 12. Indiana's important events.
  • 13. On July 10,1778 France declared war against Britain and created an alliance with our state Indiana.
  • 14. 1812-1815 The war of 1812 between U.S. and Great Britain ended, in a stalemate but confirmed American’s independence.
  • 15. On December 11,1816 our glorious state Indiana became a state!
  • 16. Indiana has a population of 6,423,113 people!
  • 17. Here are some pictures of Indiana's state map!
  • 18. Indiana is famous for popcorn because Orville Redenbacher is from Brazil, Indiana.
    • Orville had 2 sisters and was the only son.
    • He grew up selling popcorn with his family.
    • He went to Purdue.
  • 19. Facts about the state of Indiana. By: Brett Driscoll
  • 20. The End