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Medieval Anti-Semitism: Old Version
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Medieval Anti-Semitism: Old Version


The old version of a slideshow on medieval anti-Semitism; entirely text-based.

The old version of a slideshow on medieval anti-Semitism; entirely text-based.

Published in Spiritual
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  • 1. Medieval Anti-Semitism 1190 – 1290 CE Honors Major British Writers Mr. Bariexca
  • 2. Usury & The Catholic Church  Definition of usury?  Catholics: paradoxical relationship with Jews Church opposes usury, BUT… Jewish financial functions heavily support Royal Exchequer (treasury), including tax collecting
  • 3. Usury & The Catholic Church  Money was replacing feudal loyalty as main indicator of land control  Jews prospered from “government contracts” --> Monarchy perpetually in debt-->Fuels Christian animosity toward Jews
  • 4. King Henry I’s Royal Charter  Granted to Joseph (chief rabbi of London)  Exemption from taxes & tolls  Buy and sell goods and property  Trial by jury of peers  Swear on Torah instead of Bible  1 Jew’s oath = 12 Christian oaths
  • 5. Passover Massacre - 1190  Richard’s charter to Ysaac  Confirmation of Joseph’s charter  1189 - Dispute over admission of Jews to Richard I’s coronation  Spring 1190 - 150 Jews massacred at York; goods and property taken
  • 6. Over the next hundred years...  Jewish social standing varies by king  Papal edicts on both sides  Increasing restrictions from @1270:  No moneylending  No business or social interaction with fellow citizens
  • 7. The Expulsion, 1290  Edward I expels all Jews from England  Take portable property  Everything else goes to the King  1290-1655: No record of Jews in England
  • 8. Popular Literary Styles  “Miracle of the Virgin”  Miraculous occurrence attributed to Virgin Mary  “Blood Libel”  Kidnap, torture, ritual murder  Passover matzohs - the secret ingredient?
  • 9. Little St. Hugh  Popular Blood Libel: Hugh of Lincoln  Crucified by Jews at age 9  Earth refused to cover him; thrown in a well  @ 20 killed for his murder; 90 imprisoned & sentenced to death in London