Unlocking Your Brand Value For Better Business Results


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The full-hour presentation on defining a brand, understanding what makes a strong brand, outlining a roadmap to developing your brand and a comprehensive case study to illustrate the concepts delivered.

Gain CLARITY, FOCUS, DIRECTION and CONFIDENCE in how you develop your brand to achieve better business results in this fast-paced and interactive session. For information on in-house presentations, please contact us at 647-401-6761.


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Unlocking Your Brand Value For Better Business Results

  1. 1. Unlocking Your Brand Value For Better Business Results Total Office Trade Conference April 28th, 2014
  2. 2. 10 Seconds About…  CLARITY  FOCUS  DIRECTION  CONFIDENCE
  3. 3. Today’s Takeaways  CLARITY  FOCUS  DIRECTION  CONFIDENCE  Define a Brand and how it works for you  Identify what makes a strong brand  Provide a roadmap to developing your brand  Illustrate the benefits with a case study
  4. 4. Key Points  Watch for these important concepts and ideas to help you improve your business results
  5. 5. What is a Brand?  What words come to mind when you think of the word BRAND?  Logo  Reputation/History  Loyalty  Advertising  Marketing  Identity  Slogan  Uniqueness
  6. 6. Definition of a Brand  Basic Business Formula • Value is based on the buyer’s emotional response to the customer experience you create
  7. 7. Definition of a Brand  Your brand acts as your agent and broker in the exchange of value for engagement
  8. 8. Definition of a Brand  Your brand consists of a “look & feel” that help deliver the impression you want to make
  9. 9. Definition of a Brand
  10. 10. Definition of a Brand
  11. 11. Definition of a Brand
  12. 12. Definition of a Brand
  13. 13. Definition of a Brand  Marketing is the development and management of your brand
  14. 14. Creating Your Brand  How do you create a brand? ?
  15. 15. Creating Your Brand  STEP 1: Understand Your Business Formula – Where do you start? If you build it, will they come?
  16. 16. Creating Your Brand  STEP 2: FAB Analysis • Features are things inside the box, what the buyer pays for • Advantages are the deliverables gained by the buyer as a result of the sale • Benefits are the emotions that make up the customer experience  Colour, price, size, taste, guarantee, servicing, support, flexibility, expertise…  Solutions, savings, value, choice, coverage, speed, ease of use, reliability…  Security, satisfaction, happiness, peace of mind, excitement, comfort…
  17. 17. Creating Your Brand  STEP 2: FAB Analysis • Prepare a chart with 3-5 main features listed in order of importance • Assign specific advantages to each feature in the next column, trying not to repeat the same concepts • In the last column, translate these advantages into the emotional response from your buyer to determine the true benefits
  18. 18. Creating Your Brand • Summarize your FAB Analysis chart into a 2-3 paragraph statement • Lead with a strong benefit statement, get specific about features and advantages and close with the core message of your customer experience • This is your 30-second elevator speech that drives home everything you stand for as a business  STEP 3: Develop Your Value Statement
  19. 19. Creating Your Brand  STEP 4: Craft Your Tagline • Distill the Value Statement into one powerful hook of a tagline/slogan • Create a motto that both your clients and staff can feel strongly about • Consider what lasting impression you want to make with your market • Be unique and creative
  20. 20. Creating Your Brand  STEP 5: Design Your Logo • With your messaging established, develop a logo that represents the values you offer • Consider color tones and what emotional responses they inspire with the viewer • Consider reproduction methods and costs to protect consistency
  21. 21. Creating Your Brand  STEP 6: Expand Your Logo Into a Design Style / Identity • Create templates for your marketing material that build on your logo design and colour scheme • Develop a consistent style for all your channels (collateral, web, packaging, etc.) • Program icons within your design style can help organize your values
  22. 22. Creating Your Brand  STEP 7: Build Your Marketing Materials • Bring the elements you have developed together in professional looking marketing vehicles • Websites, flyers, brochures, slideshows, stationary, uniforms, advertisements, coupons • Feature the logo and the hook, backed by the value statement text
  23. 23. Creating Your Brand  STEP 8: Communicate Your Brand • Select the appropriate marketing channels to carry your materials to the market • Develop targeted campaigns based on your buyer profile • Advertising, social media, direct mail, internet marketing, app development, tradeshows & events, goodwill, etc.
  24. 24. Creating Your Brand  STEP 9: Measure the Success • Review the results of your campaigns with a Return On Investment analysis • Revisit the brand and core value statement regularly to ensure it remains on point with your buyer • Repeat the process as you adapt your brand to your evolving business and emerging trends in buyer behavior
  25. 25. Roadmap to Creating Your Brand 1. Formula 2. FAB Analysis 3. Value Statement 4. Tagline 5. Logo 6. Style (Identity) 7. Materials (Vehicles) 8. Communication (Channels)9. Measure - Review - Revisit - Repeat START HERE 
  26. 26. Shameless Self Promotion
  27. 27. Case Study: COPA Branding Bringing It All Together
  28. 28. Background  COPA was looking to refresh their website • STEP 8 in the branding process  Initial meeting to discuss re-branding the overall look and layout of the website  Existing identity was dated, monochromatic, cluttered and uninspiring  Objective to communicate membership value  Targeting innovation companies
  29. 29. COPA Branding Review  Established business formula  FAB Analysis • Shift in focus from Advantages to Benefits Events > Social > CONNECT Group Buying > Financial Gain > EMPOWER Awards > Recognition > CELEBRATE Education > Knowledge > EVOLVE
  30. 30. COPA Branding Review  Value Statement Adjustment • Change in message from “What we provide” to “What we do” • Re-energized vision for the association  Tagline Development • “Connect. Empower. Celebrate. Evolve.”
  31. 31. COPA Branding Review  Logo Revision • Added primary colors to the existing design • Brighter, more vibrant and energetic • Representing the 4 cornerstones of the COPA value offering • Retaining the heritage of their 80-year history
  32. 32. COPA Branding Review  New Identity: Program Branding • Organize and highlight the 4 key value buckets • Consistency with the new logo design • Introduce powerful and professional imagery
  33. 33. COPA Branding Review  New Identity: Smart Design • Colors used effectively for emotional response • Icons represent more than just the value • Smart design = powerful impression
  34. 34. COPA Branding Review  Design Implementation • New and improved web site at www.copa.ca
  35. 35. COPA Branding Review  Benefits • Stronger, clearer value statement • Rejuvenated and energized identity • Strategically targeted marketing efforts for optimized ROI • Repositioned for future growth through improved member engagement • BETTER BUSINESS RESULTS!
  36. 36. Review of Takeaways  CLARITY  FOCUS  DIRECTION  CONFIDENCE  Define a Brand and how it works for you  Identify what makes a strong brand  Provide a roadmap to developing your brand  Illustrate the benefits with a case study
  37. 37. Questions?
  38. 38. Unlocking Your Brand Value For Better Business Results Thank You!