MY Life in 3 Easy Payments...the show


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based on the book:

DREAMBOY: My life in 3 Easy Payments tells the journey of my life using music, video & slides

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MY Life in 3 Easy Payments...the show

  1. 1. My Life in 3 Easy Payments A new one-man show by critically acclaimed spoken word performance artist and former QVC shopping host Dale Madison. Madison speaks to the pop culture phenomenon of reality shows and the quest for fame at any cost. If you have basked in the shallow cloak of fame, can you ever really recapture it? Inspired by Sunset Boulevard, Valley of the Dolls, Diana Ross, All About Eve, African storytelling and his own unique experience of selling products on live television. Madison offers a humorous interactive story through spoken word, songs, storytelling and video footage of his life based on his memoirs, DREAMBOY: My Life as a QVC Host & Other Greatest Hits.
  2. 2. My Life in 3 Easy Payments Asks profound questions with no easy answers. Do the products we purchase reflect who we are sexually, culturally, and emotionally? If so, can we ask for a refund? What is the real cost of fame? Do we have to sell our souls, or at least our marketable souls, to gain commercial acceptance? Well, as Debbie Allen’s says, from the hit movie, “You want fame? Well, fame costs." How much are you winning to pay? Dale Madison, like a flamboyant elixir salesman, sweetens the deal with a bargain you can not resist -- Three easy payments. “Sunset Boulevard meets the world of home shopping”
  3. 3. Debuted August 5, 2011 to a soldout audience as part of Highways Performance Art Space BEHOLD! A Queer Arts Festival in Santa Monica The performance
  4. 4. My Life in 3 Easy Payments Directed by Malik Shakur Malik Shakur has been a Creative Business Development/Affairs Marketing Professional for over 18 years. His duties have included: Currently Mr. Shakur is the founder and CEO of Independent Creative Artists a Production and Distribution Company specializing in the business opportunities and developing content series and films in the digital and mobile marketplace. or Malik holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts in Black & Puerto Rico Studies, Masters of Art in Industrial Psychology from the City University of New York at Hunter College and a Juris Doctorate with a focus on Intellectual property from John Marshall School of Law.
  5. 5. My Life in 3 Easy Payments written & performed by Dale Guy Madison is an artist, educator, writer, actor, filmmaker and former host for the QVC network. The Maryland State Arts Council recognized his one-man show, FREEda Slave: Mask of a Diva, which addressed issues of cross-dressing and intra-discrimination in the gay community. He has hosted and performed spoken word at various gay prides across the country. His short film, The Panty Man screened in Amsterdam. Dale released his memoirs entitled, DREAMBOY: My Life as a QVC Host & other greatest hits. The film version received “Best LGBT film at the 2008 San Diego Black Film Festival. His latest book is an adult fairy tale, Sissy Sammy in the land of WEHO 90069. It is the story of a bullied feminine boy from the hood who gets lost in an all-gay town. Dale received an Audre Lorde Scholarship in 2006 and his BA from Antioch University in 2008 and Master of Arts in Education & Leadership in 2010. Dale was part of a panel of gay entertainers for the National Black Justice Collation “Power of Us” Conference in 2008. He presented the topic of sexuality at the Maryland Annual Suicide Prevention Conference in 2010. His handmade African-inspired cloth dolls exhibited in 28th annual Black Doll Show “I've Got a Story to Tell” at the William Grant Still Center.
  6. 6. My Life in 3 Easy Payments Dale Madsion, a volunteer mentor with LifeWorks, is featured in the new I AM, WE ARE prevention campaign sponsored by the city of West Hollywood. This campaign features organizations that offer Gay men opportunities for a positive experience in their own lives and a positive impact on the larger community.
  7. 7. My Life in 3 Easy Payments contact Independent Creative Artists c/o Malik Shakur 264 S. La Cienega Blvd. Suite 565 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (888) 406-0563 Office (888) 588-4356 Fax (310) 694-4196 Mobile