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  • 1. Magazine/Newspaper Advertisement
    The Buffalo Bills are all new this season and ready to win. Tickets go on sale April for the 2011 season. Come and support your Buffalo Bills and watch them win.
  • 2. Buffalo Bills
    “The new era”
  • 3. Buffalo, New York
    Population of Erie and Niagra county 1,154,378 people
    The median income for a household is $48,400
    Forbes rated Buffalo 10th best place to raise a family in 2010
    Strong relationship with Canada
  • 4. The Two Year Plan
    Restore the Buffalo Bills to their former glory.
    Build the team to Super Bowl caliber.
    Build a new stadium.
    Expand fan base to make the Buffalo Bills a top NFL franchise.
    Keep the Bills in Buffalo
  • 5. “The New Era”
    Create an Atmosphere of something new and better is coming
    Hope for winning Super Bowls
    Embracing the new team and not living in the past
    CJ Spiller 2nd year running back
  • 6. Building the team
    2011 free agency- Overhaul the Defense in the offseason
    Superstar CB NnamdiAsomugha
    Dynamic WR Sidney Rice
    Injury Plagued but very talented DE Mathias Kiwanuka
    Nnamdi Asomugha who is entering free agency
  • 7. 2011 Draft
    The Bills have the third overall pick.
    Draft Outside Linebacker Von Miller from Texas A&M.
    In the second round draft Inside Linebacker Martez Wilson from Illinois.
  • 8. Coaches
    The coaching staff will remain the same, so the team can grow around it.
    Head Coach- Chan Gailey
    Offensive Coordinator- Curtis Modkins
    Defensive Coordinator- George Edwards
  • 9. New Stadium
    A new stadium will be built for the 2013 season.
    Will be built along the coast of the river by the Peace Bridge for easy access from Canada
    State of the Art
    Will hold 80,000 people and will be comparable to the Cowboy Stadium
    Will cost 970 million dollars to build but will generate a lot of attention to the Bills Organization.
  • 10. Stadium Features
    Retractable Roof
    Field level Suites
    By the Peace Bridge for easy access for Canadians
    Autograph room after the game
  • 11. Ticket Prices
    Tickets will be priced competitive to the other NFL teams
    There will also be a limited amount of cheap seats in a good section for a promotion
  • 12. New Jerseys
    The Buffalo Bills will introduce new jerseys for the start of the 2011 season.
    This will generate attention and will put the past behind us.
    The logo will remain the same
    Nike prototype
  • 13. Developing the Brand
    The Bills lack a superstar to market.
    The Bills need to market their good players to form them into superstars.
    They need to be the talk of the country by being a dominate team.
    Up and Coming CJ Spiller
    Future Bill Von Miller
  • 14. Primary Target Market
    Middle aged men ages 20-50 who want to go to the games with their friends. They are in the middle class and always goes early to the games.
  • 15. Secondary Target Market
    Secondary Target Market, middle aged men who want to bring their kids to the games. They are in the middle class and want to introduce the game to their children.
  • 16. Trade Character
    Billy the Buffalo
  • 17. Partnerships
    Team up with Nike to build a line of Buffalo Bill athletic clothing.
    Sell it at all Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Nike stores