Spend matters exec breakfast achilles slides dan quinn july 11th 2012


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Dan Quinn's slides and links to video case studies, from Exec Breakfast Event at the Savoy July 2012.

For further information contact Dan.Quinn@achilles.com

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Spend matters exec breakfast achilles slides dan quinn july 11th 2012

  1. 1. AchillesExecutiveOverviewDan QuinnAchilles New SectorDevelopment Director services for professional procurement be better informed, make better decisions Achilles Information Ltd Commercial in Confidence
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Overview of Achilles organisation 2. Overview of Achilles model & support Explainer video Shell Case study Lend Lease Case study 3. Summary 4. Contact details© Achilles Group Limited 2
  3. 3. Our Global reach/Our global sectorsAchilles OverviewModel & Support Norway SwedenSummary Denmark UK Hol. Poland IrelandContact Details Germany Slov. Kazakhstan Spai Italy USA Portugal n China Mexico Hong Kong India Colombia Nigeria Peru Australia Brazil Chile Argentina Turnover Employees Global offices >£50m 750+ 23© Achilles Group Limited
  4. 4. Our Global reach/Our global sectorsAchilles OverviewModel & Support Norway SwedenSummary Denmark UK Hol. Poland IrelandContact Details Germany Slov. Kazakhstan Spai Italy USA Portugal n China Mexico Hong Kong India Colombia Nigeria Peru Australia Brazil Chile Argentina Turnover Employees Global offices >£50m 750+ 23© Achilles Group Limited
  5. 5. A Sample of Achilles CustomersAchilles OverviewModel & SupportSummaryContact Details© Achilles Group Limited
  6. 6. Short Summary Video – Achilles in 2minsAchilles OverviewModel & SupportSummaryContact Details http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJRBWz1pHnw&feature=pl ayer_embedded© Achilles Group Limited 6
  7. 7. First Principles - Typical Supply Chain Risk FocusAchilles Overview Co’s normally manage only thisModel & Support Data and validateSummaryContact Details Top spend /critical With Achilles all supplier data is validated & some are audited RISK Entire supply chain How we operate© Achilles Group Limited
  8. 8. Total Risk Management Solution (TSMS) .....1. example of a single organisation modelAchilles Overview Current & Potential Suppliers Stage 1 – Supplier Registration Collection of essential information on the supplier ,Model & Support filled in through the buyers’ own website, its quick & easy, but gives enough data to allow an effectiveSummary REGISTRATION risk assessment.Contact Details Stage 2 - Supplier Pre-qualification Risk Assessment Higher risk suppliers complete a detailed questionnaire which is subject to a desktop evaluation. Other steps may include; financial PRE- monitoring, health & safety assessment etc. QUAL Stage 3 – Supplier Audit & Assessment If the supplier is very high risk then they may need to be audited before being eligible for contracts Stage 4 – Technical Audit AUDIT Typically organisations like to keep control of Increasing technical audit content, but outsource the non- Risk critical & resource intensive elements© Achilles Group Limited
  9. 9. Short Example Video – Shell Global ImplementationAchilles OverviewModel & SupportSummaryContact Details http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXV0bPEIz-I© Achilles Group Limited 9
  10. 10. Total Risk Management Solution (TSMS) ....2. example of a pan-sector ‘community’ modelAchilles Overview ALL SuppliersModel & Support 1. FUNDAMENTALS: Contact Details, Parent/Ownership Structure, ManagementSummary REGISTRATION Structure, Product Codes, Insurances, Codes of Conduct, Custom QuestionsContact Details Risk Assessment 2. RISK MANAGEMENT: Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), PRE- Environmental/Sustainability, Health & QUAL Safety, Financial Health, Custom Questions 3. AUDIT: Management Controls, Legislation & Other Compliance, Training & Competence, AUDIT Increasing Social & Ethical Behaviour, Supply Chain Risk Management., Emergency Preparedness & Security, Quality Management Controls, Sustainability , Financial Health prospects.© Achilles Group Limited 10
  11. 11. Achilles ‘Community’ OverviewAchilles Overview Current & Potential Current & Potential Current & Potential Current & Potential Suppliers Suppliers Suppliers SuppliersModel & Support Organisation FocusSummaryContact Details RISK RISK RISK RISK Pan-Sector Focus Sector Increasing SECTOR Risk AUDIT© Achilles Group Limited 11
  12. 12. Power of the CommunityAchilles Overview Without Achilles With AchillesModel & SupportSummaryContact Details One-to-one Many-to-many Buyers Suppliers Buyers Suppliers Non updated information Shared information, greater Narrow market view – your efficiencies suppliers only Increased market opportunities Duplication of supplier information Up-to-date, valid information and audits A tried, tested & trusted business Costly for both buyers and supplier model to maintain Cost effective© Achilles Group Limited 12
  13. 13. Short Case Study Video – Lend Lease & Construction SectorAchilles OverviewModel & SupportSummaryContact Details http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbF9ro1q8c4&feature=rel mfu© Achilles Group Limited 13
  14. 14. Achilles Summary Achilles helps improve supply chains, by collaboratively:Achilles OverviewModel & SupportSummary 1.Ensuring easy access to To deliver up to date & accurate reliable supplier & sub- supplier info down the tiers.Contact Details contractor information... To reduce supply chain disruption/ cost, legal issues & reputational 2.Helping manage your damage. riskiest suppliers pro- actively... To allow you to make a lasting and continual improvement to; 3.Driving improvement Compliance to Codes of Conduct, down the whole supply Quality, CSR, Sustainability, Health chain... & Safety, Legislation etc. etc. ....whilst improving your teams productivity, reducing your costs and allowing you to be better informed and make better decisions.© Achilles Group Limited 14
  15. 15. Support - TechnologyAchilles Overview ‘Accelerate’ is the latest incarnation of the AIL technology which consolidates most of the 32 schemes into a singleModel & Support platform to drive further productivity and visibility...SummaryContact Details Fully hosted Software as a Service/Cloud based implementation Intuitive & easy to use for buyers and suppliers Supplier profile searching & filtering Customisable elements Integration options available© Achilles Group Limited 15
  16. 16. Support – Supplier OperationsAchilles Overview Dedicated Multi-language/time-zone Operations team, pro-actively supporting suppliers and validating theirModel & Support provided information across 23 global offices andSummary regional support hubs:Contact Details >100,000 outbound calls pa >38,000 inbound calls pa >15,000 email queries pa Support suppliers on 1st submission, at renewal & key data expiry Web training sessions & workshops Annual renewal >10,000 subscriptions (>90% retention) c35 dedicated UK staff© Achilles Group Limited 16
  17. 17. Support – Professional Audit Service Achilles Assessment Services utilise the skills and experience ofAchilles Overview industry sector specialists and licensed competent auditors to evaluate the physical implementation of pre-qual managementModel & Support systems at a working site, followed by a high quality report toSummary assist buyers in making purchasing decisions and supplier improvement.Contact Details c30 professionals in the UK team >8,000 cross sector audits undertaken pa Buy side sector driven content, 1 -5 Day on-site audit options Standard protocols for comparative analysis The protocols are versatile & can be used with or without scoring 23 office & regional hubs covering the globe (multi-language capability)© Achilles Group Limited 17
  18. 18. Support – Driving Continual ImprovementAchilles Overview Example of Continual Improvement – Year 1 versus Year 2 failure scoresModel & Support 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 SafetySummary QualityContact Details Environmental Immigration Ethics Internal Audit This slide shows improvement in Risk Assessment compliance scores from Critical (A1) Doc Mgmt to Advisory (A3) between year 1 and year 2 audits – an example of driving Staff Competency real improvements in key areas (or Supp Chn Competency weaknesses) of the sectors supply Business Continuity chain.... Year 1 A1 Year 1 A2 Year 1 A3 Year 2 A1 Year 2 A2 Year 2 A3© Achilles Group Limited 18
  19. 19. Additional services - Financial Assessment Model (FAM)Achilles Overview FAM - is a supplier financial health check to enable better procurement decisions and manage financial riskModel & Support developed jointly by Achilles and DeloitteSummaryContact Details Insight into suppliers current and future financial performance and control processes. Standardised, transparent and singular view, readily understood dashboard report. Checklist for suppliers on their internal financial controls. Designed to supplement basic internal due diligence process of most organisations.© Achilles Group Limited 19
  20. 20. Additional Services - Carbon Measurement & ReductionAchilles Overview Our carbonReduction programme and CEMARS certification brings clarity accuracy and credibility so you can beModel & Support confident of compliance and achievement of cost savingsSummary Only UK CEMARS certificationContact Details authority (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme). Also UK specific regulations such as DEFRA Reporting Guidelines and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Harmonised with leading standards such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO14064-1 E-Manage online tool to store and collate environmental data for reporting, auditing and benchmarking.© Achilles Group Limited 20
  21. 21. Additional Services - EU Training & THEMiSAchilles Overview Experienced support for organisations exposed to the European Union procurement regulations, both buy and sellModel & Support side....SummaryContact Details THEMiS – EU legislation database & guidance (>2,000 procurement customers), inc: FAQs Legislation Court cases Policy guidance Research & Analysis Consultancy CIPS/CPD Accredited 10 training courses from Ad-hoc to ‘Academy’ in depth programmes© Achilles Group Limited 21
  22. 22. Achilles Summary The largest and deepest specialist Supplier InformationAchilles Overview Management provider worldwide.Model & Support >20 years experience and trusted partner to more than 700 ofSummary the world’s largest companies. Community business model for greatest impact/lowest costContact Details >70,000+ suppliers ‘qualify’ through Achilles annually. Processes, technology and infrastructure in place that support 36 community schemes in 8 industries. Thorough data validation procedures & supplier support. Respected accreditation with >8,000 annual supplier audits. In-depth knowledge and experience in procurement. System interfaces with SAP, Oracle, Ariba etc. Global network of offices across 23 countries/regional hubs.© Achilles Group Limited 22
  23. 23. Supplier benefitsAchilles Overview • Low cost approachModel & Support • ONE profile to complete/manage for whole sectorSummary • Visibility amongst their target buyer communityContact Details • Supported/validated information • Improving standards that are important to the Buying community that help position them better to win more business. “...Achilles (Link Up) is a prestigious industry supplier qualification scheme that has allowed us to take our company to the next level. With limited resources in-house, it has been a great way promote our company and the audit has ensured that we are on the right track. When we meet clients, we can back our offering with an independent verification that provides additional credibility....” Joe Campbell, Director, JAMS Rail Recruitment© Achilles Group Limited 23
  24. 24. Buy Side BenefitsAchilles Overview • Low cost outsourced approach (economies of scale) • Reliable information on your suppliersModel & Support • Identify, classify & assess riskiest suppliersSummary • Professional (on-site audit) based supplier due-diligenceContact Details • No/minimal internal resource required (painless on-boarding) • Continual improvement of supply chain & driving corporate objectives (code of conduct, carbon reduction, sustainability, H&S, corporate social responsibility, etc. etc.)© Achilles Group Limited 24
  25. 25. Contact for further details….. Dan Quinn New Sector Development Director Email: dan.quinn@achilles.com Mobile: +44 (0)7557 859235 Blog: http://www.procurementblog.com/ Web: www.achilles.com/uk Achilles Information Limited 30 Park Gate, Milton Park, Abingdon Oxon. OX14 4SH. United Kingdom Achilles.com/LinkedIn Twitter.com/Achillesltd Achilles.com/Facebook© Achilles Group Limited www.achilles.com 25