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How The World
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The Anholt City Brands Index

  1. 1. The Anholt City Brands Index How The World Views Its Cities Second Edition, 2006
  2. 2. The Anholt City Brands Index How The World Views Its Cities Second Edition, 2006 Cities have always been brands, in the Barcelona is culture, Rio de Janeiro is benefit from a positive brand which Introduction truest sense of the word. fun, and so on. These are the brands of today they do little to deserve. cities, and they are inextricably tied to Famous and successful cities are usually the histories and destinies of all these It is crucial for political and business associated in people’s minds with a sin- places. leaders to understand the brand of their gle quality, promise, attribute or story. respective cities, and see how they are That simple brand narrative can have a In today’s globalised, networked world, viewed by potential visitors, investors, major impact on people’s decision to every place has to compete with every customers and future citizens around visit the city, to buy its products or serv- other place for its share of the world’s the world. If the image doesn’t match ices, to do business or relocate there. consumers, tourists, businesses, invest- up to the reality, they need to decide ment, capital, respect and attention. what to do in order to close up the gap All decisions, whether they are as trivial Cities, the economic and cultural between the two. as buying an everyday product or as powerhouses of nations, are increasingly How We Measure a City Brand important as relocating a company, are becoming the focus of this international partly rational and partly emotional. competition for funds, talent and fame. No human activity is exempt from this Readers who are familiar with our rule, and the brand images of cities and Yet the international brand of a city quarterly Anholt Nation Brands Index countries underpin the emotional part isn’t always accurate or up-to-date – (NBI) ( of every decision, and also strongly especially when seen from a country on know that nation brands are a complex affect the rational part. the other side of the planet. Some cities mixture of global perceptions of the don’t attract much investment or the country’s people, its policies, products, Paris is romance, Milan is style, New right kind of talent because their brand culture, business climate and tourist York is energy, Washington is power, isn’t as strong or as positive as it attractions. These six aspects of the Tokyo is modernity, Lagos is corruption, deserves to be, while other cities still nation brand are summed up in the The entire contents of this Anholt City Brands Index Report are protected by international copyright and trademark laws. The copyright and trademark owners are Simon Anholt and GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.). YOU MAY NOT MODIFY, COPY, REPRODUCE, REPUBLISH, UPLOAD, POST, TRANSMIT, OR DISTRIBUTE, IN ANY MANNER, SHAPE OR FORM, THE MATERIALS OF THIS REPORT, INCLUDING TEXT AND GRAPHICS outside of this site, except with the express written permission of the above-mentioned copyright owners. You may print and download portions of materials from the different areas of this report solely for your own non-commercial use, provided that you agree not to change or delete any copyright or proprietary notices from the materials. Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 2
  3. 3. The six components of the City Brand Hexagon are as follows: Nation Brand Hexagon, which forms the basic structure of the NBI. The Presence The Pulse This point of the City Brand Hexagon is The appeal of a vibrant urban lifestyle is an Cities are rather different: they aren’t all about the city’s international status and important part of each city’s brand image. usually famous for producing particular standing. In this section, we ask how In this section, we explore how exciting products or services. The tourism familiar people are with each of the 60 people think the cities are, and ask how emphasis is often as much on cities in the survey, whether they have easy they think it would be to find conventions as on leisure visitors, actually visited them or not, and ask what interesting things to do, both as a short- the apparatus of government is usually the cities are famous for. We also ask term visitor and a long-term resident. whether each city has made an important more technocratic than political, and The People contribution to the world in culture, the city’s culture isn’t always easy to science, or in the way cities are governed, The people make the city, and in this point distinguish from the culture of the during the last 30 years. of the hexagon, we ask whether our country as a whole. respondents think the inhabitants would be The Place warm and friendly, or cold and prejudiced The City Brand Hexagon, © 2005 Simon Anholt It is always hard to generalise about Here, we explore people’s perceptions against outsiders. We ask whether they a whole country, since there can be about the physical aspect of each city: How think it would be easy for them to find pleasant or unpleasant they imagine it to be and fit into a community that shares their wide discrepancies in climate, culture, outdoors and to travel around the city, how language and culture. Finally, and very people and infrastructure from one beautiful it is, and what the climate is like. importantly, we ask our global panel how region to another, but cities are simpler, safe they think they would feel in the city. smaller and easier to envisage as a The Potential single entity. When people consider The Prerequisites This point of the City Brand Hexagon cities, they often think in quite detailed considers the economic and educational This is the section where we ask people and practical terms, concentrating on opportunities that each city is believed to about how they perceive the basic qualities issues such as climate, pollution, offer visitors, businesses and immigrants. of the city: What they think it would be We ask our global panel how easy they like to live there, how easy they think it transport and traffic, the cost of living, think it would be to find a job in the city, would be to find satisfactory, affordable leisure and sport facilities, law and and if they had a business, how good of accommodation, and what they believe order, and the cultural life of the city. a place they think it would be to do the general standard of public amenities business. Finally, we ask whether each is like – schools, hospitals, public transport, For these and many other reasons, the city would be a good place for them or sports facilities, and so on. Anholt City Brands Index (CBI) is based other family members to get a higher on a different hexagon from the one educational qualification. used for the NBI. Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 3
  4. 4. For the 2006 edition of the Anholt City Brands Index, we have doubled the number of cities included in the survey, from 30 to 60. The new cities included in the survey are: Melbourne, Montreal, Vancouver, Overall Results Copenhagen, Munich, Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Dublin, Philadelphia, Oslo, Lisbon, Overall Rankings 1 Sydney 31 Philadelphia 2 London 32 Oslo Helsinki, Dallas, New Orleans, St. There are probably two reasons for this 3 Paris 33 Lisbon Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Seoul, change. The first is that Sydney’s brand 4 Rome 34 Prague Reykjavik, Budapest, Shanghai, Warsaw, image has improved slightly during the 5 New York 35 Singapore Havana, Jerusalem, Bangkok, year. The second is a slight change in 6 Washington DC 36 Helsinki Dubrovnik, Manila and Nairobi. the methodology of the survey: in the 7 San Francisco 37 Hong Kong first edition of the Anholt City Brands 8 Melbourne 38 Dallas 9 Barcelona 39 New Orleans The survey was conducted online Index (2005), the question which asked 10 Geneva 40 St Petersburg among 15,255 men and women aged people whether they had actually 11 Amsterdam 41 Rio de Janeiro 18-64 from a wide range of income visited the city was factored into the 12 Madrid 42 Buenos Aires groups in the following countries: “Presence” score, which gave a slight 13 Montreal 43 Beijing Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, advantage to the more frequently visited 14 Toronto 44 Seoul 15 Los Angeles 45 Reykjavik Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, cities such as London and Paris, and a 16 Vancouver 46 Budapest Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the slight disadvantage to the less frequently 17 Berlin 47 Shanghai Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, visited ones such as Sydney. For the 18 Brussels 48 Moscow Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom 2006 edition, we felt it would be more 19 Milan 49 Johannesburg and the United States. appropriate not to factor the answers to 20 Copenhagen 50 Mexico City this question into the city’s scores, as 21 Munich 51 Warsaw 22 Tokyo 52 Havana Since the last time we published the unlike the other questions in the survey, 23 Boston 53 Jerusalem study in December 2005, the top places it is not about people’s perceptions, but 24 Las Vegas 54 Bangkok have changed: Sydney has climbed two about their behaviour. 25 Seattle 55 Cairo places in the index to take the No. 1 26 Stockholm 56 Dubrovnnik slot from London, which now falls to Several of the cities included for the first 27 Chicago 57 Mumbai 28 Atlanta 58 Manila second place. Paris remains just behind time in 2006 have entered the index in 29 Dublin 59 Lagos London, and is now pushed into third- the Top 20, including Melbourne, 30 Edinburgh 60 Nairobi place overall. Montreal, Vancouver and Copenhagen. Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 4
  5. 5. This has resulted in pushing Madrid, only at 53rd place overall (a result that three places in ‘Prerequisites’ and Berlin, Milan and Brussels down the will surprise few readers who read ‘Pulse’, and even one place in rankings, even though their absolute about Israel’s poor performance in the ‘Potential’. A similar improvement can scores have remained fairly constant Q4 2006 Anholt Nation Brands Index), be seen in Brazil’s brand in the Anholt over the course of the year. It is not it nonetheless comes in at 12th place Nation Brands Index over the same surprising that all of the highest new for ‘Presence’, a clear indicator that period. entrants should be Canadian, Australian people recognise its global importance, or Scandinavian cities, since Canada, even if it is not a city they feel offers Washington DC has also posted a very Australia and the Scandinavian them much as a destination. It should strong improvement since last year, and countries are always amongst the also be noted that the question about has risen eight places in the ranking. highest ranking countries in the Anholt the city’s contribution to the world Otherwise, Geneva and San Francisco Nation Brands Index. deliberately specifies contributions show the biggest gains since last year made during the last 30 years, so this (up four places each). Los Angeles, on Similarly, seven other new cities – result has nothing to do with ancient the other hand, shows the biggest mostly American – have appeared in the history. drop (down five places), followed by 20-30 range of the index, pushing down Amsterdam and Berlin (down four a number of cities such as Stockholm Boston, on the other hand, enters the places each). whose scores happen to lie on the index in fourth place for ‘Potential’, just wrong side of theirs. Again, however, behind London, New York and Sydney, there has been no absolute decline in and well ahead of its average ranking of the scores of these cities despite their 23rd. Las Vegas comes in at 13th place reduced ranking. The relatively high for ‘Pulse’, slightly ahead of Rio de ranking of these American cities further Janeiro. Its image on this axis is clearly supports the observation I made in the its primary brand asset, giving the city a first edition of the Anholt State Brands truly global reputation, even if it is a Index ( - rather narrow one. that places in the United States are remarkably familiar to large numbers Rio de Janeiro’s overall ranking in the There are several capitals and major of people around the world, and very index has dropped from 23rd place out cities of very highly ranked countries in ‘well branded’ compared to cities and of 30 cities in the 2005 CBI to 41st the Anholt Nation Brands Index, which regions in other countries. place out of 60 in the 2006 edition, score relatively poorly in the CBI. but this fall is deceptive: It is simply Mumbai, for example, remains almost Looking at the individual points of the because 18 of the newly included cities at the bottom of the CBI (it came 29th hexagon rather than the overall brand happen to have stronger brands and out of 30 cities in 2005, and comes scores, some of the newcomers to the have entered the index above Rio. In 57th out of 60 this year), yet India index show considerable strength in fact, Rio is one of the cities that has performs somewhat better in the NBI, certain areas. Take Jerusalem, for gained significant brand equity over coming 25th out of 36 in the Q3 2006 example: Although it enters the CBI the year, rising two places in ‘Presence’, edition. This positions it relatively high Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 5
  6. 6. among the developing countries, “From what you know about the city, widespread reports of lawlessness after between Mexico and Singapore. Yet it how important has its contribution to the disaster, New Orleans still ranks appears 22 places lower than Singapore the world been over the last 30 years – very high for perceptions of its citizens, in the CBI (Singapore appears both in for example in culture, science, or the ranking 18th on the question “How the CBI and the NBI), and seven places way cities are governed?” welcome do you think people would below Mexico City. This may have make you feel in the city?”, making it something to do with low awareness of The American cities in the index fall the third friendliest American city in the the ‘new’ name of the city – this kind of into three clearly defined groups: the CBI. New Orleans ranks nine places ‘rebranding’ inevitably causes some loss global megabrands (New York, above Seattle for its welcome, 12 above of brand equity. Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Atlanta, 16 above Philadelphia, Boston Angeles), all of which perform strongly and Dallas, 21 above Chicago and Los in the global Top 20 cities; the second- Angeles, 29 above Washington DC, and tier city brands which are highly rated fully 32 places above New York. New by U.S. respondents, and are well York City, at 50th place on this ques- known, but not generally seen as world- tion, still seems unable to rid itself of beating in other countries (Boston, Las an old reputation for unfriendliness. Vegas, Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta); Social Integration: Where Would I Fit in? and the third-tier cities which are poorly or moderately ranked by Americans and slightly or little known by respondents On the question of social integration, Prague appears to be the most positively in other countries (Philadelphia, Dallas, most of the North American and both viewed city from any middle-income or New Orleans). The first- and second-tier Australian cities score very well. In developing country in the CBI, whereas cities are also those most commonly response to the question “Do you think the Czech Republic itself ranks fairly visited by foreigners – the only excep- you would find a community of people low in the same bracket in the NBI. This tion to this pattern is New Orleans, the who share your language and culture, suggests that Prague has a significantly lowest-ranking of any U.S. city in the and with whom you could easily fit stronger reputation than its own country. index. Here, there are indications that in?”, the top half of the index is domi- the widely publicised aftermath of nated by Anglophone cities: New York Apart from Jerusalem, the lowest-rank- Hurricane Katrina is to blame for New comes first overall, followed by London, ing city in any high-income country is Orleans’ weak brand: in questions Reykjavik, which enters the ranking at relating to availability of public services, 45th place. Unlike Jerusalem, this is transport, personal safety, business certainly the result of a lack of profile, opportunities and the physical appeal rather than any negative brand equity: of the city, New Orleans ranks well Reykjavik ranks 58th on the question below other major cities in developed “Whether or not you have visited the countries. city, please tell us how much you know about it”, and 56th for the question However, the news isn’t all bad: despite Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 6
  7. 7. Sun and the City Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, Montreal, Whether people live in a warm or cold Melbourne, Seattle and Philadelphia. climate, it seems that their ideal climate is still a warm one: Paris and Geneva The non-Anglophone world only gets are the only cooler cities that rank in a look-in at 15th place with Amsterdam. the Top 20 on this question. Such is the It is clearly a deeply rooted global appeal of warmer weather that several perception that the most desirable desti- cities make virtually their only Top 20 nations for immigration are all in North appearance in the CBI as a result of this America and the English-speaking world. particular question, such as Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Mexico City and The Beauty Parade It’s also noticeable that some of the Havana. most diverse cities in the world find Paris 1 Dubrovnik 51 themselves in the bottom end of the This aspect of the city’s brand image is Rome 2 Havana 52 ranking on this question, such as most important for tourism and immi- Sydney 3 Johannesburg 53 Bangkok, Cairo and Nairobi: evidence gration, and cities that lack this natural London 4 Seoul 54 of still more stories that need to be advantage need to develop significant Barcelona 5 Mexico City 55 better told. brand appeal in terms of their society, Madrid 6 Dallas 56 culture or economy in order to compete St Petersburg 7 Mumbai 57 New York 1 Bangkok 51 effectively for visitors and new resi- Amsterdam 8 Lagos 58 London 2 Manila 52 dents. In other words, they need to find Prague 9 Nairobi 59 Sydney 3 Seoul 53 other ways of warming the place up. San Francisco 10 Manila 60 San Francisco 4 Beijing 54 Rio de Janeiro 1 Edinburgh 51 Los Angeles 5 Shanghai 55 Table 3: quot;Thinking in particular about Sydney 2 Nairobi 52 Toronto 6 Mumbai 56 the buildings and parks, how physically Barcelona 3 London 53 Washington DC 7 Cairo 57 attractive do you think the city is?quot; Los Angeles 4 Stockholm 54 Chicago 8 Dubrovnik 58 Madrid 5 Warsaw 55 Boston 9 Nairobi 59 There is nothing particularly surprising Rome 6 Helsinki 56 Vancouver 10 Lagos 60 about finding Paris and Rome heading Havana 7 Oslo 57 the ranking on beauty, as it has long Melbourne 8 St Petersburg 58 Table 1: quot;Think about how people in been part of the narrative of these two San Francisco 9 Reykjavik 59 general would behave towards you - cities that they rank amongst the world’s Buenos Aires 10 Moscow 60 about whether for example they might most attractive. be warm and friendly, cold or show Table 2: quot;Thinking about the climate in prejudice towards you. How welcome the city throughout the year, how would do you think people in general would you assess it in general?quot; make you feel in the city?quot; Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 7
  8. 8. Sydney – a pleasant enough city with relocation rather than a short business which often favours the less prestigious two striking landmarks – shows, as or leisure visit. and less populous cities. usual, how its phenomenal brand strength enables it to punch far above However, the degree to which a city Cities such as London, Los Angeles, its weight in almost every part of the has managed to keep pollution to a Paris, New York and Tokyo all find Anholt City Brands Index. It is also minimum is increasingly seen as a themselves at the bottom of the ranking, reassuring to see that St Petersburg has proxy for its overall modernity and despite achieving very high scores in regained something of its pre-commu- competence. No matter how important other parts of the index. It could be nist fame, and Prague is clearly building and powerful a city might be, if it is argued that both ends of the ranking a world-class reputation. perceived to be heavily polluted, this on this question represent different appears to diminish its overall brand perceptions of value: the bottom end But what is more astonishing than any strength. Conversely, however, low reflects a view that the cities are of the top 20 rankings is the presence of pollution is not sufficient to create a deservedly expensive, while the top Dubrovnik, one of the most stunningly powerful city brand in its own right. end suggests lower prestige, but better beautiful cities in Europe, and a affordability. The cities that are believed UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the Geneva 1 New York 51 to offer less value tend to be clustered bottom 10 of the world’s most beautiful Oslo 2 Rio de Janeiro 52 in the middle of the index. cities. It would appear that very few Stockholm 3 Nairobi 53 people have any idea what kind of Helsinki 4 Beijing 54 Melbourne 1 Los Angeles 51 place Dubrovnik is, and there is clearly Copenhagen 5 Shanghai 55 Vancouver 2 London 52 a good deal of work to be done before Reykjavik 6 Mumbai 56 Lisbon 3 Beijing 53 Dubrovnik achieves the international Sydney 7 Manila 57 Sydney 4 Shanghai 54 recognition it deserves. Vancouver 8 Cairo 58 Montreal 5 Paris 55 Montreal 9 Bangkok 59 Amsterdam 6 Jerusalem 56 What Does Green Mean? Melbourne 10 Mexico City 60 Seattle 7 Hong Kong 57 Dublin 8 Moscow 58 Table 4: quot;The environments of cities As the green agenda rises in impor- Prague 9 New York 59 tance, and ordinary people become vary in terms of air, visual and other Atlanta 10 Tokyo 60 more and more conscious of climate types of pollution. How clean or dirty Table 5: quot;How easy do you think it change, perceptions of the ecology of do you think the city is?quot; the city play an increasing part of the would be to find satisfactory, affordable The Affordability Index city’s overall image and reputation. accommodation in the city?quot; Air pollution can, of course, be an Public Services and the City Brand important personal factor when people This question in the Anholt City Brands are deciding where to travel – although Index is something of a double-edged it is more likely to be taken seriously sword, as cities tend to benefit from This question is obviously of consider- into consideration for long-term the perception that they are affordable, able importance to anyone thinking of Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 8
  9. 9. moving to a city for work, study and for The old idea that associates a warm Sydney 1 Jerusalem 51 short-term business and leisure visits, climate with a warm welcome seems Geneva 2 Bangkok 52 and is always worth considering as strong as ever, and the cities that London 3 Rio de Janeiro 53 alongside the previous question of perform well on this question are very Paris 4 Mumbai 54 affordability. People want cities where often in warmer climates. The excep- Stockholm 5 Mexico City 55 things work properly, but not if this tions are Canadian cities: Canadians Toronto 6 Havana 56 makes life unaffordable for the majority have an enviable reputation for toler- Tokyo 7 Cairo 57 of people. ance and warm-heartedness, which Montreal 8 Lagos 58 enables them to compete well on this Washington DC 9 Manila 59 Again, there is plenty of evidence question with the Latin and Oslo 10 Nairobi 60 of traditional perceptions of Swiss, Mediterranean peoples. At the other Canadian and Scandinavian compe- end of the scale, cities in hot countries Table 6: quot;What do you think the general tence, but Sydney’s top ranking is really such as Lagos, Johannesburg, Cairo and standard of public amenities – schools, quite remarkable, as such qualities have Nairobi clearly don’t benefit at all from hospitals, public transport, sports never traditionally formed part of the this rather superficial association. facilities – is like?quot; world’s perceptions of Australia You’re Welcome to My City (Melbourne comes 11th, an equally Of all the questions in the CBI, this one striking result for a city which our most starkly illustrates the unfairness respondents rank 39th for its contribu- Sydney 1 Cairo 51 of common perceptions. In reality, of tion to the world, and 28th for how Rio de Janeiro 2 Paris 52 course, as long as the visitor behaves well they feel they know it). As I have Barcelona 3 Warsaw 53 well, he or she is equally likely to described in previous editions of the Melbourne 4 Nairobi 54 receive a warm welcome from any CBI and NBI, much of Australia and Rome 5 Shanghai 55 one of the cities in the list, but the fact Sydney’s strong image comes from the Madrid 6 Johannesburg 56 remains that some places have managed Sydney Olympics, which is still warmly Vancouver 7 Beijing 57 to make themselves famous for their recalled by a large majority of our Las Vegas 8 Lagos 58 welcome, and some haven’t. respondents around the world. Toronto 9 Jerusalem 59 However, there is still something of a Amsterdam 10 Moscow 60 It’s trivial and superficial, and yet the mystery about how a country and a expectation of welcome is also one Table 7: quot;Think about how people in city can become so universally and of the most significant aspects of the absolutely admired on the basis of general would behave towards you - brand: if you believe that you will be relatively little evidence. about whether for example they might treated coldly by the people you meet, be warm and friendly, cold or show you are far less likely to consider mov- prejudice towards you. How welcome ing to or even visiting a city. do you think people in general would make you feel in the city?quot; Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 9
  10. 10. Safe as Houses? and much else besides (again, it is Geneva 1 Bangkok 51 possible that if we had given the city its Oslo 2 Moscow 52 The safest cities in the world are older name of Bombay, the results might Stockholm 3 Mumbai 53 believed to be Geneva, Oslo, have been different); Reykjavik, one of Sydney 4 Lagos 54 Stockholm, Sydney and Copenhagen, Northern Europe’s most popular Copenhagen 5 Rio de Janeiro 55 and there is a predictably high number destinations for clubbing, bachelor Melbourne 6 Cairo 56 of Scandinavian, Australian and parties and other varieties of high- Montreal 7 Manila 57 Canadian cities in the Safety Top 20. energy short breaks. Long eulogies Helsinki 8 Mexico City 58 The advantage that this perception gives could also be written about Warsaw’s Vancouver 9 Nairobi 59 these cities as they attempt to attract club scene, the glittering social life of Brussels 10 Jerusalem 60 tourists, investors, business travelers, Seoul at the heart of the ‘Asian Wave’, students and talent, is very significant. and so on. Hardly any of these cities Table 8: quot;How safe would you feel in actually deserve the reputations they the city?quot; The bottom 20 are, unsurprisingly, the appear to have, but for one reason or cities most commonly quoted in the another, they have somehow failed to The Pulse Parade media as having high rates for violence let the world know that they are worth and murder (such as Johannesburg and The perfume manufacturers are certainly visiting. Mexico City), for general lawlessness right to carry on putting “Paris – Rome – (such as Moscow and Rio de Janeiro), London – New York” on their bottles, as Paris 1 Seoul 51 for poverty (such as Nairobi, Mumbai these are perceived as the four most Rome 2 Dallas 52 and Lagos), or for bombings and mili- exciting cities in the world, providing London 3 Warsaw 53 tary action (Jerusalem). It goes without unlimited entertainment whether for a New York 4 Johannesburg 54 saying that several of these cities are short visit or for a longer period. Perhaps Sydney 5 Reykjavik 55 actually safer than these perceptions it’s time for more of them to add San Francisco 6 Dubrovnik 56 suggest, and suffer merely from being ‘Sydney’ for a touch of extra glamour. Madrid 7 Mumbai 57 little known and situated in poorer The bottom ten aren’t necessarily in this Barcelona 8 Manila 58 countries. bracket because people think of them as Los Angeles 9 Nairobi 59 the most boring cities in the world. It is Amsterdam 10 Lagos 60 more likely that a majority of respon- Table 9: quot;If you had a week of free time dents know relatively little about them and find it difficult to imagine that living in the city, how easy do you think it there would be very exciting. would be to find interesting things to fill that time?quot;; quot;If you lived in the city, do Nonetheless, it is still surprising to find you think there would always be new Havana so low in the list, with its strong things to discover or would you become reputation for nightlife, music and bored with it after a time?quot; vibrant Latin culture; Mumbai, capital of the world’s largest movie industry Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 10
  11. 11. The Business Elite Smart Cities: Perceptions of Education London 1 Jerusalem 51 Paris 2 Rio de Janeiro 52 Whatever the decline in America’s The presence of Paris in second place New York 3 Cairo 53 prestige as a political, moral, social on this question, Geneva in seventh Washington DC 4 Bangkok 54 and even cultural leader, there is no and particularly Tokyo in 10th place, Boston 5 Dubrovnik 55 question that its leading cities are still is a sure sign that native English is no Sydney 6 Havana 56 perceived as the right places to do longer considered a top priority when Geneva 7 Manila 57 business; and New York leads the choosing an overseas study destination: San Francisco 8 Mumbai 58 rankings by a comfortable margin. the assumption today is that all good Toronto 9 Nairobi 59 institutions, and all major cities, are Tokyo 10 Lagos 60 The appearance of Sydney in second adequately multilingual, and what place is further testimony to the counts most is the quality of the Table 11: quot;If you or a member of your extraordinary rise of this city’s reputa- teaching, the academic and research family wanted to go abroad to get a tion during the last 10 years, and while resources, the quality of life, and so on. good higher educational qualification, a significant part of its appeal here is how good a city do you think it would likely to be on the ‘soft’ side – in other For this reason, U.S. and UK cities – be for that?quot; words, quality of life rather than strict not to mention those in other parts of business potential – it manages to the English-speaking world – have achieve enormous prestige even in largely lost this natural advantage in the areas where its profile is relatively low. quest for talent, and must now compete Click here to read more… on a far more level playing field. New York 1 Warsaw 51 Sydney 2 Moscow 52 London 3 Dubrovnik 53 Los Angeles 4 Mumbai 54 San Francisco 5 Manila 55 Paris 6 Cairo 56 Toronto 7 Lagos 57 Tokyo 8 Havana 58 Washington DC 9 Nairobi 59 Melbourne 10 Jerusalem 60 Table 10: quot;If you had a business, how © 2006 Simon Anholt and good of a place would the city be to do GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) business in?quot; +1-206-315-9300 (Seattle, Global Headquarters) +61-2-9290-4333 (Sydney, Asia-Pacific Headquarters) +44 (0) 20-8231-0542 (London, European Headquarters) +55-11-5185-8690 (Sa Paulo, Latin American Headquarters) ˜o Seattle Beijing Boston Budapest Chicago Cincinnati Colombo London Los Angeles Minneapolis Moscow Munich New York Oslo Paris Pittsburgh Portland ‘s-Hertogenbosch São Paulo Shanghai Singapore Sofia Sydney Tokyo Toronto Valencia Vancouver Washington D.C. Anholt City Brands Index - Second Edition, 2006 11