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The Republican Observer

  1. 1. Republican Party Miami-Dade County The Republican Observer Volume III The Official E-Newsletter of the Miami-Dade Republican Party September, 2013 Principles of the Republican Party Miami Dade County Read Them and Believe Cycle Up - The Answer to Obama By: John C. Salomone All Republicans and virtually everyone else except the staunch- est democrats finally understand that Obama does not have an eco- nomic policy. He only has a never ending desire for higher taxes and more federal spending and he continuously preaches that in- creased federal government involvement in every facet of daily life is the answer to any problem. That is Obama and ObamaNom- ics. And after 5 long years, the only accomplishments of ObamaNomics are a perma- nently stumbling economy, sluggish economic growth, high unemployment, lower workforce participation, increasing national deficits and debt, reduced personal in- come and a growing number of citizens relying on the government for subsistence. Cycle Up is the antidote for ObamaNomics and the foundation for fixing the damage caused by Obama and ObamaNomics and Cycle Up can be passed by this Congress and signed by this president. WHAT IS CYCLE UP? Cycle Up is an innovative new policy that addresses many of the problems that af- fect the American economy. Cycle Up does not require Congressional action to eliminate or cut any existing federal help program, which today is impossible. Cycle Up is Democratic criticism-proof and Cycle Up can be passed by today’s Congress. Secretly, it will expose the flaws in all Democratic economic policies. Cycle Up is simply a $0.50 reduction in the value of any received federal help pro- gram for each dollar of earned after-tax income. It is an automatic fifty cent scaling back of received federal benefits for each one dollar earned. Cycle Up will make anyone who is receiving federal help better off, while allowing the mishmash of fed- eral help programs to remain in place unchanged. See Details Below. In a better world with a Republican president and a Republican veto-proof house and senate the conservative principle of less government could be used as the basis to consolidate, coordinate, restructure and streamline all federal help programs using intelligent and politically agnostic economics to actually help people. But we are a long way from there. Chairman’s Corner By: Nelson Diaz Recently, a member of the press asked: what is our message, what are our core beliefs, what do Republicans believe? I an- swered that while we may have a number of principles our core value is simple, so simple it is a famous Proverb ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ This is the philosophical difference between Demo- crats and Republicans. We believe the government’s role is to secure the safety of country and enact rea- sonable laws so that we can LEARN to fish, feed our families create small businesses and work to achieve the American Dream. Democrats want people to be reliant on government and hand-outs. Their core val- ue is to gain and keep power and their political strate- gy will ruin this country. That is why it is important for Republicans to reach out to everyone with our message. Everyone can un- derstand the opportunity that is America. It is human nature to strive to achieve the best for oneself and our children. But, Democrats in power create needless regulations, increase taxes on people and businesses, encourage government handouts and create a larger government to oversee it all. Democrats are creating the type of government that is precisely the govern- ment that many people in this community fled. The American Dream cannot survive for long with Democrats in power and we will not tolerate it. It is the role of the Republican Party to save America, because the Democrats will destroy her. Thanks to All Who Attended The Lincoln Day Dinner! Cont’d on Page 4
  2. 2. Two NO CHOICESNO CHOICES –– DEMOCRATS DOUBLE STANDARDDEMOCRATS DOUBLE STANDARD By: Barbara Howard Republican Principles Taxes at every level of government should be as low as possible Federal Spending should not exceed revenue and should be limited to constitutionally authorized activities ____________________________ Individual Rights should be paramount and government should remain limited Private Property and the Free Market System, within a stable and reasonable regulatory framework with honest competition guaranteed, should be encouraged to flourish Judges should interpret the law not make the law On August 28, 2013, the country celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. It was an emotional day for some, for others it was an opportunity to continue to highjack the 1960’S Civil Rights Movement and demonize Republicans. The Republican Party the Party of Lincoln that: initiated the removal of the scourge of Slavery, fought for the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action and the elimination of institutional discrimination in housing, transportation and all other areas of life in America. Look at the faces on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and you know it was not the diverse country Dr. King envisioned. It was only the Democratic faces of the so-called African American “leaders” (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton), black entertainers (Jamie Foxx, Oprah Winfrey), Civil Rights Movement Icons Andy Young and Congressman John Lewis and Presidents Obama, Clinton and Carter. Of course, the King family was there along with other dignitaries. Go back and look at the steps at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. You will see the real Amer- ican diversity – black and white, Republicans and Democrats, Christians, Jews and Mus- lims. Conspicuously absent in 2013 were Black (or white) Republicans. Organizers said that Presidents George W. and George H.W. Bush were invited but declined because they were recuperating from illness. But no other member of the Bush family was invited. Yet Caro- line Kennedy was invited and remember, President John F. Kennedy shunned the original march and warned Dr. King to cancel the march. Why weren’t Senator Tim Scott (R., S.C.), former Republican Representatives J.C. Watts and Allen West invited? Surely the only Black Senator in the 113th Congress should have been invited. What about former Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice, General Colin Powell or Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas? Or the numerous other notable Black Republicans who attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon sponsored by the RNC on the day before? Where were the white Republicans? House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor were invited on short notice so were too late to participate. Was it an oversight or deliberate? But most of all, where was the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) which was intimately involved in the Civil Rights Movement and was one of the six big organizing groups for the March on Washington in 1963. They organized the “Freedom Riders” and sponsored the three civil rights workers that were murdered in Mississippi in 1964 by the Ku Klux Klan (ALL Democrats); the story of these three was the basis for Cont’d on Page 2 Republican Party Miami-Dade County The Republican Observer Volume III The Official E-Newsletter of the Miami-Dade Republican Party September, 2013
  3. 3. Three Monetary Policy and the US dollar should promote stability and inflation should be minimized U.S. Military Forces should be staffed and funded so it can protect U.S. interests worldwide People are all welcome into the U.S. if they want to become U.S. citizens and enter through secure borders Opportunity for all is guaranteed and help will be provided for those who cannot help themselves the movie “Mississippi Burning”. Yet neither Mr. Roy Innis, CORE chairman nor CORE spokesman Niger Innis were invited to speak. According to Democrats, there is no room for choice in the black community so only Demo- crats were represented. And all those who spoke, including Obama, only had harsh words for Republicans when referring to “Stand Your Ground”, the Second Amendment and Voter ID laws. The spirit of Dr. King’s “Dream” message was missing or perhaps forgotten. Choice in the local Black community was also forgotten a day earlier at a town hall meeting at the Urban League of Greater Miami, Inc. The meeting was supposed address the quality of education, which is at an all-time low with poor test scores, failing schools, decreasing grad- uation rates and the fact that almost every black student from the black community in the City of Miami who has entered Miami Dade College over the past few years has had to take remedial courses before being able to take their assigned college courses. The distinguished panel representing charter schools was drowned out and continuously in- sulted by a group of rude and disrespectful people that was obviously anti-choice. They were not interested in a discussion to improve education for the poor Black and Hispanic children in the failing schools. They were only interested in making sure nobody heard any of the speakers there to provide information to parents about the choices available to them for their children. This organized mob screamed and yelled and hurled insults during the entire meeting. The sad fact is that they were all teachers and members of the teachers’ union. It was abso- lutely pitiful. I asked one of the loudest dissenters what she would do if her students acted like she and the others had. Instead of being embarrassed, she became more belligerent. These are the same people who teach the children we were there to help. No wonder the schools are failing our children. The real problem is that these people are dead set against parents having the power to choose. It is no secret they are all Democrats. It is the same people who fight against charter schools and the Opportunity Scholarships. And guess which president cut off those Scholarships in Washington, D.C. and forced hun- dreds of children back into the failing schools there? If you guessed Barack Hussein Obama, you would be right. The Democrats/liberals all across the country are against a parents’ right to choose the school their children attend. But, these are the same Democrats/liberals that are fighting for a woman’s right to choose to murder her unborn child, even up to the last days of her pregnan- cy. They have even demanded and passed legislation that allows a little girl the right to have an abortion without the permission of her parents. These same people fight against members of the Black community when they choose to be- long to the Republican Party or when Black parents choose to send their children to a charter school. Yet, they march en masse and do anything they can to pass laws that allow a woman or even an underage girl to have the right to choose to have an The Republican Observer Team Nelson Diaz ………....….. REC Chairman Ted Lyons ……... P.R. Committee Chair John C. Salomone .…………….... Editor Raquel Zuniga ……………….Asst. Editor Barbara Howard……..….....Staff Writer M.J. Casey…...…………..…...Staff Writer Cont’d from Page 1—No Choice Cont’d on Page 5 Republican Party Miami-Dade County The Republican ObserverThe Republican Observer Volume III The Official E-Newsletter of the Miami-Dade Republican Party September, 2013
  4. 4. Four What could better federal help programs look like? Well, start by eliminating the federal minimum wage, but if a minimum wage needed to exist it would be set locally. States and cities should set their own minimum wage if one is demanded by local citizens. Then when the free market states and cities had robust economic growth and the highly regulated cities and states noticed, the public outcry would demand less government market inter- ference in setting wages. With better Congressional and presidential leadership Davis Bacon would be immediately repealed. Both policy changes would help to increase employment. A rational conservative Republican economic policy would revamp the eligibility rules for food stamps, sorry SNAP EBT. The program should be managed at the local level. Let the cities and states find their hungry and needy citizens. Then let them decide who has to work to qualify and who should get how much help. Federal assistance funding should be under a block grant system and should look backwards as states actually spend money not granted forward to push the funds out the door. This too cannot hap- pen now. The Social Security Disability Program needs so many fixes it is impossible to list them here. But at a minimum it should be a scaled system. Believe it or not, there are varying degrees of “can’t work”. Just because someone cannot push a cement-filled wheel barrel up a hill does not mean they should be banished from the work force. But by giving partially restricted citizens full disa- bility payments, the incentive to strive to achieve their full potential is eliminated. Obviously funds should be made available to people who are truly unable to work. But that is a far cry from an from the existing idiotic set of eligibility standards that encourages the creation of an industry filled with lawyers and advocacy groups that are able to twist empathetic national policies into a national advertising campaign broadcast during episodes of “Married With Children” saying “you may not even know you qualify, call 1-800 Get Some Money”. A thousand books could be written on ways to fix the federal labyrinth of housing policies and subsidies. The U.S. housing policy mess is even more complicated by the continued existence of WWII housing policies that still exist in Santa Monica and New York City, but at the federal level it is almost impossible to list the number of federal departments, agencies and federal affiliates that dabble in the “housing help” market. There are only two words that can describe the federal housing policy and they are “gibberish” and “indecipherable”. The solution for housing help is actually quite simple. The federal government has no business in the housing market. But in to- day’s society that may be too simple. Cities and states don’t need housing, people need housing. And any workable system for help to rent a place to live should be managed at the local level. Let states and cities decide who qualifies for rent assistance and if the federal government feels com- pelled to fund some of the costs so be it. Just imagine how a simple partial state reimbursement funding system for rental housing administered using arithmetic would allow the federal government to fire thousands of bureaucrats that do noth- ing but administer faulty federal housing programs. There are dozens of other federal programs that try to do this or attempt to fix that and any time a Republican tries to inject sanity into the system every Democrat howls how much the Republicans want kill this group or starve that group. The solution to the impenetrable political Democratic wall of No Changes is “Cycle Up”. Cycle Up is simple. All federal help programs would be identified and the value of delivered benefits would be quantified. Though millions of positive and logical changes should be made to each of the existing help programs Cycle Up can work with all of them as they currently exist. That is the political magic of Cycle Up.Intelligent changes could come later when we have a thoughtful Congress and president. Cont’d From Page 1—Cycle Up Cont’d on Page 5 Republican Party Miami-Dade County The Republican Observer Volume III The Official E-Newsletter of the Miami-Dade Republican Party September, 2013 Cycle Up is Democratic criticism- proof and Cycle Up can be passed by today’s Congress. Secretly, it will expose the flaws in all Democratic economic policies.
  5. 5. Five Back to Cycle Up! Congress could keep all the existing and confusing eligibility rules unchanged. Under Cycle Up whatever set of federal help programs a person or family qual- ifies for they still qualify for and those rules could remain. But instead of the bright line of “in or out” eligibility, the combined help programs would be giv- en a collective value and they would be scaled. So, under Cycle Up if a person or family is receiving any federal help and then they earn one after-tax dollar they are not kicked out of any program, they do not lose any eligibility they remain eligible under all the help programs, but the value of the combined fed- eral help programs is reduced by $0.50. For every dollar earned, the person or family is fifty cents better off. Every dollar earned Cycles them Up the economic ladder. Any opportunity for a job, a raise or a promotion then becomes a positive opportunity, since each person is always better off earning an extra dollar. There is no longer any fear that “if I take this job I lose my “this or that” program or benefit. Every dollar earned helps, every dollar earned makes them and their family better off and happier and every dollar Cycles them Up. As more income is earned they are always better off because a dollar earned only reduces the combined benefits package value by 50 cents. Even Democrats can understand this. Someday the federal help programs can be coordinated and rationalized. Eligi- bility can be unified. The housing nonsense can be converted to rent subsidies. The medical nonsense can be converted to insurance premium help payments. Then all federal programs could be administered much more efficiently. But even with this Congress and president all the federal help programs could be consolidated for tracking purposes and valued. An improving cash position of any recipient could be managed like a W-2 payroll/adjustment system. It does not matter what the program is or how it works now, Cycle Up can make it better and will encourage the American Spirit to grow and flourish for every citizen even if help from the government is needed. Every person receiving any federal help will benefit from earning even one dollar. Over time, more and more people will realize that working for any income will make them and their family better off and that the more they earn the better for them and their family even as they continue to receive help from the govern- ment. Cycle Up is the beginning of a return to the American Can Do Spirit that will help all Americans. abortion. It is the epitome of hypocrisy. How’s that for the fight for civil rights? Is this what Dr. King and other martyrs died for? Republican Party Miami-Dade County The Republican Observer Volume III The Official E-Newsletter of the Miami-Dade Republican Party September, 2013 Cont’d From Page 4—Cycle Up Cont’d From Page 3—No Choice Register To Vote Visit Volunteer Thought of the Month The Only Economic Policy Proposed by President Obama Starts and Ends with Higher Taxes and More Government Spending