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At 7 Clicks, we are offering world-class Web marketing solutions and services to a global audience. We have a team of dedicated and well trained professionals. …

At 7 Clicks, we are offering world-class Web marketing solutions and services to a global audience. We have a team of dedicated and well trained professionals.

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  • 1. Search Engine - OptimizationOptimize Your Website For Google, Yahoo, bing ,msn and The Other Major Search Engines.Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors By Improving Your Ranking In Search Results Pages.
  • 2. About 7Clicks.sg7 Clicks is a web marketing company which isoffering world-class Web marketing solutions andservices to a global audience. We serve a globalaudience and we have a dedicated, well-trained,and experienced team of professionals who usethe latest White Hat techniques and who havethe latest tools for analysis and monitoring.Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves making enhancements to yourwebsite in order to improve its rankings in search engines like Google or Bing |Yahoo! Which are widely used by consumers looking for specific products andservices.The objective of SEO is to get your website ranked high in the natural or "organic" section of search engine results. Since SEO rankings are earned andnot bought, a natural search ranking is a sign of credibility to consumers.
  • 3. Our ServicesSearch Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization Reputation Management Facebook & Twitter Services Pay Per Click Web Design Web Development
  • 4. Search Engine OptimizationWhat is SEO?Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, is the process of optimizing awebsite for major search engines. Optimization ensures that website ranks high in SERPs orsearch engine results pages.Advantages of SEOThe greatest advantage of SEO is that you will get a high ranking in SERPs. A high ranking isdesirable because it means you will be more visible. Note that most Web users onlyconsider the websites in the first page of SERP. They think, albeit erroneously, that what isin the first page is more credible and reliable. High visibility means more hits andconsequently greater conversion.Why Use 7 Click for SEO?Using 7 Click for SEO is advantageous in that you will get a comprehensive service. Thecompany offers several White Hat SEO techniques. Hiring 7 Click is advantageous becausethe company has a well-trained and experienced team that has the latest tools such as SEOmonitoring and analysis tools.
  • 5. Social Media OptimizationWhat is SMO? Social media optimization or SMO is the use of social media to create brand, event, or product awareness. Just like is the case with search engine optimization or SEO, SMO aims at driving traffic to your website.How does SMO Work? SMO is different from social media marketing in that the focus with SMO is getting traffic from other sources and not from search engines as is the case with social media marketing. SMO encourages viral marketing through word of mouth. Some companies are using SMO for knowledge management such as recruiting, product/service development, brand building, and customer satisfaction and relations.Why Hire 7 Clicks for SMO? 7 Click is the best company for SMO because the company has a well-trained and experienced team that uses the latest tools, including analysis and monitoring tools. Not having to hire an in-house team for SMO means you end up saving money.
  • 6. Reputation ManagementHow Does Reputation Management Work?Reputation management involves the tracking of the entity’s actions and the opinions ofother entities about these actions. It also involves the reporting on these actions andopinions, reaction to the report and the creation of a feedback loop.Advantages of Reputation ManagementReputation management is important because negative publicity means all people whothink of you as being incompetent or unreliable will not buy from you. Negative publicity,especially over the Internet, spreads very fast and it is important that you manage it beforeit gets out of hand.Why Hire 7 Click for Reputation Management?7 Click has a team of well-trained and experienced professionals who know everythingabout reputation management. The team will give you valuable advice on the best courseof action to take and it will be proactive in such things as developing favorable content.
  • 7. Pay Per Click AdvertisingWhat is Pay Per Click?Pay-per-click is an online advertising model that directs traffic to your website. PPC, alsocalled cost-per-click, is aimed at driving in targeted Web traffic. The most common PPCplatforms are: ° Google Adwords ° Yahoo! Search Marketing ° Microsoft adCenter© ° LinkedIn Ads ° Facebook AdvertisingWhy hire 7 Click for PPC?Hire 7 Click for your PPC campaign because the company gives you guaranteed results.You only have to pay the whole amount if the campaign is successful. 7 Click has a teamof well-trained professionals who have the latest PPC tools and who understand what theindustry is doing, meaning your PPC campaign has a higher chance of success.
  • 8. Introduction to Web DesignWeb design refers to the generation of content and the actual design of a website. Itcovers a number of disciplines and skills. It is composed of Web graphic and interfacedesign, user experience design, authoring and SEO. In the Web design process, differentteams work on different aspects of the design before everything is brought together.Effective Web design means greater exposure to a global audience and consequentlygreater ROI (return on investment).  Static Web Design  Re-Design/Makeovers  Flash Web Design  Logo Design  Mobile Web Design  FB Page Design  Landing Page Design
  • 9. Introduction to Web DevelopmentWeb development includes client liaison by the Webdeveloper, Web design, the development of Webcontent, server-side/client-side scripting, network security and web serverconfiguration, and ecommerce development. Note that the term is used to refer to thenon-design aspects of website building in many circles.  ecommerce Development  Shopping Cart Development  Web Application Development  Web Portal Development  CMS Development
  • 10. Our Clients