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An overview of the Business Model Canvas.

An overview of the Business Model Canvas.

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  • 1. The Business Model Canvas Credit: Business Model Generation, by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur Presented by Dan Casas-Murray
  • 2. Agenda Clarifications Now Questions/Challenges Later Overview Parts of the Business Model Canvas Exercise
  • 3. Overview
  • 4. Left Side •Deductive Thinking •Uses the Problem Solving Process •...Hacking?
  • 5. Right Side •Inductive •The Scientific Method •...Lean Startup?
  • 6. Pat’s Wormhole Transporters
  • 7. Value Proposition What Problem are We Solving for the Customer?
  • 8. Value Proposition Cut transport Time to Less than 1 Minute Cut Transport Cost lot Reduce that nasty Carbon Footprint
  • 9. Customer Segments What Kinds of People have this particular problem? hint: the answer is never “everyone!”
  • 10. Customer Segments
  • 11. Customer Relationships Transactional? Personal Assistance? Self-Serve?
  • 12. Customer Relationships
  • 13. Channels How do we reach each Customer Segment?
  • 14. Channels
  • 15. Key Activities “...ING” Words What do we do that creates value for the Customer?
  • 16. Key Activities
  • 17. Key Resources Physical Intellectual People
  • 18. Key Resources
  • 19. Key Partnerships People that help us perform our Activities and get us our Resources
  • 20. Key Partnerships
  • 21. Costs Resource Cost? Activity Cost?
  • 22. Costs
  • 23. Revenues Sale of Assets Usage Fees Lending/Renting/Leasing Subscription Licensing
  • 24. Revenues
  • 25. Pat’s Business Model at a Glance
  • 26. Exercise Pick a Value Proposition or Product Complete your Business Model Canvas Pitch the Model (you get more than a minute)
  • 27. So What? Mind Map / Brainstorm Untangle all those Bouncy-Balls in your Head Put together a Business Plan / One-Page Deal Sheet