471_Community Relations Chapter 5
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471_Community Relations Chapter 5






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471_Community Relations Chapter 5 471_Community Relations Chapter 5 Presentation Transcript

  • Public relations 471 Community relations
  • Client research nuances
    • Organization's role and repudiation in community.
    • Credibility
    • How many past community complaints?
    • What changes in the social and political landscape have taken place that might change things this go around?
    • SWOT analysis of the community itself
    • How can the client help the community?
  • Opportunity research nuances
    • Many organizations perform community relations outreach as an insurance mechanism.
      • It builds a communication channel
      • It deflects criticism
    • Community relations isn’t cheap.
      • Time
      • Money
    • In this new era of corporate social responsibility (CSR) more and more companies are hopping on the train.
  • Audience research nuances
    • Community Media
      • Mass
      • Specialized
    • Community Leaders
      • Public officials
      • Educators
      • Religious leaders
      • Professionals
      • Execs
      • Union leaders
      • Ethnic leaders
      • Neighborhood leaders
  • Audience research nuances
    • Community organizations
      • Civic
      • Business
      • Service
      • Social
      • Cultural
      • Religious
      • Youth
      • Political
      • See why this isn’t cheap????????
  • Impact objective nuances
    • Increase awareness of company products, services and community involvement.
    • Gain support of community leaders
    • Receive feedback from community leaders
    • Get your employees involved
  • Output objective nuances
    • Distribute content
    • Quicker response time to community concerns
    • Create X new projects on which to hang your hat
    • Meet, meet, meet.
  • Action and special event nuances
    • Open houses and tours are popular
    • Sponsorship, sponsorship, sponsorship
    • Get your employees involved
      • Public office
      • Community boards
  • Uncontrolled media nuances
    • You can tell your employees to stick to message; that doesn’t mean they will.
    • Community relations is a great way to get light coverage in local news programming.
    • This should also appear on the website and in your internal communications.
  • Controlled media nuances
    • Send community leaders your e-newsletter or publications. Keeping them in the loop now pays dividends later.
    • Create a speaker’s bureau; go to those meetings where people where funny hats.
    • Direct mail campaigns also work with both audiences; it’s better to play offense than defense.
  • A few other points
    • Hit opinion leaders early and often
    • Group influence matters.
      • If the Kiwanis President endorses your plan, won’t the whole club?
      • If you have community presence in every major civic group, isn’t asking for a tax break easier?
    • When you create communication channels, make sure there’s enough room to listen, not talk. Effective community relations MUST be a two-way street.
    • Chances are, the community will need you more than you will need them.
    • When you need them, it’s going to be a big deal.